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Trevi Fountain – Rome Italy Baroque Fountain – What Italy Is Really Like

Trevi Fountain – Rome Italy Baroque Fountain – What Italy Is Really Like

An impressive 2,824,800 cubic feet of water flows through the Trevi Fountain each day, while nearly €3,000 splashes its way onto the floor by patrons passing by.

Who wants to see the Trevi Fountain when touring Italy? It turns out everyone does, so get ready to wait a bit. It is one of the most famous fountains globally, after all.

During our visit to Rome, the entire front of the fountain was completely packed with an endless number of people. Getting a close look at the fountain required a short wait, but wow, was it worth it. After being in the concrete jungle all day, it was incredibly refreshing to just stop for a moment and enjoy the soothing sounds of water.

Above the pristine pool of water, you’ll find beautifully carved travertine stone sculptures. The ornate details are genuinely fascinating and tell a unique story without so much as saying a word. We had to stop for a moment simply to stare at each piece just to enjoy the sheer beauty and craftsmanship. If you’re wondering what all the statues are, one, for example, is of Oceanus. The sea god is depicted in a shell-shaped chariot while harnessing the power of two seahorses, one docile and the other aggressively wild.

As the convergence of three roads, or “tre vie” where the Trevi Fountain gets its name, the fountain is the perfect location for a water source. It’s been said the water is sourced from the Aqua Virgo; an underground aqueduct formed initially in the 1st century BCE.


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At 86′ tall and 161′ wide we were rather stunned by just how large the fountain was upon first glance. We had seen it prior in travel photos, but experiencing it first hand is quite the wonder. At the base of the fountain there was room for swarms of crowds to gather. Even among all the tourist chaos, we found peace and tranquility in the soothing sounds of rushing water.

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