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Top 100 Best Wedding Cake Ideas – Tempting Artful Designs

Top 100 Best Wedding Cake Ideas – Tempting Artful Designs

Some wedding traditions are still a part of modern day celebrations. For instance, brides and grooms have been crushing cake into each other’s faces for generations.

But the cake that modern day couples are smashing may look very different from those of their grandparents.

White cake with white frosting and delicate white icing roses will likely always be the go-to design for the classic bride. And don’t forget the traditional bride and groom figurine on the top of the tiered cakes.

Many modern day couples are abandoning some of these traditions and bringing new and innovative cake ideas to their wedding receptions.

Having a theme inspired wedding? If you are planning to recreate a magical wedding fit for a princess and her Prince Charming, why not have a cake sculpted to look like a castle? Many modern cake decorators play the role of sculptor as much as they do bakers and can likely to have the ability to create any shape, no matter how crazy your request.

Fresh flowers are always a safe way to keep the cake classy and chic. Choose flowers in the same colors as the wedding theme or go for a classic topper of all white floral heads. Modern cakes aren’t always round and not always white. Experiment with chocolate icing or even add an ombre of colors. Some brides are opting for “naked cakes.”

No, not that kind of naked (save that kind of activity for the bachelorette party). A naked cake is simply one that isn’t covered in icing. The layers of cake are exposed and can create a pleasing look.

The cake can then be enhanced with icing layers and decorative toppers. Stacked cakes can be square or even a simple sheet cake will suffice for a more casual affair. Don’t be limited by what you have come to believe a wedding cake should look like, but let your imagination be your guide. Weddings have been around for a very long time with different traditions having different ways of celebrating the union of a couple.

However, some wedding traditions have withstood the test of time. For instance, wedding cakes have been featured for as far as I can remember. Let us go over some of the innovative but tasty cake designs you should consider for your big day!


Art Deco Square Tiered Cake With Gold Accents Wedding Cake Ideas

Enjoy your big day with this white triple-layered cake with golden accents. On one side, the cake features a gorgeous floral design that completes the simple yet beautiful cake design. The design is beautiful, and you will surely draw envious glances from everyone as you cut into it.

Artsy Stained Glass And Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

For all lovers of art out there, this is the design for you. The cake has an artistic feel with three flower petals designs, and aesthetically pleasing patterns adorn the white cake. For starters, the base of the cake features an all-blue floral design that you can custom order to match your wedding theme.

Beachy White And Aqua With Seashells Wedding Cake Ideas

Is your wedding on the beachside? Step out of your comfort zone with this ocean-inspired design. This ocean-colored cake adorned with sea shells running the length of its layers is guaranteed to be the highlight of your special day.

Beautiful Pink Tiered Cake With Blush Roses Wedding Cake Ideas

This beautiful pink-teared cake featuring blush roses is a simple yet elegant design to grace your wedding. The pink design can also complement your wedding theme.

Beautiful White Tiered Cake With Full White And Orange Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Give your bridesmaids something to snap away at with this stunning white-teared cake with a full white and orange theme. The floral design matches a beautiful garden making this cake irresistible.

Berry Inspired Decor Wedding Cake Ideas

It does not get any tastier than this berry-inspired décor adorning the cake. The top layer is fully stocked with tasty and colorful berries guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bohemian Semi Naked Natural Cake With Berries And Flowers Wedding Cake Ideas

The three tiers of this cake are adorned with glamorous berries and flowers to pack a serious visual punch. The largely white semi-naked cake is sure to spice up your big day!

Box Wedding Cake Ideas

Want something large to catch everyone’s attention? Look no further than this massive five-tear cake! The largely white cake also features a floral design where the tiers intersect and will be an eye-catcher in your ceremony.

Castlewedding Cake Ideas

This is another eye-catching design for all fairy tale ending lovers out there! The large cake is shaped into a castle, with windows, stunning staircases, and a couple holding hands at its center.

Cheesecake Wedding Cake Ideas

An adorable five-tier that guarantees to excite your taste buds leaving you craving for more. The top of each cake is covered in colorful and tasty strawberries making the cheesecake the perfect design!

Chic Modern Black Tiered Cake With Gold Marbeling Inspiration Wedding Cake Ideas

This soft cake comes in an all-black design with golden accents. This design goes against the grain of wedding cakes with its black color but also appeals to your girly side with the rose petal design at its center.

Cool Geometric Design With White And Silver And Large Rose Design Wedding Cake Ideas

Well, if you love symmetry and patterns, this cool geometric design may be the tasty one for you. The four-tier cake is white and silver, with a large rose design at its center.

Cool Square Tiered White Cake With Teal And Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

This is another beautiful yet simple design. The second tier does not sit in symmetry with the first tier, and the white cake has a teal and floral design that runs through its length.

Country Chocolate With Real Strawberry Layers Wedding Cake Ideas

While you can get distracted by its rustic design, there is something that we find captivating about this two-tier country chocolate cake, complete with real strawberries!

Crystal Wedding Cake Ideas

This plain three-tier cake has an eye-catching crystal design that runs through its length. Golden accents are at the edge of the crystal ‘scar’ that runs through the cake to add glamour to the occasion.

Cute Geometric Design Pink And Gold Wedding Cake Ideas

Something is appealing with minimalist décor, which can complement your style if you are a laid-back girl. The three-tier cake features a cute geometric design with pink and gold color schemes.

Delicious Dark Berries And Silk Icing In Berry Tones Wedding Cake Ideas

This striking three-tier design is the best fit for all your outgoing types. The red color scheme on the cake’s exterior looks like a paint job gone wrong. The cake also features tasty dark berries and silk-icing.

Desert Inspired Dried Floral And Sandy Marble Design Wedding Cake Ideas

This unique three-tier design reminds you of a desert landscape, complete with a desert floral pattern at the center. The surface of the cake itself embodies a sandy marble design, but we guarantee that this does not translate into a dull-tasting cake!

Elegant Square And Round Tiers Design Wedding Cake Ideas

White with a floral design never lets us down. This cake features four tiers of elegant white cake with asymmetric floral patterns scattered among the tiers.

Fairy Tale Tall Tiered White Cake With Cascading White Florals And Gold Accents Design

This unique tall-tiered white cake comes with cascading all-white florals that run along one half of the cake. Also featured are gold accents that add to the appeal just like a tiara would when placed on your head. What more could anyone ask for?

Fancy Geode Design Cake With Blush Roses Wedding Cake Ideas

This three-tiered wedding cake has an appealing floral pattern with three distinct geode design that runs its length. The floral design adds beauty to the cake, making it look almost too beautiful to eat!

Flower Wedding Cake Ideas

Unleash your inner princess with this elegant floral design that looks like the petals are being carried away by a summer breeze.

Fresh Fruit Semi Naked Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

This is another of our favorite rustic designs that start with a tree bark base that supports four tiers of the semi-naked cake. Lining the edges of each tier is berries with a floral design at the center of the cake.

Frosted White Wedding Cake Timeless Wedding Cakes

This cake reminds us of the renaissance days with its minimalist design. The two-tier cake is capped with flowers at its top, with rose petals cascading elegantly down the length of the cake.

Fruit Wedding Cake Ideas

This is yet another elegant semi-naked design to grace your big day. The cake is adorned with real berries and looks like something out of a fairy-tale movie, making it a tasty treat.

Garden Inspired Painted Flowers Wedding Cake Ideas

This two-tier cake is more beautiful in its simplicity featuring two tiers of garden-inspired painted flower patterns.

Geometric Wedding Cake Ideas

This is a great minimalist all-white design. The four tiers of this simple wedding cake are outfitted with a geometric design adorning its length to embody your personality.

Gold Geode Wedding Cake Ideas

This large four-tier cake is sure to take breaths away at any ceremony. The standout feature is the large blue geode design prominent in the cake’s middle tiers. The gold accents around the geode add a touch of beauty to this design.

Gold Sequin Wedding Cake Victorias Heavenly Cupcakes

This refined take on rustic cake designs with a simple pink and brown color scheme. The modern cake has floral decorations and a strong, sturdy base.

Gorgeous Beach Themed White With Starfish Wedding Cake Ideas

Stemming from its sturdy circular base is this elegant four-tier traditional cake. The cake, however, has a more modern twist, with starfish and pearl decorations snaking around its length.

Gorgeous Large Roses Cascading Design Wedding Cake Ideas

This cake takes on a traditional round-tier design. The cake is all white with stunning floral decorations cascading down its length, transforming this cake into a timeless masterpiece.

Light Blue Icing Design Wedding Cake Ideas

I love this three-tiered light blue design which reminds me of my favorite dress. The blue icing design is complimented by a decorative array of flower petals that run the length of the cake.

Macaron Towerwedding Cake Ideas

Take a step outside your comfort zone with this rare macron tower wedding cake. Your guests may need reassurance as I guarantee that many have never seen this design before, but they will love it!

Macrons Wedding Cake Ideas

The traditional four-tier design of this cake may make you think it is just an ordinary cake. However, the cascading pieces of macrons add a unique touch of elegance as they snake around the cake.

Minimalist Bohemian White Cake With Dried Grass Wedding Cake Ideas

This is my personal favorite on the list so far. Enjoy the minimalist bohemian white cake that is complimented by a dried grass décor plastered on its side.

Modern White And Gold Cake With Geometric Stand Wedding Cake Ideas

This modern wedding cake will make you anxious before cutting into it! Do not worry, as the geometric stand is sturdy and compliments the otherwise stunning cake design.

Naked Wedding Cake Ideas

This traditional design is a naked four-tiered wedding cake that allows you to see the spongy but sweet interior before you dive in for a bite.

Ornate Fancy Whitewedding Cake Ideasq

Enjoy this traditional minimalist design that features four creamy tiers of pure sensory heaven! The cake is not plain and is adorned with silver pearl decorations.

Peachy Colors Two Tier Wedding Cake Ideas

This is another brilliant minimalist design. The two-tiered cream-colored design is semi-naked and has gorgeous floral décor that gives it more life.

Peacock Wedding Cake Ideas

Peacocks symbolize beauty and elegance, and this cake embodies just that. Enjoy the eye-catching peacock décor that adorns the cake from the top tier and spread out in a large base.

Pink And Gold Wedding Cake With Love Cake Topper Selinas Cakes

This pink and gold wedding cake may appear minimalist, but its taste certainly is not. The cake comes in two tiers with a golden ribbon adorning the base of each tier.

Pink Geode Wedding Cake Ideas

Give your guests something to remember with this stunning geode wedding cake. The geode design is imprinted onto the two tiers of the cake, which is supported by a unique base.

Pretty Naked Wedding Cake Timeless Cakes

I disagree with some views that naked cakes are not stunning. This three-tier naked cake is beautiful, with the floral petals accentuating its beauty.

Pretty Romantic Wedding Cake With Floral Detail Ireland Victorias Heavenly Cupcakes

It hardly gets any more effortlessly elegant than this. This white three-tier cake has a floral décor running through its length, making it picture-perfect.

Romantic Pearl And Ruffle Wedding Cake

There is no better way to floss your marriage status than this romantic pearl and ruffle wedding cake. The first tier from the base is completely covered in a pink petals design to set the romantic mood.

Romantic Pink Roses And Babies Breath Wedding Cake Ideas

This two-tiered masterpiece is jaw-dropping. I find the dripping cream décor particularly elegant, although it does not take away from the floral decorations.

Simple And Elegant Black Tiered With Gold Topper Wedding Cake Ideas

Make a statement with this all-black design. The three layers, particularly the base layer, are visually stunning and guaranteed to draw attention to your ceremony.

Simple White Cream Cheese Frosting With Large Icing Flower Design Wedding Cake Ideas

Something about simple designs always makes me smile. Enjoy this three-tier white cheese frosting cake with a prominent pink icing flower design.

Sophisticated Navy Blue Fondant With Gold Geometric Designs Wedding Cake Ideas

This design screams sophistication with three navy blue tiers. The stunning cake also features gold geometric designs running its length.

Split Open Flowers Wedding Cake Ideas

Take a second to imagine how appealing this cake smells! Be sure to take in the stunning split-open flower design before gulping down the cake.

Teal Geode Wedding Cake Ideas

We cannot get enough of geode designs. This three-tier cake features a prominent blue geode design that runs its entire length.

Tropical Inspired Floral And Blue Bottom Tier Wedding Cake Ideas

I am quite certain you have never seen this design before. This cake is tropical-inspired and features a stunning floral design. The blue bottom tier is unique and will remind you of your big day.

Ultra Bohemian Single Tiered White Cake With Dried Grass And Flowers Wedding Cake Ideas

Enjoy this bohemian single-tiered with flowers and dried grass décor with a Mr & Mrs emblem that reminds you of your nuptials.

Ultra Modern Black And Gold Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Nothing screams sophistication more than this ultra-modern black and gold wedding cake that may steal the show at your wedding reception.

Unique Geometric Design Wedding Cake Ideas

Spice up your nuptials with this unique geometric design wedding cake with a black and gold color scheme.

Unique Tiers Different Designs Wedding Cake Ideas

This classy design features three tiers of tasty cake, complete with golden accents and a stunning blue color scheme on the middle tier.

Wedding Cake Ideas Art Deco Geometric Black And Gold Design

If you feel you have OCD like me, this is your design. The cake has three tiers of art-deco geometric black and gold design.

Wedding Cake Ideas Beautiful Two Toned White And Gold Cake With Burgundy And Blush Flowers

This two-tiered cake features a golden base tier with a floral décor between the first and second tiers.

Wedding Cake Ideas Berry Delicious Pink Ombre With Berries And Pomegranate

Life is short, and you should delight your taste buds with this delight on your special day. This two-tiered cake features tasty berries and pomegranate.

Wedding Cake Ideas Bohemian Nature Naked Cake With Soft White Flowers

This particular bohemian nature naked cake will leave you craving for more. The cake has five tiers separated by tasty cream.

Wedding Cake Ideas Bold And Beautiful Navy Blue With White Florals

This is a bold design; I particularly love the blue color scheme. The three tiers of the cake also feature beautiful white petals.

Wedding Cake Ideas Cascading Floral Inspiration

The cascading floral décor is the centerpiece of this three-tiered cake. The naked cake is visually striking and will leave you hesitant before you inevitably cut into it.

Wedding Cake Ideas Elegant White With Red And Blush Roses

You should consider this striking four-tier wedding cake for your nuptials. The cake has elegant red and blush roses decorating the white tiers.

Wedding Cake Ideas Fairy Whimsical Pink With Little Floral Designs

This design certainly cannot be overlooked, especially the beautiful fairy-whimsical little floral accents adorn the two tiers.

Wedding Cake Ideas Fairy Woodland Semi Naked Inspiration

This is a modern take on a traditional design featuring an offset arrangement of tiers. The semi-naked design will also give you a glimpse of the sweetness you are about to enjoy.

Wedding Cake Ideas Greenery With White And Blue Flowers On White Design

I love the green décor option that gives this cake a natural feel. The white tiers have a smooth finish making this cake pleasant to look at.

Wedding Cake Ideas Halloween Inspired Black With Animal Skull

This Halloween-inspired cake is unique and appeals to anyone wanting to break the norm. The cake is black, featuring an animal skull in its center.

Wedding Cake Ideas Luscious Dark Burgundy With Drizzled Icing Moody Inspiration

This cake can certainly set the mood with its luscious dark burgundy scheme. The single-tier cake features drizzled icing and berries at its top.

Wedding Cake Ideas Marbled Fondant Inspiration

This is another simple design that we cannot get enough of. The two tiers feature a marbled-fondant-inspired theme.

Wedding Cake Ideas Metalic Design

Enjoy this metallic design on your wedding day. Four tiers of flavourful cake await you featuring stunning embossed designs and floral décor.

Wedding Cake Ideas Minimalist Hexagon Tiers With Simple Greenery

You will fall in love with these minimalist hexagon tiers that feature embossed greenery that compliments its beauty.

Wedding Cake Ideas Modern Geometric White Gold And Navy Blue Inspiration

Captivate the guests present at your event with this modern take on the wedding cake. The three-tier cake features a contemporary geometric design with stunning gold and navy blue color schemes.

Wedding Cake Ideas Moody Black With Dark Purple And Orange Floral

Set the mood with this moody black and purple five-tier cake. The cake also features beautiful purple and orange petals that add to its beauty.

Wedding Cake Ideas Naked Cake With Berry And Cream Filling

This peach-hued frosting is an elegant naked cake adorned in natural herb and petals décor, and the cake itself has cream and berry filling.

Wedding Cake Ideas Naked Vanilla With Fresh Berries And Greenery Inspiration

This design draws inspiration from berries and greenery to deliver a stunning semi-naked cake with a sprinkle of fresh berries and greenery.

Wedding Cake Ideas Pink And Gold Geode Design

You will look forward to taking a bite out of this beautiful pink and gold geode design with a stunning pink color scheme.

Wedding Cake Ideas Romantic Pink Gold And White Hexagon Tiered Cake With White Roses

This massive cake screams romance with its pink color scheme and a cascade of elegant white petals hugging the cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas Romantic Pink Tiered With Gold Leafing And White And Pink Flowers

This minimalist cake has smooth pink tiers with stunning rose décor that will remind you of your youth.

Wedding Cake Ideas Rustic Mountain And Forest Icing Design With Real Pine Cones

This cake gives a rustic feel with its beautiful embossed surface and comes with real pine cones for décor!

Wedding Cake Ideas Rustic Semi Naked Tiered Cake With Red Roses

Red is the color of love, and this three-tiered semi-naked cake embodies this in the large red roses that decorate it.

Wedding Cake Ideas Rustic Woodland Tree Design With Natural Flowers

This woodland design will leave tongues wagging, and the black color scheme will be an eye-catcher. The décor of this cake features natural flowers.

Wedding Cake Ideas Separated Tieres Square White With Dark Purple Design

Take advantage of separated tiers with these simple square white cakes wrapped in dark purple decorative design.

Wedding Cake Ideas Simple Black Fondant With White Roses Design

This simple black cake is a good way to mark your ceremony. The all-white flowers add an air of beauty to this cake.

Wedding Cake Ideas Sophisticated Gold Leafing Design

This is a complicated gold-leafing design that will remain engrained in your memory. Dig into the gold leafing design to enjoy this masterpiece1

Wedding Cake Ideas Succulent Topper Inspiration

Cap your nuptials by enjoying this semi-naked minimalist design that comes complete with a succulent topper inspiration.

Wedding Cake Ideas Traditional White And Silver With Icing Decor And White Flowers

The elegant embossing is the highlight of this five-tiered cake. The cake has a traditional design adorned with white flowers.

Wedding Cake Ideas Traditional White With Silver Dollar And White Flowers

A white color scheme will never be dull, and this cake is evident proof. The minimalist cake is decorated with white flowers.

Wedding Cake Ideas Tropical Design Semi Naked With Pineapple Topper And Tropical Flowers

This cake gives the Caribbean feel with its tropical design. The cake is semi-naked and has a pineapple topping and tropical flowers.

Wedding Cake Ideas Vintage Stand With Modern Square Tiered Cake Inspiration

This square-tiered cake is a unique design, and it sits snugly on a vintage stand, ready to be delivered to a venue of your choosing.

Wedding Cake Ideas Whimsical Large Flowers Inspiration

This cake is a good way to mark your best day ever with an over-the-top flower décor that hugs the semi-naked cake surface.

Wedding Cake Ideas Whimsical Semi Naked White Tiered With Pink Drizzle

I fell in love with this design for its pink drizzle. The three tiers are semi-naked and feature some flower décor.

Wedding Cake Ideas Whimsical Woodland Semi Naked Cake With Lush Greenery And Abundant Florals

This unique cake has extensive natural greenery and florals, adding to its appeal, with the cake being semi-naked.

Wedding Cake Ideas Wood Slab Stand With Semi Naked Icing And Cascading Dark Florals

Set on a wood-slab stand, this semi-naked cake is adorned with cascading dark florals to mark your big day.

White And Creamwedding Cake Ideas

This is probably the most minimalist all-white design on this list, but you will fall in love with the offset arrangement of the tiers.

White And Red wedding Cake Ideas

The elegant cake has three tiers crowned with flowers, berries, and cones.

White Four Tier Wedding Cake With Diamond Details

This four-tier cake will impress you and your partner with its diamante details and romantic crown.

White Tallwedding Cake Ideas

This is the cake for your big day if you are an extravagant girl! The highlight of the massive cake is the white flowers that snake down the cake.

White Three Tier Wedding Cake With Gold Polka Dots Cake Rise

This is an awesome minimalist take on the wedding cake with golden polka dots and a romantic crown featuring two kissing birds.

Wild Tropical Design With Palm Leaves And Bright Flowers Wedding Cake Ideas

This cake brings palm leaves to life and is a vibrant choice for your big day. The bright colors are eye-catching and will compliment your ceremony.

Wood Logwedding Cake Ideas

This wedding is tree inspired and can be a great option if you hold the climate dear to you. The five tiers resemble tree barks and will mark your big day in a truly special way.

Woodsy Tree Bark Design Wedding Cake Ideas

This woodsy bark design blends a popular pink color scheme elegantly with a more nature-inspired tree design.

Zombie Themedwedding Cake Ideas

If you are a fan of zombie movies or are enamored with the idea of a zombie apocalypse, this is the design for you! The red drizzles represent blood with claw marks embossed into the cake to complete the look.

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