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Top 100 Best Bear Tattoo Designs For Women – Powerful Body Art

Top 100 Best Bear Tattoo Designs For Women – Powerful Body Art

Do you consider the bear to be your spirit animal? Do Mama bears or cuddly cubs come to you in your dreams?

If so, you might want to consider bear tattoos for women.

Bear tattoo designs can be cuddly, ferocious, realistic or include just an attribute of a bear, like their paw, or their profile.

Bear tattoos for women can be whatever she’d like and in general the tattoos are thought to promote strength, courage and protection from attacks, physical and emotional.

Another popular bear tattoo for women is a Native American design. In Native American culture, bears are very significant, which makes them a great tattoo choice for women with this heritage or interest in the culture.

A simple bear claw is another great idea for women interested in this type of tattoo.

In Native American culture, the claw is a symbol of good luck and power. It’s a softer idealization than the entire animal and often looked upon to symbolize maternity, gentle spirits and internal strength.

As with other tattoos, trends change with time. In recent years, mandala designs have become popular with women who want large, yet female-based tattoos.

A mandala bear can have any meaning you’d like and the delicate lines of this style are dainty and give a whimsical feel.

If you’ve decided you want a bear tattoo, now you have to decide what style you’d like your design to be.

Cute bear tattoos for women are usually small and can be placed on the wrist, small dip in the ankle or the nape of the neck.

Larger bear tattoos are ideal for shoulder blades, the chest, upper arms and thighs. If you can’t decide what type of bear tattoo you want, you can check out bear tattoo inspiration tattoos for women below.

Anatomical Bear Tattoo For Women

Angry Yellow And Blue Bear Tattoo For Women New School

Artistic Bear Tattoo For Women Traditional

Bear And Long Golden Haired Lady Tattoo For Women Realistic

Bear Paw Print Tattoo For Women Ankles

Bear Paw Tattoo For Women

Bear Reading A Book Fire Place Forest Tattoo For Women Thighs Art

Bears In A Twig Tattoo Womens Chest

Bear Waddling In Water Tattoo For Women

Black Bear And Flowers Tattoo For Women

Black Moon And Bear Tattoo Womens Thighs

Blessed Starry Family Of Bears Tattoo For Women

Blossoms And Bear Tattoo For Women

Bridge Tattoo Womens Bear Art Torso Landscape

Bright Fuzzy Bear Tattoo For Women

Brown Bear Couple Tattoo For Women Upper Arms

Bushy Grey Bear Tattoo For Women Thighs

Climbing Baby Bear And Fruits Tattoo Womens Arms

Colored Angry Bear Tattoo For Women Arms

Colored Shirt Bear Love Tattoo For Women

Colorful Watercolor Tattoo Of Bear Womens Upper Arms

Creek Side Cottage And Bear Tattoo For Women Color Realistic

Decorative Bear Tattoo For Women

Dolphin And Bear Friendship Tattoo Womens Hands

Endearing Bear Family Tattoo For Women

Family Of Bears Tattoo For Women

Fiery Orange Pine Trees Bear Tattoo For Women

Floral Printed Bear Tattoo Womens Back Silhouette

Forest Bear Tattoo For Women Hands

Formidable Black Bear Tattoo Womens Ankle

Fox And Bear Family Tattoo Women

Full Sleeves Women Bear And Leaves Tattoo

Geometric Grey Shaded Bear Tattoo For Women

Gorgeous Bear Tattoo Womens Back Watercolor Sky

Happy Bear Tattoo For Women Arms Art

Hill And Bear Tattoo For Women Arms

Howling Bear And Lady Tattoo Womens Arms

Huge Bear And Flowers Tattoo For Women

Huge Grey Bear On Cycle Tattoo For Women

Hungry Bear Tattoo Womens Arms

Icy Polar Bear Tattoo For Women On Hands Geometric

Intricate Design Bear Tattoo For Women

Jet Black Bear And Flowers Tattoo For Women

Landscape And Grey Bear Tattoo Womens Back

Large Pine Trees On Bear Tattoo For Women

Large Tooth Bear Tattoo For Women Neo Traditional

Origami Art Bear Tattoo Womens Back

Paper Origami Bear Tattoo Womens Ankles

Pine Tree Black And Angry Bear Tattoo For Women

Plush Bears Tattoo For Women Torso Polar Bears

Purple And Green Shaded Bear Head Tattoo For Women Geometric

Red Flowers And Bear Tattoo Womens Arms

Rocky Bear Silhouette Tattoo For Women

Royal Bear Tattoo Womes Sleeves

Royal Blue Universe In Bear Tattoo For Women

Scribbly Black Bear Tattoo For Women

Sharp Bear Paw Tattoo For Women

Sleeping Sweet Grey Bear Tattoo Womens Thighs

Small Amethyst Bear Tattoo For Women Arms

Snow Flake Bear Tattoo For Women Upper Arms

Soft Bear Tattoo For Women On Hands Art

Sparkling Eyes Angry Bear Tattoo For Women

Strong Brown Bear And Florals Tattoo For Women

Sunset Purple Sky Bear Womens Tattoo

Toy Bear Tattoo For Women On Arms

Triangular Frame Pink And Blue Bear Tattoo

Unique Bear Tattoo For Women

Vivid Purple Blue Bear Tattoo Womens Thighs

Watercolor Bear Tattoo For Women

Womens Angry Grey Bears Tattoo Full Sleeves Ultra Realistic

Womens Arms Cute Bear Tattoo

Womens Arms Leafy Bear Tattoo

Womens Arms Mythical Bear Tattoo

Womens Back Bear Tattoo

Womens Back Shoulder Gorgeous Bear Tattoo

Womens Back Water Color Splash Tattoo Bear

Womens Bear In A Mirror Tattoo

Womens Bear Tattoo Ankles

Womens Bear Tattoo Full Sleeves

Womens Brown Sprayed Bear Tattoo On Arms

Womens Cartoon Bear Face Tattoo Torso

Womens Full Sleeve Grey Bear Grand Tattoo

Womens Grey Bear Tattoo Upper Arms

Womens Hands Grand Bears Tattoo

Womens Hands Grey Bear Landscape Tattoo

Womens Hands Wonderful Bear Tattoo

Womens Moon And Bear Tattoo

Womens Neck Back Bear Tattoo

Womens New Moon And Bear Tattoo On Hands

Womens Pine Forest In Bear Art Tattoo Hands

Womens Sleeves Bear And Flowers Tattoo

Womens Thighs Bear And Leaves Tattoo

Womens Thighs Bear Tattoo

Womens Thighs Ragged Bear Tattoo

Womens Three Bears Tattoo Hands

Womens Torso Flowers And Bear Tattoo

Womens Upper Arms Cute Bear Tattoo

Womens Upper Arms Moon And Bear Tattoo

Yawning Furry Bear Tattoo Womens Arms

Yellow Flowers And Bear With Baby Tattoo For Women Arms Art

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