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Top 100 Best Feather Tattoo Designs For Women – Freeing Body Art

Top 100 Best Feather Tattoo Designs For Women – Freeing Body Art

Feather tattoos saw a spike in the last several years, but they continue to be a top-requested design simply because of their symbolism, heritage and versatile backgrounds.

The significance of the feather can change depending on the type of bird it comes from, reflecting the character of the chosen, feathered friend. On top of this, they’re versatile, coming across neither overly masculine or feminine, since the major emphasis is taking flight—be it creatively, spiritually or emotionally.

Feather depictions are often attributed to freedom. They can also portray a connection to the personality of the chosen bird.

A peacock is proud, an eagle is majestic, and an owl is wise. Some feathers are even considered to have sacred attributes according to various cultures.

In Native American culture, they stand for spiritual protection and are even part of the dream catcher to aid in preventing bad dreams. Specific feathers may indicate status or levels of protection after death upon entering the spiritual world. They can also be representative of honor and virtue.

Basically, they have all the great meanings behind them.

Other reason, they look so gosh darn good! They blend well with other tattoos, they can be straight or curled, elegant or strong, black-and-white or multi-colored.

There are so many avenues to pick. You match them to your own personality. Are you a peacock, a blue jay or an ostrich?

Then come the other design decisions such as will it be part of a larger work or stand alone? A feather alone can be striking all by itself, especially if it’s well placed.

A lengthy, curved peacock feather might luxuriously twist along your entire back, or a basic, lines-only feather without color can stand out on the forearm.

Feather tattoos stand the test of time and are the perfect body art for women with a free spirit.

They have meaning, elegance, and strength and can be placed anywhere. Whether it’s subtly curled in your ear or following the curve of your thigh up to your hip, they’re easily tweaked to your personality, preferences and personal statements.

Adorned Round Dreamcatcher With Feather Tattoo Women

Amethyst Feather Tattoo Womens Thighs

Anklet Tattoo For Women With Feather Grey

Bejewelled Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Billowing Feathers Tattoo Womens Thighs

Birds Butterflies And Feather Tattoo Women Shoulders

Black Dreamcatcher Tattoo Womens Back

Blue And Grey Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Blue And Pink Feather Tattoo Women

Blue And Purple Feather Tattoo For Women

Blue Eyes And Feather Tattoo For Women

Blue Painted Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Bright Colored Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Bunch Of Feathers Floating Tattoo Womens Shoulders

Chestnut Toned Feather Tattoo Women

Dark Black And Grey Shaded Feather Tattoo For Women Arms

Dark Black Feather And Birds Tattoo Womens Back

Double Toned Green Feather Tattoo Womens Arms

Dragon Art Feather Tattoo Women

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Women With Feathers

Dream Catcher With Feather Tattoo For Women

Emerald Green Feather Tattoo Womens Ankle

Fabulous Dreamcatcher With Feather Tattoo Womens Back

Feather And Florals Tattoo Women

Feather And Flowers Tattoo Women

Feather Heart And Birds Tattoo For Women

Feathers And Red Gem Tattoo For Women

Feather Tattoo Black With Heart

Feather Transitioning Into Gems Tattoo Women

Feather With Green Tinges Tattoo For Women

Fiery Yellow Feather Tattoo Womens Back

Fiery Yellow Tinged Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Flying Birds And Feather Tattoo Women

Gorgeous Beaded Feather Tattoo Womens Foot Art

Gorgeous Colored Feather Tattoo Womens Legs

Gorgeous Feather Tattoo For Women

Grand Feather Tattoo Womens Upper Neck

Grey Blue Feather Womens Legs

Hairy Feather Tattoo For Women Hands

Henna Design On Feather Womens Legs

Huge Purple And Blue Toned Feather Tattoo Women

Hungry Lion Feather Tattoo For Women

Icy Blue Feather Tattoo For Women Hands

Infinity Feather Tattoo Womens Back

Intricate Art Feather Black Tattoo Women

Intricate Design On Feathers Womens Neck Tattoo

Jazzy Feather Tattoo Womens Thighs

Jet Black Dream Catcher Tattoo Womens Art

Large Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Large Pine Forest Feather Tattoo Women

Light Grey Feather Tattoo For Women

Light Peacock Feather Tattoo Womens Back

Long Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Lovely Blue Feather Tattoo Womens Arms

Lovely Feather Tattoo Womens Back

Lovely Shades Of Blue Feather Tattoo Women

Middle Eastern Henna Designed Feather Tattoo Women

Multi Colored Feather Tattoo For Women

New Moon Dreamcatcher Feather Tattoo Women

Olive Green Colored Feather For Women

Pair Of Feathers Tattoo Womens Back

Pastels Feather Tattoo Womens Thighs

Peacock Feather Tattoo Womens Back

Pretty Colored Feather Tattoo Women

Royal Blue Feather Tattoo For Women

Sapphire Tinged Black Feather Tattoo Womens Hands

Shaded Grey Feather Tattoo Women

Shadow Effect Feather Tattoo Womens Back Art

Silky Soft Grey Feather Tattoo Womens Torso

Simple Blue Feather Tattoo Womens Back

Small Black Feather Tattoo Women

Small Feather Tattoo Womens Torso

Smoky Purple And Pink With Black Feather And Compass For Women Art Tattoo

Smudged Blue And Pink Feather Tattoo Women

Soft Grey Feather Tattoo Women

Thick Grey Feather And Eye Ball Tattoo Women

Three Flowers And Feather Tattoo For Women

Tiger Eye Feather Tattoo Womens Art

Torso Women Feather Tattoo

Triple Feathered Floral Tattoo For Women

Turquoise Feather Ta

Watercolor Feather Tattoo Women

Water Color Feather Tattoo Womens Thighs

Womens Arms Majestic Feather Tattoo

Womens Back Flower And Feather Tattoo

Womens Calves Feather And Flower Tattoo

Womens Feather Tattoo Ankle Art

Womens Feet Feather Tattoo

Womens Flying Birds And Feather Tattoo

Womens Full Sleeve Feather Tattoo

Womens Grey Shaded Thick Feather Tattoo

Womens Hands Dark Inked Feather Tattoo

Womens Hands Grey Feather Tattoo

Womens Hands Pretty Flowers And Feather Tattoo

Womens Hips Black Feather Tattoo

Womens Legs Black Flowers And Feather Tattoo

Womens Legs Black Translucent Feather Tattoo

Womens Thighs Curled Grey Feather Tattoo

Womens Torso Feather Tattoo

Womens Wrists Grey Feather Tattoo

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