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Top 100 Best Female Tattoos – Gorgeous Body Art Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Female Tattoos – Gorgeous Body Art Design Ideas

Being a woman is beautiful. Some people choose to embrace being a woman by getting female tattoos.

The most popular female tattoo is a small, simple tattoo of the female symbol.

Since this tattoo is typically small, you can put it anywhere. People put the tattoo on their finger, wrist, ankle, foot, behind the ear, or on the hip. Some people get the tattoo in black. Other people get it in the traditionally feminine color pink.

You enjoy your femininity. You know how powerful it is to be a woman. You are the gender with the capability to give birth. That in itself is something to celebrate. Women tend to be the peacekeepers as well.

You are also the gender with the most sex appeal. You probably like to exercise your sexuality. You wear sexy clothes and undergarments. You’re fine wearing heels and putting on some lip gloss. You like pink and purple and chick flicks, and you don’t care who knows it.

Romance is extremely important to you. You like your significant other to do sweet things and make you feel good about yourself. You want an elaborate wedding proposal and continued romantic gestures throughout the relationship.

You are also a girl’s girl. You have a large group of girlfriends, and you truly enjoy spending time with them. You have their back no matter what. You talk them up and never talk behind their back. You aren’t the type to go after one of their men or anything like that.

If you are pregnant, you are hoping for a girl. You want more female energy in your home.

The symbol can also represent luck. That’s why they call her “Lady Luck”. People get this tattoo to bring luck with them everywhere they go in everything they do.


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