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Rome Pantheon Former Roman Temple – What Italy’s Really Like

Rome Pantheon Former Roman Temple – What Italy’s Really Like

As one of the largest unreinforced concrete domes in the world, the Pantheon is not only an impressive sight to see, but a structural wonder to admire.

Gaze upwards 150 ft, and the interior dome of the Pantheon will leave you in absolute fasciation. The grand scale, the construction difficulty, the heavens peering down from the central oculus…

When it comes to Rotundas, their appearance in the architectural buildings of today is relatively rare. Reserved for those with higher budgets in mind, these beautiful designs are genuinely captivating when you come across them. The Pantheon in Rome is no different.

Upon walking, you’re presented with marble floors featuring a peculiar pattern of various shapes. As your eyes move up the walls, exceptionally ornate architectural details can be found across the pillars and columns, cared marble statues, and numerous wall moldings.

Further upward and you’ll discover the grand attraction, a perfectly patterned 4,535-ton roman concrete dome. Coffers, or sunken panels in five rings of twenty-eight line the dome for remarkable visual appeal. At the heart of it all, a central oculus can be found. Interestingly enough, this area of the dome is uncovered, allowing for ample natural light to burst into the structure’s interior.

While we were there, it was a rather rainy day, and we could actually feel drizzle come down from the sky into the building. It was quite a surreal feeling, all things considered. After exploring the Pantheon, we later discovered that the floor was ever so slightly sloped and equipped with drains to handle Mother Nature’s downpours.

Overall, quite a treat to see in Italy with no wait lines or hurdles of crowds to overcome. In reality, you’ll be impressed by the size of this building; it’s massive!


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