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Top 110 Best Dog Tattoo Designs For Women – Loyal Body Art

Top 110 Best Dog Tattoo Designs For Women – Loyal Body Art

You know how people say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” well, for some ladies, dogs are their best friend. And, that’s why dog tattoos for women are always popular, easy to make unique, and can be done in minimalist or large styles.

The relationship between a dog and its master is more than just companionship. The relationship is full of love, protection, guidance, fidelity, and loyalty. Women’s dog tattoos are created built on the same foundation of love and are an expression of affection.

When it comes to dog tattoo types, women have many options including caricature renderings, realistic drawings, and breed-specific outlines. The tattoos can be created in color or black lines.

Getting a dog’s collar, paw, or another significant accessory is also symbolic of the relationship between a woman and her dog.

While most dog tattoos are reminiscent of women’s relationships with their dogs. However, some dog tattoos aren’t related to pets and their owners.

A filled-in or outlined black dog tattoo is usually a reference to a women’s battle with depression.

Winston Churchill talked honestly and openly about his struggles with depression. Instead of calling depression by its name, Churchill referred to the condition as his “black dog.”

Where you’d like your dog tattoo on your body depends on the size and style you choose. If you’re getting a large drawing of a dog’s face, you may want to consider your upper arm, back, or shoulder blade.

If you’re getting a small dog tattoo or paw print tattoo, you can put it on a smaller area of your body like the wrist, ankle, chest, forearm, hand or hip.

If you have an idea in your head and you’re ready to put the final touches on your dog tattoo, you can find inspiration here that especially look great for women.

3d Dog Tattoo For Women

Agile Dogs Tattoo For Women Arms

Anatomical Dog Tattoo For Women

Artistic Drawing Dog Face Tattoo For Women

Artistic Grey Dog Paw Tattoo For Women

Astronaut Dog Tattoo For Women

Beloved Dog With Flowers Tattoo For Women

Black And Grey Beach Side Dog Love Tattoo For Women

Blue Dog Tattoo Womens Thighs

Blue Glasses On Dog Tattoo Women Polaroid Picture

Blue Streaks And Dog Tattoo For Women

Bluish Watercolor Wolf Dog Tattoo Womens Hands

Bright Dog Tattoo For Women

Bushy White Dog Tattoo For Women

Caring Dog With Bone Chain Tattoo For Women

Cheerful Black Dogs Love Tattoo For Women

Colored Dog Paw Tattoo For Women Water Color

Colorful Paint Dog Tattoo Women

Cool Glasses On Dog Tattoo For Women Thighs

Cute Dog In Space Tattoo For Women Astronaut

Dog And Cat Bond Tattoo For Women

Dog And Cat Love Tattoo Womens Back

Dog And Lady Tattoo For Women

Dog Ears Tattoo For Women

Dog Holding Hand Tattoo Womens Arms

Dog In Heart Frame And Flowers Tattoo For Women Hands

Dog In Mirror Tattoo Womens Hands

Dog Inside Round Frame Tattoo Womens Ankles

Dog Love Tattoo Womens Torso

Dog Paw And Intricate Art Tattoo For Women

Endearing Dog Tattoo For Women

Flowers And Dog Tattoo Womens Thighs

Friendly Dog Tattoo Women

Furry Dog Tattoo Womens Hands

Furry White Dog Tattoo For Women Arms

Geometric Design Tattoo For Women Ankles

Geometric Dog Tattoo Womens Hands

Golden Dog Tattoo For Women Ultra Realistic

Heart And Flowers With Dog Tattoo For Women

Hillside Dog Tattoo For Women

Howling Dog Full Moon Tattoo For Women

Joyful Dogs Tattoo For Women

Lovely Dog Tattoo For Women

Lovely Grey Tattoo Of Dogs For Women

Pair Of Dogs Tattoo Womens Hands

Paw Beat Love For Dog Tattoo For Women Art

Paw Dog Tattoo For Women Foot

Protuding Dog Tattoo Womens Arms

Purple And Blue Paint Dog Tattoo Womens Arms

Purple And Blue Splash Dog Tattoo Womens Hands

Purple And Blue Tinted Dog Tattoo For Women

Rare Snow Grey Tattoo Of Dog For Women

Realistic Dog In Mirror Tattoo For Women Thighs

Red Colored Flowers And Dog Tattoo For Women Traditional Style

Red Flower And Dark Dog Tattoo For Women Art

Red Hearts And Dog Tattoo For Women

Round Frame Dog Tattoo Women

Sasha Dog Tattoo For Women

Sleeping Dog Tattoo For Women

Small Dog Tattoo For Women Arms Art

Spiral Design Dog Tattoo Womens Back

Square Frame Dogs Tattoo For Women

Street Dog Drinking Water Tattoo Womens Hands

Sweet Dog Hand Shake Tattoo Womens Art

Thighs Tattoo Womens Blue Dog

Tongue Out Dog Tattoo For Women

Wild And Jazzy Dogs Tattoo For Women

Wild Dog And Flowers Tattoo For Women

Womens Adorable Dog Tattoo

Womens Adorable Dog Tattoo On Hands

Womens Affectionate Dog Tattoo

Womens Ankles Dog Images Tattoo

Womens Ankles Dog Paws Tattoo

Womens Ankles Sleeping Dog Tattoo

Womens Arms Cute Dark Tattoo

Womens Arms Dog Art Tattoo

Womens Arms Dogs And Flowers Tattoo

Womens Arms Pug Dog Tattoo With Flower

Womens Arms Simple Dog Tattoo

Womens Back Dog Tattoo

Womens Cute Dog Tattoo Arms

Womens Dark Dog Tattoo On Arms

Womens Dearest Dog Tattoo

Womens Dog 3D Tattoo

Womens Dog Ears Tattoo

Womens Dog Face Tattoo

Womens Dog Paws Tattoo

Womens Dog Tattoo On Arms

Womens Forearm Framed Dog Tattoo

Womens Grey Dark Dog Paw Tattoo With Heart

Womens Hands Dog Tattoo

Womens Hands Old Dog Tattoo

Womens Inner Elbows Dog Tattoo

Womens Inside Forearm Long Eared Dog Tattoo

Womens Lovely Pug Tattoo Dog

Womens Pug Dog Tattoo Hands

Womens Rainbow Dog Tattoo Boxer Breed

Womens Soft Eyed Dog Tattoo

Womens Tall Dog Tattoo Arms

Womens Tattoo Pug Dog

Womens Torso Dark Dog Tattoo

Womens Torso Dog With Enchanting Designs Tattoo

Womens Upper Arms Sweet Dogs Tattoo

Womens Wrists Two Sided Dog Tattoo

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