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Top 70 Best Classic Hairstyles For Women – Timeless Look Ideas

Top 70 Best Classic Hairstyles For Women – Timeless Look Ideas

Women who like to look beautiful and appreciate the finer things in life are also more likely to choose a classic hairstyle as well. Ladies in the know realize that some hairstyles are simply always a cut above the rest. Here’s why.

Classic haircuts are timeless and work best for those with a healthy head of hair.

Although the classic bob, layered shag, short pixie and longer, without bangs, center part hairstyles seem to always make the cut through the decades. These classic hairdos can be given new life by adding bangs or changing up the color.

Other classic hairstyle picks include wild curls with lots of underlying layers for more movement and a lighter feel all over the head. Not a natural curly-locks girl? Go long and sleek with a center part, or add edginess with side swept bangs then maximize the effect with lots of shine and a perfect lobbed bottom trim.

Another hair option in the classic category is lots of waves that appear effortless. This is great for those with medium length hair and those growing out their previous hairstyles and are at an awkward length.

Women who would like to freshen up their hairstyle without changing their preferred classic cut too much can play with bangs of every description. Cut a bold fringe across the forehead, feather light bangs that blend into face-framing longer angles or razor cut side angled bangs into classic length bobs or shorter cropped ‘do’s. Keep an intentional deep side part for a bold and powerful result that demands attention and highlights higher cheekbones.

The most important element of any classic ladies’ hairstyle is to own it. Even small changes, like some underlying layers or switching to a side part, can keep these looks from getting stale through the changing seasons. Invest in good hair products and styling tools to keep your locks looking fabulous anytime.


Angled Classic Smooth Bob Hairstyle Women

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will give you a dramatic yet timeless look, this A-line bob hairstyle is perfect for you. Always wanted to rock a brunette look? Start with this bold short hairstyle.

Assymetrical Blonde Chin Length Classic Bob Hairstyle

This is a special haircut that allows your front hair to be longer than your back hair. If you want to trim your hair but are not sure which hairstyle would look good on you, try this classy A-line bob hairstyle.

Beachy Messed Up Classic Long Pixie Haircut Women

Want a fancy bob haircut that will add more volume to your hair? This curly side-parted bob is just what you need to give yourself an exciting fresh new look.

Choppy Black Bob Women Hairstyle

If you want a simple yet elegant bob hairstyle that will give you a chic appeal, then this is the hairstyle for you. The hair is completely leveled from the back to the sides to give you an edgy mysterious look.

Classic Blonde Shag Women Hairstyle

I love this voluminous wavy hairstyle because it’s the perfect way to enhance your natural curls with cascading waves. If you are looking for a soft fun hairstyle that instantly brightens up your look, this is it.

Classic Braided Crown Pixie Women Hairstyle

This pixie cut layered with braids is an iconic look that screams sexy and adorable at the same time. If you have a heart-shaped face, this braided pixie cut will give you Halle Berry vibes.

Classic Brunette Shag Womens Hairstyles

Do you want to enjoy versatile timeless bangs that will give you a laid-back look? This shag hairstyle is excellent because it incorporates different hair lengths and textures and is perfect for all face shapes.

Classic Careless Long Bob With Bangs

If you want to try bangs but are not too enthusiastic about full bangs, then this side-swept bangs hairstyle is ideal for you. In addition to being a low hassle, side bangs will add a modern classy appeal to your look.

Classic Cascading Golden Locks Women Hairstyle

This middle-parted ultra-layered hairstyle may be just what you need to achieve a gorgeous graceful look. If you want a defined flattering hairstyle that will grab attention whenever you walk into a room, this is the look to go for.

Classic Center Parted Hair Style Women

Looking for a simple look to continue rocking your hot girl summer? Bangs on short hair are the way to go. This cool-girl hairstyle is simple to manage and can withstand trends and time.

Classic Choppy Balayage Hairstyle Women

This layers gone wild look will add a sexy stylish appeal to your look. If you want a hairstyle that will give you a complete makeover and bring out your mysterious wild side, this is it!

Classic Choppy Crowned Pixie Hairstyle Women

This side-swept pixie cut is the perfect hairstyle for a girly elegant look. Add a messy textured silhouette to your look with this sexy hairstyle to achieve a younger look.

Classic Close Cropped Silver Pixie Hairstyle Women

Do you want a hairstyle that will immediately convey you as a smart, sophisticated, elegant, sexy woman? It that’s what you are after, then this pixie hairstyle with an undercut will bring out your feminine side.

Classic Copper Highlighted Long Bob Women Hairstyle

Want to add more personality to your look? Try out this multicolored A-line bob look. This hairstyle is great for thin hair because it adds more texture and volume to your hair.

Classic Dark Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle Women

Want a haircut that isn’t too dramatic and won’t attract a lot of unnecessary attention? This simple asymmetrical bob haircut is just what you need. It’s fresh, easy to style, and chic.

Classic Dark Straight Women Hair

This blunt lob is one of the few hairstyles that work for all women. It’s the perfect way to get rid of those pesky stringy ends giving you a statuesque look that elongates your neck.

Classic Dark To Light Balayage Women

This is the kind of hairstyle that you will always spot on celebrities and models. The shag hairstyle will give your hair a voluminous silhouette that will leave you with a stunningly glamorous look.

Classic Deep Side Part Hairstyle Women

If you prefer a minimalist look but with mild curls, then this hairstyle with curls at the bottom is perfect for you. It will give your entire look a feminine elegant appeal.

Classic Dimensional Medium Length Hair Women

If you want to make your long hair more appealing and attractive, then these layered tousled bottom curls are the way to go. This hairstyle gives your backside look an interesting girly look that draws attention from across the room.

Classic Easy Chin Length Blonde Hairstyle

This neat wavy inverted haircut will give you a sexy stylish everyday look. It is an excellent hairstyle for anyone looking to enhance their beauty without drastically changing their look.

Classic Effortless Beachy Shoulder Length Hair

This messy wavy layered hairstyle may be exactly what you need to achieve a chic flawless look. Each layer adds volume and texture to your look thereby enhancing your beauty and freshening up your hair.

Classic Faux Bob Women Hairstyle

The stacked bob is a timeless haircut that will always give you that much-needed edgy yet elegant appeal. This face-framing haircut will leave you looking younger and stylish.

Classic Fine Side Swept Pixie Hairstyle For Women

This is your sign to get the perfect pixie cut to freshen up your look. If you are tired of long hair, upgrade your look with this short stunning pixie cut that will accentuate your facial features.

Classic Gold Highlited Bob Hairstyle Women

An ombre angled bob hair cut will add texture, character, and volume to your hair. This is the perfect fancy hairstyle that will make your hair more distinctive and sharp looking.

Classic Gradient Edge Hairstyle Women

This middle parted straight hairstyle is perfect for a simple yet elegant fashion look. If you prefer to wear light makeup and monochrome clothes, this straight hairstyle is excellent for you.

Classic Layered Side Swept Hairstyle Women

Want to have that elegant 90’s model appeal? This inwardly curled layered hairstyle is exactly what you need. The unique curls will act as a fashion statement and add a stunning appeal to your normal look.

Classic Long Layered Shags Women

If you want to add more character, volume, and texture to your hair, then you’d better try a long hairstyle parted at the middle and running wild with waves. This hairstyle will give add a sophisticated classy vibe to your look.

Classic Measured Waves Hairstyle Women

Do you desire a hairstyle that will shape your face and draw everyone’s eyes to you? Try this ombre big-waved hairstyle that will add more dimension and character to your hair giving you a chic graceful look.

Classic Messy Shoulder Length Hair

Are you trying to figure out how to style your wavy dirty blonde hair? Well, a simple hairstyle that you can try on your own is simply tying your hair in a knot as seen above. This is a simple hack that will give you a striking look.

Classic Middle Parted Chin Length Hair Women

Want a better way to manage your asymmetrical bob haircut? We recommend parting it in the middle to make it easier to style. Also, a middle-parted haircut will give you a stylish cool look.

Classic Multi Layered Medium Length Hairstyle

If you want to show off that “long hair don’t care” vibe, then having beautiful layered curls fall off your back is the perfect way to do it. This hairstyle will give you a sophisticated sexy look, especially from the back.

Classic Ombre Tinged Braided Pixie Women Hairstyle

Another exciting way to style your long hair into a pixie cut without actually cutting it using the French braid technique. Hold your hair up and tie it into a French braid across your head to achieve the desired unique look.

Classic Pink Highlighted Shaggy Hairstyle

Do you have hair that falls just above your shoulders? You can transform it elegantly using tousled layers and a bit of color to make your hair more exciting.

Classic Pixie With Long Bangs Hairstyle Women

This choppy bob with long frontal side bangs is perfect for anyone with thin hair. The deep side part creates the illusion of more voluminous hair, which gives you a neat edgy appeal.

Classic Puffed Crown Braided Chin Length Hairstyle Women

Do you desire to try a new style for your ombre-colored hair? You can tie a braid at the top of your head and tie a knot at the back so that the French braid runs across your head. This simple style will add an elegant royal appeal to your look.

Classic Rose Highlighted Shaggy Hairstyle For Women

Thinking of the best way to spice up your hairstyle? We recommend adding strips of a different color to your hair to give it an edgier appeal. Adding waves will help to soften the look of your hair and give you a more feminine look.

Classic Salt Pepper Half Updo Hairstyle Women

Want to style your blunt lob haircut in a uniquely exciting way? Take a portion of hair at the top of your head and tie it into a loose bun as seen above. This will give you a striking yet simple look.

Classic Shaggy Bob Hairstyle Women

Want to try out a unique look? This grayish asymmetrical lob might be the perfect new look for you. This hairstyle gives off a mysterious edgy vibe.

Classic Shaggy Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Want to upgrade your long bob hairstyle? Layered waves are the way to go. The waves will make your hair more bouncy and sexy compared to a straight hairstyle.

Classic Sharp Edged Haircut Shoulder Length Women

Another creative way to style your long blunt lob hairstyle is the slanted blunt lob haircut. Instead of having a perfect horizontal edge, your hair will slant from left to right or vice versa giving you a stunning new look.

Classic Short Wavy Hair With Straight Bangs

Are you rocking a long lob? You can style it with short full bangs as seen above. To make your hairstyle more appealing, we recommend going for bold hair color.

Classic Shoulder Length Hair With Sharp Fringe Women Hairstyle

If you are rocking a blunt bob, you can style it with bangs to add an edgy mysterious appeal to your look. Full bangs are a bold option that makes you appear more feminine.

Classic Side Parted Medium Hair Women

Heavy side bangs will always add a soft sexiness to your look. This is a fun way to style your long hair and get a swooping new look.

Classic Side Swoop Layered Bob Thick Hair

Messy layered waves are perfect for short bulky hair. If you are going for a striking new layered look, then messy waves are the way to go.

Classic Straight Hair Shoulder Length Women

If you have long hair but you feel clueless about how to style it, this blunt lob hairstyle is exactly what you need to try out. The equal hair length at the bottom will give you a sharp new look.

Classic Straight Ironed Brunette Haircut

This simple A-line bob haircut is perfect for anyone who enjoys long manageable hair. It is long in the front and short towards the back, which makes it easy to style.

Classic Straight Pixie Women Hairstyle

If you want an edgy modern look that works with short hair, then you need to try out this asymmetrical lob. This is a great hairstyle if you want to add more volume to your hair and look neat.

Classic Thick Crowned Pixie Haircut Women

Want to have a more feminine yet fierce bold look? If that sounds like what you want, you need to rock this short pixie cut with long side-swept bangs. Complete the look with stunning statement earrings and watch how you transform into a fierce goddess.

Classic Twisted Hairdo Hairstyle Women

If you have beautiful long hair, you can make it more stylish by adding elegant waves and long curls. Holding up your hair as seen in the picture adds an accent feature to your hair making it more attractive and stylish.

Classic V Cut Layered Pixie Hairstyle Women

This ombre pixie cut is the best hairstyle for anyone who is looking to change their look completely. The black and white color combination gives off an elegant chic bold vibe.

Classic Warm Honey Dyed Shoulder Length Hair Women

Layered large waves are excellent on boldly colored hair because they give you an elegant chic look that draws attention from a mile away. If you have brightly colored hair, simple large waves will make your hair more appealing.

Classic Wavy Layered Hair Women

If you have long hair, then big waves will add more volume and dimension to your hair and give you that extra elegant look. Big waves on long hair allow you to part your hair on the side or in the middle.

Classic Wispy Ended Long Bob Hairstyle Women

Another exciting hairstyle that you can try out is this angled ombre bob haircut. The layered ombre texture creates a voluminous silhouette that will give you a well-put-together stylish look.

Double Layered Blonde Haircut Women

This long center-parted hairstyle will give you a long ultra-smooth sleek look that will leave you feeling like a supermodel. It is easy to maintain especially if you have a busy work life.

Layered Spiked Classic Hairstyle Women

Want an exceptional short hairstyle that will give off a bold sexy vibe whenever you walk into a room? If so, then you need to try out this crop haircut with long bangs. It pairs nicely with bold eye makeup and lipstick.

Perfect Blonde Long Bob Classic Hairstyle Women

Do you desire to add more spark and bounce to your hair? We recommend this layered curly look that adds more bounce and volume to your hair. The bottom curls add a modish attractive look to otherwise plain hair.

Razor Cut Classic Pixie Haircut Women

Want a chic timeless classic hairstyle that will transform your look? This side-swept short pixie haircut will leave you with a polished stunning bold look that compliments your facial features.

Subdued Copper Shoulder Length Straight Hair Women

If you are going for a polished elegant look, then this sleek and straight hairstyle is what you need. Straight hair is easy to style allowing you to explore bold colors like the one in the image above.

Uneven Choppy White Pixie Hairstyle Women

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will make you look younger and bolder? This messy pixie cut is exactly what you need. And if you want to change your look, we recommend the platinum blonde hair color.

Untamed Classic Pixie With Fringe Womens Hair

This long wavy bob cut with bangs is perfect for a bold exciting new look. If you are planning a night out with the girls or going on an adventurous road trip, this bob cut will help you look the part.

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