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Top 70 Best Donut Wedding Cake Designs – Glazed Pastry Cake Ideas

Top 70 Best Donut Wedding Cake Designs – Glazed Pastry Cake Ideas

Donuts are fashionable, fun and above all delicious. If you’re planning a wedding, a donut wedding cake offers a charming modern touch.

For many brides, the goal with a donut wedding cake is to have something everyone loves to eat. This is easy to do.

Bring in a wide variety of flavors in your donuts. Look for standard varieties like chocolate and vanilla. Then go a little wild. You can make use of unexpected combos like maple and bacon. That adds a much welcome element of surprise and delight to your party.

A donut wedding cake can be laid out in many ways. One of the most common is to opt for a series of tiers. This makes it easy for people to bring out the donuts and serve them to your guests.

Another possibility is to have your donuts in a series of boxes. Beautiful boxes with a special lining also make it easier for people to spot the one they want to eat most.

Add special touches like edible flowers to make it even more festive.

You’ll also want to make it personal. A large donut just for the people at your table in your wedding party is one way to have fun.

Fillings count for a lot. You can go for all sorts of fun fillings in your wedding cake. For example, lemon jelly makes and excellent contrast with chocolate or strawberry.

Donuts in different sizes are another way to create a wonderful wedding. The little ones in your wedding party can have bite sized donuts just for them.

Adults might opt for something a little larger. Donut holes offer another way to think about the donut wedding cake in new ways.

This kind of wedding cake is one way to take a contemporary trend and make it your own, and again, everyone loves donuts. Yum!

Abundance Of Donuts Wedding Cake

Alternating Colors Donut Wedding Cake

Amethyst Purple Donut Wedding Cake

Black And Gold Wedding Cake Donuts

Bountiful Donut Wedding Cake

Brilliant Donut Wedding Cake

Chocolate Donut Wedding Cake

Chocolate Wedding Cake And Donut

Dark Brown Cacao Donut Wedding Cake

Delectable Donut Wedding Cake

Designer Donut Wedding Cake

Donut And Wedding Cake

Donut Balls And Pristine Wedding Cake

Donut Decorated Wedding Cake

Donut Scrumptious Wedding Cake

Donut Wedding Cake Stand

Donut Wedding Cake Stand With Florals

Donut White Wedding Cake

Excessive Donuts And Wedding Cake

Exotic White Donut Wedding Cake

Fabulous Wedding Donut Cake

Forest Themed Wedding Cake And Donut

Four Tiered Donut Wedding Cake

Fruity Donut Wedding Cake

Glazed White Donuts And Wedding Cake

Icy Donuts Wedding Cake

Layered Donut Wedding Cake

Leafy Cake Wedding With Donuts

Lovely Donut Wedding Cake

Marvellous Donut Wedding Cake

Melting Chocolate Donut Wedding Cake

Melting Honey Donut Wedding Cake

Melting White Donut Wedding Cake

Melting White Icing Wedding Cake And Donut

Orange And Pink Donut Wedding Cake

Overflowing Donuts Wedding Cake

Pearl Donuts Wedding Cake

Pink And White Mountain Donut Wedding Cake

Pink And Whitish Donut Wedding Cake

Pink Cake And Donut Wedding

Pink Roses And Donuts Wedding Cake

Plentiful Donut Wedding Cake

Plentiful Pink Donut Cake Wedding

Plethora Of Donuts Wedding Cake Stand

Pretty Roses And Donut Wedding Cake

Roses On Donut Wedding Cake

Sandwich Donut Wedding Cake

Snow White Wedding Cake And Donut

Spiral White Donut Wedding Cake

Sugared Donuts Wedding Cake

Syrupy Wedding Donut Cake

Tall Tower Donut Wedding Cake

Tempting Wedding Cake And Donut

Thick Sugared Donut Wedding Cake

Treatful Wedding Cake Donut

Two Colored Donut Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake Logs And Donuts

Wedding Cake Stand With Donuts

Wedding Cake With Donuts

White Glazed Donut Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake And Donuts

White Wedding Cake With Donuts

Yum Donut Wedding Cake

Zesty Donuts Wedding Cake

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