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Top 50 Best Bee Nails for Women – Buzz Worthy Design Ideas

Top 50 Best Bee Nails for Women – Buzz Worthy Design Ideas

Buzz buzz buzz! Bees are in and having bumblebee nails are the next hottest trend in fashion.

There’s a technique, however, to getting this right and to making sure your lines are clean and crisp.

No one wants curvy or messy stripes of yellow and black. One excellent way to accomplish this is to use tape. Start at the bottom of your nail and swipe some black or yellow nail polish, allow it to dry, and then repeat the process a few millimeters higher with the alternate color.

Bumblebee nail designs are such a fun way to welcome in the spring season. Be careful not to get bitten by the real ones! When we think of bumble bees, we think of furry little creatures with cartoon eyes and wide stripes.

These are achievable if you want to put in the work but for those who are afraid of making a mistake, decals are also available to get the eyes just right. You will need a little bit of white to create the bumble bee’s eyes, but the majority of your nails will remain yellow and black.

One of the defining symbols of a bee buzzing in the dashed line that we see coming from behind the bee. Adding these dashed lines to your nails in a swirly motion will add some dimension to your nail design and make it look as though you have a real bumblebee buzzing around on your nails.

Another fun symbol you can add is the honeycomb. Bees make honey and what better way to honor them than to create a honeycomb design on one of your nails?

There’s so much versatility in creating bumble bee nails that you can’t go wrong. You want to make sure your lines are super crisp and clean so using a yellow base first and then using a thin or skinny black nail polish brush may be the best way to achieve this.


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