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Top 80 Best Blue Wedding Cake Designs – Brilliant Blue Icing Ideas

Top 80 Best Blue Wedding Cake Designs – Brilliant Blue Icing Ideas

Blue is one of those colors many brides really love. The traditional wedding refrain is something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Blue works for everything you have in mind including your wedding cake. If you are thinking about a blue wedding cake, you’ll find you have lots of company.

Blue is the color of the ocean, the sky and hope. Take this color and make it your own when it comes to creating a wedding cake to make your wedding a time to remember.

One of the many advantages of using this shade for your wedding is there are so many shades of blue.

You’ll find shades ranging from sky blue to the deepest navy. A cake baker can come up with any color you might like most.

Dark blue is a good option for a cake when you’re outside at night and want to mirror the shade you see as you look up. Softer shades are nice if you’re going to plan a beach wedding.

The color of the sand, sea and sky can be seen in your wedding cake. That’s one way to bring any locational theme to life in your cake.

If you’re someone who likes all different shades of blue, think about a blue wedding cake in an ombre pattern.

The base of the cake can start off with a brighter shade that gets paler as you get to the center of it. One cake might be light blue while the other is vivid turquoise.

Blue wedding cakes can also be paired with lots of other colors for a wonderful look. For example, silver and gold are one way to bring in the shine. Golden balls can be dotted against the side of the cake.

Other colors that go well include pink, rose and yellow, so explore these gorgeous designs for your blue wedding cake inspiration.

Abstract Art Wedding Blue Cakes

Alternating Blue And White Wedding Cakes With Red Roses

Baby Blue And White Wedding Cake

Blue And White Marble Wedding Cake With Black Accent

Blue Base Floral Wedding Cake

Blue Floral Art On White Wedding Cake

Blue Icing Wedding Cake

Blue Painted Wedding Cake

Breezy Blue And White Wedding Cake

Button Design Blue And Gold Wedding Cake

Clouds Art Blue And White Wedding Cake

Crystal Wedding Cake Blue And White

Cubical Blue Wedding Cake

Dainty Blue Wedding Cake

Dark Blue Fondant Wedding Cake Roses

Dark Blue Sprayed White Wedding Cake

Dark Blue Wedding Cake

Dark Navy Blue Magical Wedding Cake

Delicate Blue White Wedding Cake Art

Exotic Flowers On Blue Wedding Cakes

Eye Catching Blue White Wedding Cake

Feathery Blue White Wedding Cake

Five Tiered White And Blue Wedding Cake

Flower On Blue Wedding Cake

Grand And Large Blue Wedding Cake

Grand Blue Tinted White Wedding Cake

Grey Blue Wedding Cake

Grey Blue Wedding Cake With Rose Gold Toppers

Hexagonal Blue Tiles Wedding Cake

Jean Blue Wedding Cake

Leafy Blue Wedding Cake

Light And Pleasing Blue Wedding Cake

Light Blue Shaded Wedding Cake

Light Blue Wedding Cake With White Flowers

Lightening Streaks Blue Wedding Cake

Lovely Blue And White Wedding Cake

Lovely Blue Designs On White Wedding Cake

Magical White And Blue Wedding Cake

Marble Effect Blue White Wedding Cake

Milky Blue Wedding Cake With Pink Flowers

Mind Blowing Blue Wedding Cake

Orange On Blue Wedding Cake

Peacock Blue Wedding Cake

Pleasant Blue Wedding Cake

Pretty Blue Wedding Cake With Roses

Red And White Roses On Blue Wedding Cake

Regal Blue And White Flowers Wedding Cakes

Roses And Spheres Art Wedding Blue Cake

Royal Blue And White Wedding Cake

Royal Blue Wedding Cake

Scrummy Blue Wedding Cake

Seaside Wedding Blue Cake

Sea Waves Blue White Wedding Cake

Snow White And Blue Wedding Cake

Soft Blue Wedding Cake

Soft Flowers Blue White Wedding Cake Art

Solid Rose Gold And Blue Royal Wedding Cake

Sparkling Blue Stars On White Wedding Cake

Spectacular Blue And White Wedding Cake

Spiral Buttercream Blue Wedding Cake

Splash Blue And White Wedding Cake

Stunning Blue Wedding Cake

Stylish Blue Wedding Cake

Swirls Of Blue And White Wedding Cake

Swirls Of Light Blue Cream Wedding Cake

Triangular Blue Art White Wedding Cake

Turquoise Blue Wedding Cakes

Unique Blue Wedding Cake

Watery Blue And White Wedding Cake

Wavy Blue Wedding Cake

White Rose Embossed Blue Wedding Cake

Witch Magic Blue Wedding Cakes

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