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Top 75 Best Barn Wedding Ideas – Charming Country Inspiration

Top 75 Best Barn Wedding Ideas – Charming Country Inspiration

Using a barn for a wedding has become an increasingly popular venue choice in recent years. The space is large, open, and provides a natural environment for a rustic themed wedding.

They also, however, come with a number of unique challenges of which you should be aware when you are in the planning stages for your wedding.

Depending on how well-converted your barn is, you should be prepared for potential complications stemming from the space’s previous use.

Barns tend to be drafty and poorly insulated, so beware of holding a winter or mid-summer wedding in one if the climate in your location might be problematic.

That same draftiness can also lead to problems with seasonal allergies, as pollen and animal dander can easily get into the space and circulate. In addition, unless the barn has been adequately converted to a usable space, you may need to develop alternative plans for electricity (possibly renting generators) and restrooms (possibly hiring a portable toilet service).

The decorating opportunities afforded by a barn, however, might well make those challenges worth it. Shabby chic decorations such as barrels, crates, and other furniture fit well in a barn space, as do other elements that incorporate materials such as cast iron, rustic fabrics, worn or natural-grain wood, local flowers, and earth tones.

Illumination in a barn might be restricted (many do not permit candles or open flames), but a well-aimed lighting design can use light and shadow to make old barn boards glow with warmth and character. Barns are usually replete with nooks, crannies, and surfaces that can easily be decorated, making them particularly flexible spaces for your celebration.

Rafters provide convenient places for hanging lights, fabric decorations, or garlands. Incorporating barn-appropriate furnishings, such as ladders, apple crates, and farm equipment, can add a truly bucolic touch.


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