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Advertising solutions: Honey Bramble is a digital women’s magazine with a primarily female based audience that covers a strong variety of industries from home design to outdoor recreation and beyond.

To learn more about our audience size and demographics, reach out to us using the form on the right and request an instant digital media kit.

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Banner and display advertisements:
Banner ads run throughout the site, in various sizes, formats and locations including the sidebar, homepage, in-content, and beyond. If you have specific location in mind or wish to place banner ads on pages associated with specific content please let us know. While we appreciate your interest, at this time we are not accepting applications from advertisers for display and banner ads until further notice.

Sponsored posts and product reviews:
Each advertisement for sponsored posts and product reviews must go through an approval processed on a case by case basis. We are exceptionally particular on the type of merchandise presented to our audience and aim for excellence in every piece of content. Please reach out to us to discuss all of the options available and to determine if we are the perfect fit for your business and products.

Social posts and campaigns:
Unique social posts and campaigns are available across all of our channels including email messaging. For a current and up to date list of our offerings and audience size across social media please review our pages including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Site takeovers and one of a kind campaigns:
If you can dream it, we can do it. From giant campaigns to smaller inserts, we can make whatever your vision a reality. If you’re looking for something outside of a traditional campaign, with greater visibility, we have numerous options available. From sticky bar notifications that run across every article page, to complete site takeovers that beautifully showcase your brand to our entire audience. Please get in touch with our advertising department by filling out he the form to the right and let’s discuss the possibilities!

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