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Top 60 Best Chignon Hairstyles For Women – Twisted and Pinned Ideas

Top 60 Best Chignon Hairstyles For Women – Twisted and Pinned Ideas

The French word “chignon” refers to the nape of the neck region. When it comes to chignon hairstyles for women, you’ll find hair that is loosely twisted and pinned in place near the back of the neck.

The result makes for a classy look that never goes out-of-fashion.

Ladies, women have been utilizing the allure of a soft and feminine hairstyle, like the sensual chignon, since ancient Greek civilizations and probably even before then.

Chignons are truly timeless and remain relevant in today’s modern civilization as seen with business women, brides-to-be, beauty queens and casual tomboys alike.

The sheer versatility of the basic chignon bun is reason enough to keep this hairstyle on the front of fashion magazines. Wear your chignon in a sleek, slick backed bun for an ultra chic office style even the boss will notice. Alternately, make a casual day perfect sloppy twist bun, complete with face-framing hair tendrils, for a day lounging poolside or walking the beach with your kids or watching the sunset with your beloved.

For added interest, incorporate braids with various twists either near the front of your hair like a crown, off to the side or make the actual bun out of several long braids that are artistically weaved together at the neck. Try wrapping the braids over top of the bun, or loosely braid the hair in a way that wraps around the crown for an added touch of romance no man could resist.

Wear your chignon high or position it low. Keep it neat and elegant with carefully wrapped hair pieces tucked up under the nape bun, or go sassy and smart by teasing the hair on top. Whatever your mood or the upcoming occasion, the chignon can get you looking your best every time.


Braided Crown Chignon Hairstyle Women

When you have really short hair, creating a large chignon requires some help. French braid both sides of your head to the back and gather the remaining hair into a small ponytail. Use a faux hair scrunchie around the short ponytail to create the chignon.

Braided Tucked In Chignon Hairstyle Women

A perfectly pinned and poofed chignon requires pins, a hair rat and hair spray, but you can do it! French braid down the center of your head, roll the unbraided tail around a hair rat, and pin into place.

Braids And Bun Casual Chignon Hairstyle For Women

This twisted and rolled look becomes gorgeous updo with added flowers. Section side hair away from the back, create a chignon with the back hair and then twist the sides before crisscrossing the sides over the chignon. Pin in place.

Braids And Knots Chignon Women Hairstyle

The braided chignon is fun for going out or for work. French braid the sides until they reach the back of your head. Loosely braid the ends together and wrap into a chignon.

Chic Chignon Bun Hairstyle Women

This simple and elegant chignon leaves loose strands to frame your lovely face. Leaving a few strands out on each side of your head, gather the rest of your hair at the base of your neck. Roll into a chignon and pin.

Chignon Twisted Braid Hairstyle For Women

Long hair gets the double side-braided chignon look. French braid both sides of your head. Wrap the long braids around each other into a chignon. Add a hair clip as decoration above the chignon.

Chignon W Dutch Braid Hairstyle Women

Loose and chunky is the name of the game for this braided chignon. Thick hair works best as you loosely French braid one side of your head and create an unbraided roll at the base of your neck. Tease out the braid just a little to get the chunky appearance.

Chignon With Back Decoration Hairstyle For Women

Carefree, beautiful and elegant, this chignon looks like you rolled out of bed, but has a gorgeous hair clip that says you spent hours working on it. It is perfect for a summer wedding.

Chignon With Loose Tendrils Hairstyle For Women

Messy hair, don’t care kind of day? Still, you want to put your hair up to get it out of your face. This chignon is for you.

Classic Chignon Bun Hairstyle Women

Tight, formal, and businesslike is this classic chignon. The sleeked back hair puts every strand in place. It’s ideal for a job interview or an important business meeting.

Clipped Pony Style Chignon Hair Women

When you make your hair be its own tieback you get this chignon. Gather the back into a knot. Then take the sides back to wrap the ends around the top part of the knot and pin in place.

Coiled Low Chignon With Accessory

This elegant twist and wrap chignon complements the gorgeous hair jewelry resembling delicate flowers. One side of your head creates a small chignon while the other side of your head twists around it and is pinned from underneath. The result is a twisted look with little effort.

Cross Looped Chignon Hairstyle Women

Crisscross, twisted applesauce! Gently twist hair on both sides of your head and then crisscross them over the top of the chignon. The chignon is made with the hair on just the back of your head.

Cross Tied Chignon Women Hairstyle

An incredibly complicated but professional look that may require extra hands. Essentially create two victory rolls on the back of your neck. Thread hair into the roll on the bottom. Wrap the hair from the one side of your head over the top and under the chignon.

Deftly Tucked In Golden Chignon Hairstyle For Women

Super poof your chignon by gathering hair at the back of your head and rolling it over and under a large hair rat. To help hide the ponytail holder, wrap the side strands over the top and crisscross before pinning underneath.

Doughnut Chignon Hairstyle Women

Twisted ponytail chignon makes it look like you are wearing a braided bun instead of a chignon. Gathering hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, twist the ponytail until it starts to curl up into a circle around the ponytail holder and pin in a circle.

Dual Braid Chignon Hairstyle For Women

A crowning style fit for a queen, this chignon requires a double rope twists from both sides meet in the back. The remainder of the hair is gathered into the classic knot.

Dutch Inspired Chignon Women Hairstyle

The soft and loose double fishtail braids of this look make you want to touch it. Two fishtail braids on each side of your head meet the knot in back.

Easy Twisted Chignon Bun

Do the twist! Double twists from the front wrap around each other and create a knot in the back.

French Braided Chignon Bun Hairstyle Women

This is one super complicated look, but it looks amazing when completed. The loose French braid down the center creates the chignon on the end. Loose tendrils from the top and front of your face are woven through the side gathers of the French braid and then the tendrils wrap around the base of the chignon.

Gnarly Braided Chignon Hairstyle Women

Tendrils, tendrils everywhere! These beautiful soft curls of hair are left loose while being wrapped into the knot on the back.

High Crowned Chignon Hairstyle For Women

This look can only be achieved through a three-step process. The first is to invert a low ponytail through its center parting. Then separate into three sections to create the chignon and the side pieces crossing back and forth over the chignon.

Jewelled Chignon Hairstyle For Women

The horizontally braided chignon is the masterpiece many brides go for. It is not easy to achieve, but it is perfect when you get it right.

Knotty Braided Chignon Hairstyle Women

A braided crown and a Medusa tangle of small twists create this ‘do. Once the crown is braided, several separate smaller sections of hair are twisted up until they build the chignon on the back.

Loose Sided Chignon Hairstyle For Women

This classic side chignon requires no rear view mirror. Just gather and roll to the side of your neck and go.

Low Hanging Chignon Hairstyle For Women

Smooth and sleek and oh so simple is this style. One half creates the chignon, the other half wraps around it and tucks all ends out of sight.

Lying Low Chignon Women Hair

The big bouffant chignon is an enlarged variation of the classic chignon. It works best with long hair. Otherwise substitute a hair rat to roll into a thick ball.

Matted Chignon For Short Hair Women

Tucking and rolling shorter hair makes this chignon look like you have a lot more hair. Small sections are tucked down and made into a knot. Tendrils left loose create a very feminine look.

Messy Auburn Chignon Women Hairstyle

Woven braids end in a chignon. Is it a series of French braids? Twists woven through braids? Hard to tell, but the result is amazing.

Mixed Style Chignon Hairstyle Women

Teased to perfection, this large, rolled chignon may need a rat if you don’t have enough hair to create the roll. Side pieces hide the pins at the base of the knot.

Neat Twisted Chignon Hairstyle For Women

Over and under and over again! Large sections create movement over the back of your head culminating in a moving knot at your neck.

Polished Satin Chignon Hairstyle Women

Not a hair out of place and glossy smoothness makes this large knot perfect for elegant events. You will need a pro to get this exactly right.

Retro Themed Chignon Hairstyle Women

Simply gathered and loosely pinned sections create the knot in this style. The crowning hair jewelry creates visual flow to the knot.

Shaggy Chignon Bun Hairstyle Women

A little French twist goes a long way. As you start twisting hair from one side, pull smaller sections from the opposite side to twist into the larger twist. At the neck, create the knot.

Shaggy Loose Chignon Hairstyle Women

Tease up, leave out, and roll over is how this is done. Leave sections out near your face. Tease up the top and roll the rest into a knot at the bottom.

Silver Haired Chignon With Ringlets Hairstyle Women

Whorls of curls over the top of a massive chignon only works with long hair. Be prepared to spend some time creating this look.

Simple Chignon Hairstyle Women

Twists and looping knots create one of the most unique chignons yet! The side twists are easy. The creation of a “hot cross bun” chignon is a little more complicated.

Smooth Decorated Chignon Hairstyle For Women

You’ll have a total ball creating this “ball bun” on the back of your head. More bun than chignon, a large rat may be required.

Snarled Messy Chignon Hairstyle Women

Gather and loop through and then roll back to tuck ends in for this style. Extra tools are required to get the woven through ponytail to work. Leave soft and loose for a really inviting look.

Tangled Chignon Women Hairstyle

Twists, tuck and a spin before pinning to create a divine goddess chignon. It’s perfect for weddings and special occasions.

Teased Chignon Bun Hairstyle

The tuck and roll look of this chignon requires sectioning hair into lots of smaller parts before tucking and rolling under. The look is simple and comfortable.

Tendrils Chignon Hairstyle For Women

So much going on here! Twisting, tucking, rolling and crisscrossing creates this ‘do.

Textured And Twisted Chignon Bun

Sectioning and rolling just off-center creates a focal point on the back of your head. The hair jewelry woven in and out of sections creates an authentic nature look.

Textured Chignon Hairstyle For Women

All tucked in and rolling onto the side is a very different chignon. The perpendicular angles of the tucked strands to the chignon is a fun new way to try this classic style.

Textured Fancy Chignon Bun Dark Hair

Twisted, crossed, and tucked in a round is so pretty you can’t take your eyes off of it! Twists from both sides crisscross in back and roll into a circle for the knot.

Thick Blonde Chignon Hairstyle For Women

This diminutive knot is contained by the crossing over of larger hair sections above. It keeps otherwise unruly hair in check for big events.

Thick Dark Brown Chignon Hairstyle Women

Elevated and lowered rolls are first created with a classic knot. Side sections feed through each half of the knot above and below to create eye-catching asymmetry.

Tucked Under Chignon Hairstyle For Women

Less of an updo and more of a down-do, this rolled style is nice for an evening out. The loose rolls are stacked and pinned in place at the neck.

Voluminous Golden Chignon Hairstyle Women

Here the chignon is created by rolling back hair over large side sections to create the roll. Then it is all neatly tucked into the center with a top section creating a small swirl.

Waterfall Inspired Chignon Hairstyle For Women

I love this seashell chignon! The loose double twist side crown neatly tucks into the vertical shell-shaped knot for a really romantic look.

White Crystal Low Chignon Bun Women Hair

This is another variation of the classic knot. The hair clip on top sets it apart from just a rolling and pinning style.

Wrapped Chignon Hairstyle Women

Rolling underneath and crisscrossing on top, this style has you wondering how it’s done. Maybe that’s exactly the kind of unique look you want for your hair.

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