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Roman Forum Ancient Government Ruins – What Italy Is Really Like

Roman Forum Ancient Government Ruins – What Italy Is Really Like

Some call it the “Forum Romanum”; others like myself call it a mysterious ancient civilization marketplace. These government ruins will make you ponder, “What was that” as you take step after step.

Unless you’ve memorized all the surviving structures, you’ll probably find yourself overwhelmed trying to educate as you go. In reality, it’s best just to wander and explore with a child-like fascinating. Though, if you’re a historical nerd who wants to know it all, then I won’t stop you.

From the Temple of Vesta to the main square, Rostra, Tarpeian Rock, and beyond, there’s quite a lot of things to notice while strolling through the Roman Forum. Plus, when you consider the past activities, from criminal trials to gladiatorial matches, elections, and on, it’s fascinating to consider it all.

A bit beyond the main entrance, you’ll find large buildings with various rooms and spaces. While the size left us mesmerized, questioning the purpose behind each section was genuinely captivating. It was like being a detective trying to decode what each room was initially used for. Sure, we could have gotten a travel guide to give us the inside scoop, but it was more fun this way. A few audiotapes pre-loaded on our phones and some general history was enough to suffice.

However, the real treasure was beyond the main buildings and towards the end. There you’ll find numerous smaller structures with absolutely incredible architectural details. Ornate would be the best word to describe what you’ll see. And while not every piece on display was as well-preserved or detailed, the chronological age of these structures and works was truly fascinating. To stop and think about how many people must have encountered these things in the past is quite a thought.

With lots of space to wander around away from everyone else, the Roman Forum is remarkably well designed for navigating through the crowds. Compared to other Italian attractions, we had plenty of breathing room to do our own thing without the hustle and bustle of people trying to capture everything on camera.


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