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Top 100 Best Crow Tattoos For Women – Corvus Bird Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Crow Tattoos For Women – Corvus Bird Design Ideas

The crow is an animal with many meanings, which makes it an ideal choice for a tattoo. Usually seen in the fall months, and known for their plaintive calls, crows are often harbingers of the cold and bleaker months.

They are therefore often associated with death and the afterlife, as well as themes of endings and renewal. However, crows are also seen as incredibly wise creatures.

Plus, they are beautiful to look at with their glossy black feathers and piercing yellow eyes.

Getting a crow tattoo can showcase your darker side without anything too overtly spooky. A crow’s distinctive stare makes for an eye-catching element to any tattoo to which you want to add a bit of edge.

Its eyes matches its beak and feet, so its black and yellow coloring can also be coordinated with other designs that may be included in your tattoo.

Because they are associated with autumn, you may want to pair a crow tattoo with similar evocative themes, like trees with barren branches, warm fall foliage colors or even Halloween symbols that capitalize on macabre feelings.

A crow is a contemplative animal that inspires inward wisdom, so they also look great with open books and other signs of intellect from bygone eras, like burnt-down candles and skulls.

If you want to pay a subtle tribute to a significant ending or death, a crow tattoo can commemorate that in a meaningful way.

Your crow tattoo doesn’t have to be of a dark theme, however. A crow in flight looks very beautiful, as they have amazing feathers and a wide wingspan.

This type of tattoo design could look amazing across the shoulders or at the base of the spine. Take flight with a special crow tattoo idea of your choice!


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