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Top 100 Best Green Nail Ideas For Women – Cool Fingernail Designs

Top 100 Best Green Nail Ideas For Women – Cool Fingernail Designs

If you think green nails are only a holiday color, you are in for a sweet surprise! Green has become a color that seems to be released every season to make it highly available as a nail color.

Some people say that green is the new black because it is so versatile and makes for a fantastic and unexpected color pop.

You may think that wearing green would cause challenges when it comes to picking out an outfit; but most colors contain primary colors so that green becomes cohesive and compliments more outfits than you might think.

There are so many different greens to collect, you’ll have to start experimenting to get a grip on how this color can accentuate your nail polish collection.

You can paint your nails a pastel green for a fresh and cool minty look. These greens have a milky base so they are the easiest to achieve when it comes to green nail ideas.

Neon green is really quite beautiful. When you paint it on the nail bed, it will look a little odd—be sure to lay down one coat of white before you go green. This will help the color shine bright from underneath.

Green nail ideas that are just a little more challenging sometimes call for two or three shades.

If you paint two coats for a solid white, you can use a black liner to make a few crossing lines on each nail. This will create little spaces or windows for you to drop in a few different shades of green.

This nail design is very easy to do so play around and have fun with your artwork. Our favorite green nails are a beautiful deep grass green or dark emerald color.

These nails look so beautiful and compliment many different wardrobe colors, so don’t be afraid to go bold!


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