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Top 100 Best Ways For How To Save Money – Serious Super Savers

Top 100 Best Ways For How To Save Money – Serious Super Savers

Getting rich is not nearly as complicated as many make it out to be. In fact, building serious wealth can be done, even by those that don’t make a truck load of money, through good habits and time.

Saving money is one of the, if not the most, important habits needed.

It is not hard, either, but simply requires habits, smarts and discipline. Saving is also not a matter of what you earn or do not earn. Many of the highest income people in the world cannot afford to fill their gas tanks every month, despite driving a car that costs as much as a house.

This brief guide will outline some simple ways to start saving today so you can build a better tomorrow. Here are some ways to save money to get you started:


1. Make a Plan

Set Goals How To Save Money

Thinking about doing something and actually taking the time necessary to plan something are two very different things. If you are looking to save money, think about, write down and execute on key ideas regularly. Writing the plan on paper gives you a simple and effective way to hold yourself accountable. It may help to remember this: Without a plan there is no execution. Without execution there can be no victory.


2. Make Your Own Coffee

Coffee Shop Expenses How To Save Money

Modern coffee habits have gotten extremely expensive. Start your day off on the right foot by making your own coffee. That $4 per day that you spend at Starbucks could equal over $100 per month. That figure could translate into another $1200 or more saved or invested every year. That $1200 saved could turn into several thousand after a few years of saving and compounding. Although Starbucks may be tasty, there are plenty of coffees that may be purchased at the store, in bulk, that can dramatically lower the cost per cup.


3. Buy Generic

How To Save Money Buying Generic

Do you really need a little horse on your shirt that may cost you an additional $70? Name brand clothing can be high quality, for sure, but so can generic clothing. If you forget about names for a moment and focus on function and price, you can save a lot of money rapidly while still wearing sharp looking clothes. Many generic clothing makers actually produce higher quality products compared to their name brand counterparts. Generics can also carry sharply lower price tags, from 10 to 60 percent or more lower than comparable name brands. Buying generic can not only save money on clothing, but can also offer significant savings on other products from home goods to prescription drugs.


4. Unused Space

Rent Extra Room Space How To Save Money

If you have a large home with extra space, or own a multi-car garage that is not totally used, you may be able to profit by renting the unused space out to someone who needs it. This is known as easy money, and its recurring nature can make saving it very easy. A garage space, for example, may rent for $100 to $200 per month. That is $1200 to $2400 per year that can be saved and invested. Take inventory today, and if you have space that you are not using, consider renting it out or even moving to a smaller, cheaper place.


5. Buy Big

Buying Essentials In Bulk Money Saving Tips

Don’t waste your time running out to the local pharmacy or grocery store for a few paperclips. Any of these types of supplies should be purchased in bulk, from a Costco or similar store, in order to save money. Buying in bulk almost always makes the per unit cost decline. If you need to shop only for yourself, you can still buy in bulk and save the rest for later. This can provide savings regardless of what products you are buying. Everything from noodles to toilet paper is likely less expensive when you buy more of it.


6. Get Rid of Stuff by Selling it

Sell Old Posessions How To Save Money

You probably have clothes in your closet you haven’t worn in months, possibly even years. You maybe had a wicked video game habit hears ago that you no longer have the time for. Whatever the case may be, look to rid yourself of items you no longer need or use. One woman’s garbage may be another woman’s treasure, so look to sell quality items on places like Ebay, Craigslist and more. Make sure you understand how these applications work before listing items for sale. For Craigslist, avoid meeting someone unless it is in a safe location with other people present.


7. Use the 24-Hour Rule

How To Save Money 24 Hours

A simple, yet effective, rule for making major purchases is to wait 24 hours before signing on the dotted line. This 24-hour wait allows you to really think the purchase through after the excitement has faded. This simple rule can also be applied to small purchases. Using it may save you money by your not making purchases you deem unnecessary. The funds that you would have spent can be put directly into savings.


8. Use a Health Savings Account

Fas Account How To Save Money

An HSA account may save you a significant amount of money each year. Not only do you pay less in total taxes to the government, but you can put those savings away for your future. An HSA account can not only be used for deductibles and medical expenses, but can also be used to purchase medical goods such as band-aids and toothpaste. It can make budgeting for those items easier, as it allows you to track what you have spent.


9. Sell or Rent Your Parking Space

Saving Money Advice Rent Parking Space

As the global population continues to grow, the need for living space and parking spots may continue to increase. Parking spots in the right location can be considered highly profitable real estate. You can lease out your spot to the same renter on a month by month basis, or you can even sell the space to a buyer for a lump sum. Either way, a good spot in a choice location can bring in several hundred dollars per month or more.


10. Learn to Cook With a Crock Pot

Bulk Cooking Money Saving Tips

Food costs can be one of the highest monthly expenses for many consumers. Learning how to cook your own food can save you tons of money, and if you are going to cook, why not make it totally convenient? A crock pot can save you both time and money. Wake up, turn it on and throw in some stuff and dinner will be ready to roll by the time you get home, hot and fresh. Crock pots can also be used to cook in bulk. This allows you to make extra food for guests or to save and eat as leftovers later in the week.


11. Use Apps

Budget Apps How To Save Money

Modern technological advances have made saving money easy as well. If you have a smart phone, for example, you can download many applications that can save you money. These apps may include things like Gasbuddy, coupon apps and many more. Application makers have gotten very good at designing apps that can be used by beginners, so do not be afraid to download and try an app just because you do not have a lot of technical skills.


12. Grow Your Own Food

How To Save Money Growing Your Own Food

Gardening can not only relieve a lot of stress, but can also save you lots of money. Many vegetables are easy to grow and can be conveniently used in soups, stews and other dishes. To save money, you may want to consider gardening and raising your own tomatoes, spinach, cabbage and more. This not only can save you significant money, but can also provide a rewarding way to spend time outside on nice Spring and Summer days.


13. Take Advantage of Free, Local Events

Free Entertainment How To Save Money

Going out on a Saturday night does not have to entail an expensive dinner out and then more money spent sitting at a bar. Many towns have lots of free events to go to. These may include concerts, plays and block parties. A free local event not only can save you money, but can be a great way to meet people in your neighborhood.


14. Use a Flexible Spending Account

Money Saving Tips Health Account

An FSA is another way for you to pay less in taxes to Uncle Sam. These accounts can not only lower your tax liability but may also give you a simple way to pay for medical expenses. Of course, the amount you save on taxes can be put directly into savings. An FSA account may also make it easier to track what you spend on medical items and can be used for budgeting purposes.


15. Make it Automatic

Automatic Money Saving Tips

One of the most effective ways to save money is to automate the process. This can be done in a number of ways. The simplest, and perhaps most powerful way, is to have your pay sent to you by direct deposit. You can then have a savings account perform an automatic withdrawal on the same date every month in order to keep money flowing in with little effort. You can also have your bills paid automatically each month, so you do not forget and can avoid any late fees or charges.


16. Check Online

Best Money Saving Tips Buying Clothes Online

If you do a lot of your purchasing in physical stores, you may want to check online at some point. Online retailers can often offer merchandise at highly discounted prices, that even with the cost of shipping added, can still save you big bucks compared to a brick and mortar store. Online retailers do not have many of the costs of doing business that are paid by physical stores. This lower overhead allows them to pass savings on to their customers.


17. Build an Emergency Fund

How To Save Money Fast Emergency Fund Tips

Having some money set aside for emergencies is a must. Three to six months of living expenses is a good starting point. If you were to suddenly lose your job, for example, you want to avoid scrambling to pay the mortgage or phone bill. Having some money set aside for this type of situation allows you to focus on getting back to work as quickly as possible. It can also prevent the stress and fees associated with late payments.


18. Cut Interest Costs

Interest, or “juice,” on a mortgage can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. Although paying a mortgage rate of five percent may not sound like a lot, it really adds up. Make sure to ask your mortgage, auto and other lenders to cut your interest rates or look to refinance your loans to save big money. A good cut to your home mortgage rate could result in a monthly payment that is 20 percent or more lower than your current bill. That savings could be pout directly into savings every month and could add up to big money in a short period of time.


19. Learn How to Invest

Compound interest has been called many things. Some have even referred to it as the most powerful force in the universe, while others have called it the world’s eight wonder. Learning how to invest is the key to building long-term wealth. Get started by learning the basics of investing today. Because time is such a major factor when it comes to building wealth, the sooner you get started putting money away the better off you will be. You needn’t be a stock picker, either. There are many ETFs that mirror major global benchmarks now, so that investors may essentially buy the whole market rather than individual stocks.


20. Lower Health Care Costs

Exercise More Often How To Save Money

Eat less, exercise more. While this old saying can provide a wealth of health benefits, it can also save you a lot of money. The more you exercise and the better you eat, the less time you will likely spend at the doctor. This can save you significant money by reducing what you shell out in co-pays and other payments. A healthier body can also lower related expenses. These can include the need for chiropractic care, massages and more.


21. Carpool

Money Saving Tips Car Pool

As a kid, you may remember being part of a carpool that took you to school or perhaps picked you up from sports at night. Carpooling isn’t just for kids, however, and can save you money on transportation costs. Start a work carpool, or speak to others that share your other interests. Carpooling to the local gym, or to take the kids to girl scouts, can save money every month and add up over time. Be creative and look for ways to share the driving load.


22. Cancel Subscriptions

Cut Subscription Services To Save More Money

Magazine, music and other subscriptions can really add up, especially over time. Cancel these subscriptions today and put that money in savings. $600 saved annually, for example, can really add up when compounded over 20 or 30 years. The internet also provides a wealth of free reading inventory, and subscriptions may no longer be necessary.


23. Forget Your Credit Cards

Forget Credit Cards How To Save Money

If you are unable to pay off your credit cards in full each and every month, lose them. Start paying with cash, and if necessary, budget each month by putting the necessary cash into envelopes when you get paid. Doing this can save hundreds, maybe even thousands, in annual credit card interest and that money can then be put into savings. You cannot earn compound interest when you are paying it to a credit card issuer. In fact, paying off credit cards may provide you with the largest return of all, as many charge interest in the mid to high teens, with some charging even more.


24. Cut Down on Vacation Spending

Saving Money Less Vacation Time

Vacations are an important thing that everyone should be able to enjoy, within reason. Just because you go on vacation, however, does not mean you need to overspend or spend recklessly. Rather than dining out each night, for example, rent a place that features a kitchenette so you can cook the bulk of your meals. This can save you hundreds of dollars over just a few days, That savings can then be used for excursions or put into savings.


25. Plan Meals Around Grocery Flyers

Saving On Produce Groceries How To Keep Your Money

A simple and convenient way to save money is to plan meals around grocery flyers. These flyers can offer substantial savings compared to normal prices and are often applied to expensive items such as meats and dairy products. Buying these products in bulk when they are on sale can give you a one-two savings punch as you can enjoy the cost savings on multiple occasions.


26. Shop for the Holidays Right After

How To Save Money Buying Christmas Gifts

Don’t do your holiday shopping in the days and weeks heading up to the holiday. Save big by doing your shopping right after. Retailers will likely slash prices in order to rid their shelves of the inventory. The money you save can then be invested or put into savings. You can even do your holiday shopping a year ahead of time, saving you money and getting it done so you needn’t worry about it later.


27. Inflate Your Tires

Saving Money Each Month Inflate Tires

Having your tires inflated to the proper, manufacturer’s suggested levels can greatly improve handling and gas mileage. The few dollars saved each month can then be saved or invested. Proper tire maintenance not only saves money through improved gas mileage, but is also a matter of safety.


28. Bag Your Lunch

Many people spend way too much of their money on food. This is especially true at work, where some people dine out or buy food four to five days per week. $10 per day on lunch can add up to over $200 per month, or $2400 per year. Start banking that money and bring a brown bag lunch. A good lunch made at home may take some getting used to, but before long you will not even think about your previous dining out experience.


29. Avoid Hygiene or Luxury Products

Save Money Tips Luxury Products

There is nothing wrong with using a facial cream or other products you deem necessary. What is wrong, however, is to spend significant amounts of money on these products. Either go generic or find alternative products that do not cost as much. Some products may also be used for multiple purposes and can present a better monetary value.


30. Rent Out Your Car

Modern applications make renting your car out simple, convenient and profitable. If you have a car sitting in the driveway that you do not use much, make it available for rental today and start watching the money roll in. There are several applications that make the process simple and convenient, but you will want to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage.


31. Get Rewarded for Spending

How To Save Money Use Reward Credit Cards

A simple way to earn rewards or cash back is through a bank or credit card issuer. Many cards reward points or miles for each dollar spent on the card. If you spend a lot each month, these rewards can add up quickly to cash back, merchandise or even free travel. Don’t get lured into paying interest, however, as that will quickly negate any rewards you may get. Make sure to pay off the card in full each month.


32. Negotiate Rates

How To Save Money Reduce Interest Rate Of Debt

Just because you signed up for a credit card that has a whopping 16 percent interest rate on purchases doesn’t mean you nee to shell out 16 percent. They also want to keep you as a paying customer, and will often be willing to lower the rate you pay in order to keep your business. Give your issuer a call today and ask them to lower the rate. If they say no, you can always consider a balance transfer to another card.


33. Stop the Bottled Water

Drinking Bottled Water Good Money Saving Tips

There are few things consumers buy everyday that are worse for the environment than bottled water. These servings come in individual plastic bottles that find their way into oceans and elsewhere. They are also several hundred times more expensive than tap water. Forget the bottled water and learn to drink tap. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.


34. Don’t Spend Big on Entertainment for Children

With the variety of free places to go and free things to do these days, there simply is no reason to spend a lot on entertaining your children. Take them to a local park, or perhaps the beach to fly kites. Local zoos may even offer days of free admission, and doing a little homework can save you a ton on a day out.


35. Skip Going Out and Have People Over

Hang Out With Friends How To Save Money

Going out with friends can really add up, quickly. Dinner and a night of drinks can run into the hundreds of dollars. If you do this once or twice per week, it really adds up to big money over a year. Instead of going out, invite friends over. Make a nice supper at home and provide wine, beer or cocktails for your guests. You can also ask each guest to bring something to lighten the load. Either way, you will save a lot of money and not have to worry about transportation.


36. Cook Big and Freeze

How To Save More Money Meal Prep

Buying and making a meal for one can be a hassle. Instead of buying and cooking small, why not go big and freeze what isn’t needed? Doing so can lessen the cost of food and ingredients, while also providing a convenient source of meals for later in the week. This not only makes everything easier, but having prepared meals can also lower the likelihood of going out for food.


37. Use the 10-Second Rule

Time Watch 0 Second Rule For Saving Money

People often buy things they do not really need. Using the 10-second rule can provide a time needed to consider the purchase and to make better buying decisions. Simply wait 10 seconds before deciding to buy something. During that time, consider the product, the cost and how it may fit into your life. If you do this with everything you are considering buying, you will find that many potential purchases are things you do not need and you simply end up putting them back onto the shelf.


38. Buy Used

Buying used as opposed to new can save hundreds or thousands. This is definitely the case when purchasing a car. A used automobile, for example, may decline in value by a few thousand dollars as soon as it is driven off the lot. This could, therefore, allow you to purchase a car that is one year old for several thousand under its previous price. Cars are not the only expense that buying used may save money on. Things like furniture, yard equipment and even clothing can all be bought used for less money.


39. Learn to Cut Hair

How To Save Money Hair Cut

The twice per month haircut can add up over the course of a year. For many people, learning to cut their hair at home could save time and money. Boys with a buzz cut, for example, could purchase a clippers and run them through their hair using the desired length end piece. You can also learn to cut kids’ hair easily, saving you even more money.


40. Make Gifts Instead of Buying Them

How To Save Money Make Your Own Gifts

No one says you have to buy gifts from a store. Gifts can, in fact, be made at home and can make just as special of a present, if not even more special, compared to a store bought product. Even if you need to buy some materials from the store, making the gift yourself can save you significant money that can then be saved.


41. Use the Public Library

Good Ways To Save Money Library Books

Public libraries used to be the epicenter of information before the widespread use of the internet. With a little leg work, they can still be used for a vast amount of information and can also be used for entertainment. Taking a book out for two weeks may cost little to nothing and can provide you with something to do until it is read.


42. Learn to Fix Things

How To Save Money Repair You Own Clothing

If you are not a plumber, that is alright. You can still learn to replace a sump-pump or to unclog a toilet. By learning to fix things around the house, you no longer have to pay someone else to show up and do it. This can add up extensively, especially over time, and can allow you to add more money to savings.


43. Don’t Waste Food

Allowing food to waste is a very expensive and bad habit. Take the time to properly wrap and store unused food. This food can be used in a variety of dishes later on and saving it does away with the need for replacing it. Leftovers must also be properly cared for, and they can provide tasty, convenient meals throughout the week.


44. Become Energy Efficient

Energy Savings How To Save Money Tips

A house’s energy efficiency can really make or break your savings plans. A drafty house with large openings around windows, for example, can add hundreds or even thousands to annual heating and air conditioning costs. Higher costs are not only from running the equipment more, but also wearing it out faster due to a higher usage rate. Taking the time to seal any holes or cracks along windows and doors can pay off big. Making sure your equipment is cared for is also important, and routine maintenance on a furnace or air conditioner can be a great investment.


45. Share

There are very few things that cannot be shared today. Sharing is not only a nice thing to do, but it can save you significant money. Things from Netflix accounts to clothing can be shared, and even sharing once in a while can save some money. Start considering what you can share today, and reach out to others who may have interest. You will be glad you did.


46. Track Your Spending

How To Budget And Save Money Investing Apps

Tracking your spending with technology the modern way to budget.

The use of a well designed app lets you see exactly what you’re spending. There’s no fudging the numbers or pretending. This is total honesty in your life. The technology tells you precisely how much you’re spending every single day. When you see you’re spending four bucks on that daily latte, you know where to begin making the necessary changes in your spending habits. This is the way to determine to the very penny what needs to go and why.


47. Avoid more debt

How To Save Money And Avoid Debt

Debt is the thief of the future. When you’re stuck paying interest on your credit cards, you’re not paying down capital.

Credit cards are a tool. Use them wisely. You want to avoid that ugly credit card debt spiral. Paying the minimum balance on your credit cards means you’ll always be paying the credit card company instead of yourself. Step up now. Let that credit card work in your favor. Take the prizes they offer like the chance for a discount. Pay your bills each month and stay in control.


48. Dress minimally.

The art of dressing well means making the most of your personal physical assets. Take a close inventory of your features. Learn how to play them up. That’s the great thing about knowing that you have a fabulous smile. You know it’s there. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like a million bucks.

Dressing minimally is the best way save money and dress confidently at the same time. Look for the well tailored suit in a great cut. You don’t need anything else to stun.


49. Avoid the mall

House To Save Money Each Month Avoiding The Mall

The mall is the land of dreams. It’s also where your financial dreams come to die.

If you’re going to save money, stay away from this place filled with stores. When you’re there, you’re tempted to spend. The food court beacons you to spend money on overpriced, high calorie items you don’t really need. Sales invite you in to buy those things that will only molder in your closet. Don’t go there unless you absolutely need something. Your bank account rather than your waist will get fatter and healthier.


50. Think Twice About Sales

How To Save Money By Avoiding Sales At Retail Stores

Sales are one of those things that seem to say come in and see me now. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

The problem with sales are that such sales often have a hidden catch. The stuff you don’t need goes on sale while the stuff you really do stays highly priced. You get suckered into buying the trendy shirt you’ll never wear and the exercise bike that only serves as a place to hang those six shirts that went out of fashion the second you brought them home. Stay away.


51. Take odd jobs

How To Make More Money Pet Sit

A really great way to save money is to add to your bank account. Everyone has free time. Make the most of yours with a side job.

The fabulous thing about side jobs is you can find them everywhere you look. Head to the net. People need others to do all sorts of jobs for them. You can babysit the neighborhood’s kids. You can walk dogs and house sit. You can do all sorts of little errands. The choices are endless. Grab them and watch your nest egg grow quickly.


52. Look for a cheaper place to live.

Apartment Rent Costs How To Save Money

A big house might seem like a great idea but do you really need it?

Big houses are money sinks. You have to pay to heat the guest room you only use a few days a year. You need to spend money to keep up the foundation. Turn around and the roof is leaking. You’re the one responsible for stopping it. You have to fix the hot tub and dust those high shelves. Get rid of that white elephant. Cozy, intimate, charming and comfortable is your best choice in housing.


53. Eat in instead of out

Cook At Home How To Save Money

Eating out seems nice on the surface. Look closer and you’ll find a choice that’s easier on your pocketbook and your waistline.

Nearly all prepared foods are loaded with calories and fat. That’s how they keep you coming back for more each time. Walk away from the temptation before it begins. Learn to make your own food at home. You can make it healthier. You can also save money by buying your own ingredients and doing your own prep work. You’ll have far better meals and a larger bank balance.


54. Trade Gigs With a Neighbor

If you want to save money, now is the time to reach out to your neighbors. Find out what they need from you. You might have a skill they can use. For example, if you know how to paint, offer to paint their home. In turn, find out what they can do for you.

This form of bartering has many advantages. You money on the things you need by having someone do things for you without the need to exchange cash. That’ll put your bank account in glowing good health.


55. Plan your groceries

Groceries How To Save Money At The Store

Food is one of those things everyone needs in life. The typical food bill takes up anywhere from ten to twenty percent of your income.

Get that bill down with a few easy plans. Never shop when hungry. Have a few things before you leave so your stomach is full. Take a good look on your pantry. Create a list of only the stuff you really need to buy like butter, milk, eggs and fresh vegetables. Stick to that list only and watch your personal grocery bills fall like magic.


56. Round Up Your Payments

Interest is one of the most expensive things you can buy. Not only does it cost you when you buy things using interest. Over time it keeps on going up. Compounding interest is a monstrosity you want to keep at bay.

One of the best ways to save money is to avoid getting snared in interest in the first place. If you’re one of those people who has interest that needs to paid down, there’s an easy trick that does just that. Round up all payments and watch it disappear.


57. Use the 30 day rule for large purchases

How To Save Money Every Month Calender

Larger purchases are a must for everyone. People need to buy expensive things like couches, beds and cars. At the same time, these can take a huge chunk of your budget. You don’t want to spend when you don’t need. The best thing to do is remember the thirty day rule.

Take a deep breath and let time work to your advantage. You want to allow time to let you see exactly what you want and why. Allow at least a month before you buy any really big home items.


58. Re-Shop Auto Insurance and Home Insurance For A Lower Rate

Cars Money Saving Tips

Insurance is a must for everyone. You need to protect yourself in the event of a sudden loss. At the same time, insurance can take a large bite out of your budget. If you want to save money, now is the time to have a close look at all the insurances you carry.

Take some time to contact your insurance companies. You can often find insurance company officials are ready and willing to listen to your concerns. A hour spent looking for better rates can really pay off long term.


59. Maintain Your Home Or Car

Over time, just about every thing degrades. Your goal is head off that ruin. Even a simple repair can run you a lot of money. The best way to avoid such a problem is to do all those little tasks that need to be done to keep things running. Clear the lint from the dryer. Have the car tuned. Dust things and get rid of the extra dirt in your rugs. Examine each part of your home twice a year.

You’ll keep those pricey repairs away and save your pennies.


60. Utilize Your Employer’s 401k Match

A retirement account is a marvelous thing. Over time, you see your savings grow nicely as you start to think about those leisurely days at the beach. Many employees are in luck. Whenever they put money in their 401k, their employer will match that contribution. This is wonderful. It’s free money. Contact your employer. Find out if you’re eligible for this perk. Many employers do this for you automatically. If you don’t see that happening, get in touch with your human resources department.


61. Consolidate Debt

Debt is like extra weight. It can really drag you down. The last thing you need is more pounds around your middle when you’re running life’s marathon. If you’re one of those people with heavy debt, there is a way around it. You’re probably paying high interest rates you don’t need. That’s why you need to shop around and look for a place that will let you consolidate your debt at a lower interest rate.

Lowering it by just as little as a half point can give you breathing room.


62. Re-shop Cell, Internet and TV Plans

How To Save Money Shop Phone Plan For Discount

Utilities are one of the monthly costs people have to pay. At the same time, there’s always a bit of time wriggle room. Nothing is keeping you paying for the services you have. Get in touch with your utility companies is a good way to have a fresh start. Shop around and see what each company in your area has to offer.

You’ll be surprised at how much companies are willing to work with you. Lower your bills each month. Relax when you sit back and watch your favorite shows.


63. Cancel Your Gym Membership

How To Save Money Gym Memberships

Exercise is the best way to have a firm foundation in life. When you exercise, you bring blood to all areas of your body and feel more relaxed at the same time. A gym membership seems like the best way to get there. At the same time, it can take a large bite out of your budget.

Drop the gym membership if you want to save money. Buy yourself a set of inexpensive weights. Put on a free youtube video. Take a walk in the park and get free exercise.


64. Time Major Purchases Around Sale Periods

How To Save Money On Major Purchases

One of the great things about life is there are many sales periods. From Black Friday to Mother’s Day sales, you can see lots of sales all year long. This is a great way to get what you want without breaking into your savings.

Think about what you want. If you’re in need of a brand new dining room set, get up early the day after Thanksgiving. Hit the local furniture stores and see what they have for you. A well timed sale can save you a lot of money.


65. Send away for and follow up on rebates.

Major companies want your business. They want to give you sales. One way they do exactly that is with rebates.

Rebates are everywhere. You too can have them in your life. When you’re buying something, look for the sales rebate. Many companies offer sales expecting people not to go to the trouble to follow up on them. Be the person who rises to the challenge and gets the money they promise. Mail in that rebate as soon as you can. Use the refunded money to add to your bank account.


66. Use coupons

How To Save Money On Groceries Coupons

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend. Another friend every single woman needs in her life are coupons. Coupons are those little things that really add up.

You don’t need to subscribe to a newspaper and get those scissors out to have the coupons you want to have the savings you need There’s plenty of places on the net. Get out your cellphone and start looking for a little help saving money. Electronic coupons are easy, quick and accepted everywhere. You can save on everything you buy all day long.


67. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Setting Thermostat Lower To Save Money

Heating and cooling your home is imperative. No one wants to shiver in the snow or sweat in the heat. At the same time, such costs add up and keep adding up. Modern technology has come to the rescue. The programmable thermostat is the answer to your high utility bills.

You set it up and it does the rest. If you’re late getting home, the thermostat makes sure you’re not heating that home when you’re not there. Go on vacation and it does the work of home maintenance for you.


68. Repair clothing instead of tossing it.

Good clothing is something you need in your life. Clothing that lets you go anywhere and do anything is your chance to feel really good. Some people are tempted to throw those things out when they get a minor rip. Don’t be one of them. If you have sewing skills, use them. If you don’t, you can let your local tailor take over for you. They’ll make your clothing look just as good as new.

Well mended clothing are good for the environment. They’re also very good for your pocketbook.


69. Turn off the television.

They don’t call it the idiot box for nothing. Television is just fine in small doses. Watch PBS and have fun enjoying a movie. More than that and you’re likely to find it a total time waster. Turning it off offers many advantages.

You won’t see all those adds with all those tempting products you don’t need. You also spend less money on electricity. Now is the time to put down the remote and do something else. Read a good book, take a walk or exercise in your local park.


70. Drink more water

Drink More Water How To Save Money

Water is the stuff of life and the stuff you need to stay hale and healthy. People may be tempted to find water in lots of other forms. Bottled water, juices and soft drinks can seem like a good thing but they carry a heavy price. They’ll bring in the poundage you don’t need while denying you the refreshing water you really do.

Get out the ice cubes and a cold glass. Pour in the water from your tap. Save money and get your thirst quenched at the same time.


71. Quit smoking

Quit Smoking How To Save Money

Smoking is taxing on everything you do. It hurts every single organ in your body. Not only that, it’s also incredibly expensive. All forms of tobacco are heavily taxed. When you buy a single pack of cigarettes, you’re also paying lots of money that’s just going to go up in literal smoke. Quitting is a really good thing. You’ll breath much easier. Your lungs and every other organ in your body will thank you immediately.

Buy a quit smoking program and you’ll save money and add years to your life.


72. Buy quality that will last.

On the surface, buying things that are cheaper looks a lot less expensive. Over time, however, you might find those costs are a lot more than you planned. Quality items are more likely to last over time. They’re also likely to be easier to use and easier to repair when they do break down. Take some time to do a detailed comparison of anything you’re going to buy. You might find the cheaper option is anything but.

An investment in higher end, well made products can really save you money.


73. Remove your credit card numbers from your online accounts

Shopping online can be a good use of your time. You can often save money. At the same time, it can be tempting to spend lots of money you can’t afford. One way to put the breaks on is to look for ways to add a step that makes you think it over.

While many sites let you fill in that credit number and keep it on file, that’s a bad idea. Whipping out that credit card lets you have one last moment to decide to avoid spending money online.


74. Stick to reliable, fuel-efficient cars.

Everyone needs a car to get around. A luxury high end car can be tempting. At the same time, this is one option that might cause you serious financial problems in the long run. Those upscale cars often lots of repairs just to stay on the road. The local dealer can find the part you need to fix your car immediately.

The same may not be true of the car that you bought from the upscale dealer. An expensive car typically needs lots of expensive repairs to get in shape.


75. Don’t buy snacks/drinks from gas stations.

How To Save Money Avoid Gas Station Snacks

Road trips are totally awesome. Hit the road and leave your cares and worries behind. A road trip lets you see things from the ground up. They’re also a great option when you want to save some money on your vacation. If you’re off to see America or any other place, you need fuel for the road. Resist the temptation to grab a snack or even a few meals at the gas station. Packing your own is the way to go.

You’ll get healthier options and pocket the extra change.


76. When buying a car, look only at used models.

The brand new car is a chance to show off. While this can look tempting, the brand new car is one thing that loses money the second you drive it all off the lot. A new car is only valuable when it stays with the dealer. Take it home, change your mind and you’re going to have a hard time selling for the money you paid for it.

Keep to your guns. The good used in good shape will get you where you to go: to a big bank balance.


77. Job Hop.

Great Ways To Save And Make More Money Job Hop

A job is just a job for many people. If you’re stuck in a run, now is the time to break free. You don’t have to stay at the same job for the rest of your life. You can leave that job for new horizons. Put out a few feelers. See what’s out there. Speak to employers and put in a resume.

New hires tend to earn more money from the first and report more overall long term job satisfaction. That’s more money in your pocket with every single paycheck.


78. Always ask for fees to be waived.

Ask you shall receive. That’s a principle to carry with you in everything you do in your life. Companies want to please you. They often have the power to get it done. If you’re facing fees that are starting to add up, you’d be surprised at how much you can avoid them if you’re just bold enough to ask the sales person.

You’ll be shocked at just how fast the sales people can respond. Many are happy to lower at least some or even all of those hefty service fees.


79. Keep the sun out.

Curtains How To Save Money

The sun is the giver of life. It’s not always your friend in other ways. When the hot days get going, you need to bring out the blinds and keep it at bay. The sun can damage your beloved furniture.

The bold sun can also bring in the hot weather when it’s the last thing you want. Sunshine on your shoulder is something you want outdoors not in. A good set of blackout curtains protects your privacy all season long It also means far lower cooling bills during the summer.


80. Try haggling.

Haggling is the way to get what you want in life. In many cases, the price that seems obvious is not always the final price you’re going to pay. Many store salespeople are used to having their customers willing to ask if that’s how low they can go on the price they’re going to pay.

If you’re not comfortable engaging in bargaining on your own, consider bringing someone with you who can do that on your behalf. A spouse willing to speak up is a spouse who can save money.


81. Improve your credit score.

A credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life. A good credit score is the ticket to better days. If you have a less than ideal credit score, you’re going to face all kinds of obstacles. You’ll be charged higher interest rates when you apply for a mortgage or finance a car. Getting that credit car score out of hock offers immediate benefits.

Working on your credit score can bring your finances back from the dead. Take steps for better credit and watch it pay off.


82. Get organized to avoid missed payments.

Organization is one of those crucial tools everyone talks about. You need to be that organized person. Staying on top of bills and paying them off on time will save you money.

You won’t be stuck with fees because you don’t have enough money in the bank to cover your expenses. You’ll also build your credit numbers up in the long term and make it clear you can be trusted with money. Organization is one of those incredibly fabulous and useful ideas you need to make time for right now.


83. Avoid ATMs which charge fees to get cash.

Atm Fees How To Save Money

An ATM is a useful and wonderful thing in your life. When you’re in need of cash, you can head to a nearby one and grab the cash. Keep in mind that some ATMs may charge fee for a simple transaction. If you’re not in network, you could find fees eating up your bank account whenever you need funds.

Know exactly where you bank is at all times. Head there when needed. Keep a cash reserve in your wallet. This way, you always have the funds you need right there.


84. Drive less.

Money Saving Tips Drive Less

Driving is a good thing to do when you need to get to a long way. While cars are handy, they’re also expensive to maintain. If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, now is the time to spend less time behind the wheel and more time using other modes of transport.

When you drive, you need to fill your car with gas. You need to get brand new tires and keep the car in good running order all the time. Walk and pocket the money you save.


85. Pass on extended warranties.

The extended warranty might look good on paper. That sales person sure knows how to sweet talk you into pay a little extra. It’s what they’re there to do. You don’t need to fall into that trap. Chances are that you’re going to bring that piece of paper home and forget all about it.

That’s how they make money. You pay for what you don’t need and they pocket the difference. Do yourself a financial favor. Skip the extended warranty on offer. You don’t need it and won’t use it.


86. Wash your clothes on cold.

How To Save Money Tips Washing Clothes

Water is the perfect thing to wash your clothes. Hot water costs a lot of money. Over time, using hot water all the time to wash a few loads of laundry can add up and keep adding up. You don’t want to use it if you don’t need it. Put the wash on cold and let it run. The cold water will do the job just fine.

You can wash just about all your clothing on the cold setting. You’ll still get the stains out and have that clean clothing.


87. Drink less alcohol.

Alcohol How To Save Money

Alcohol is expensive. It’s also not really that good for you. A small glass of wine now and then can help you relax in life. Over time, however, even a few glasses a week add up. You can save money by avoiding the alcohol whenever you can. Keep a few of those bottles on hand when you’re inviting guests over. It’s best to avoid using as much alcohol as you can in your life.

Your liver will be in far better shape and so will those fabulous savings you need.


88. Use powders or concentrates for your favorite drinks.

Juices are nice. They let you have a cold glass in the morning when you’re heading off to work. Kids love fruit juices. While this is true, fruit juices are not exactly that cheap. There is a great solution. Bring out the concentrates and let the kids drink up. Concentrates let you have the taste of juice that you want in your life without the need to take a large hit in your purse.

A concentrate is easy to store and keep on hand in the freezer when really needed.


89. Go thrifting.

Thrift sales are the thrifty shopper’s best friends. They’re also a lot of fun. You can head off to a thrift store when you’re in need of anything from books to a brand new coat. One of the great things about thrift shops is that you’ll always find something you didn’t expect. Hunting for bargains is half the fun. Bring others with you and make it a family outing.

Many people are delighted to find items that are just what that they want. Bring home an amazing bargain right now.


So you want to be a super saver?

This list is simply a good start. There are many more ways to save money each month, and by getting into the habit of doing so, you will discover more methods over time.

Although the monthly savings from some of these may not be astronomical, they do represent real money. That money does add up over the course of a year, and if saved and allowed to compound can add up to big money over time.

If you are able to cut $10,000 per year from your spending, for example, that $10,000 could be saved and could really add up over a few years as it compounds. For many people, it would be a complete game changer.

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