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Top 60 Best Grey Hairstyles For Women – Dyed Gray Hair Ideas

Top 60 Best Grey Hairstyles For Women – Dyed Gray Hair Ideas

Perhaps you’ve always thought of grey hair on a woman as negative. It’s one thing to have grey hair like a man. After all, it makes a man look “distinguished.” But on a woman?

It just makes her look old. Or does it?

In the 21st-century grey hair on women has gone from aged to awesome! Older women are rocking their grey, but more importantly, younger women are going for the grey as well. It’s edgy and badass.

Today’s grey hair looks are not an “I give up” look. In other words, it’s not a look that says, “I’m letting my hair go grey, and I also don’t care about the style or the color. “No, today’s grey looks say, “I love grey hair, and I also love for my hair to look healthy and stylish.”

So, to get that gorgeous grey look of today, your best bet is to visit a professional stylist. He or she will choose shades that go well with your skin tone as well as recommend a hairstyle to go with it.

There are many ways to wear your hair gorgeous and grey. You can add volume to long shiny grey hair with a curling wand to create soft waves. You can get super funky with today’s grey hair looks by adding a splash of color, such as neon green or neon pink, to the tips. Add purple tones to your long grey wavy hair. Or dye your short hair all over with a super vibrant grey and with a gorgeous short cut.

How do you maintain your dyed grey hair? Return to your professional hairstylist every four to six weeks. When out in the sun, protect your hair from sun damage, or damage from heat styling tools such as blow dryers and curling irons, with heat protect spray.

The good news about the 21st-century grey hair is that it looks great on anyone, no matter the skin tone. Are you ready to rock the grey? Check out these top 60 best grey hairstyle ideas below!


African American Woman Showing A Full Bodied Sexy Exotic Hair Design

African American Woman With Sleek Long Full Bodied Grey Hairstyle

Asian Woman Feisty Sexy With Grey Mid Length Hair Design

Beautiful Mature Business Womans Short Cropped Grey Straight Hair Ideas

Black Woman With Straight Sassy Businesslike Grey Highlighted Hairstyle Idea

Bold Half And Half Grey Sprite Sleek Sexy Defined Hairstyles

Bright Grey Full Length Females Hairstyles For The Adult Woman

Brunette With Grey Tippings Beautiful Long Straight Elegant Hairstyle Inspirations

Business In The Front Party In The Back Womens Grey Hairstyle

Busy Grey With Purple And Teal Coloration Showing A Spunky Short Cut Hairstyle

Dark Haired Female With Trailing Exotic Grey Highlight Hairstyle Design

Dark Haired Woman With Grey Sporty Hair Tips Hairstyle Inspirations

Female With Sexy Straight Grey Wispy Beautiful Hairstyle Look

Free Flowing Long Grey Hair Design For Older And Younger Women

Full Wave Look With Flashing Grey Highlights Hairstyle For Women

Grey Hairstyle For Business And Moms On The Go Design

Grey Mid Length Girls Straight Hairstyle For A Modern Look

Grey To A Pristine White Color For Mid Length To Long Hairstyles

Hairstyle For Young Women Long Flowing Grey Highlighted Arousing Ideas

Half Mast Full Length Gorgeous Female Grey Hair Tipping Hairstyle

Half Shag Cute Grey Hairstyle For Young Woman And Girls

In The Club Woman Grey Flowing Sharp Bangs Ideas For Hair

Ladies Not To Shiny Semi Grey Long Wave Layered Hairstyle

Lady With Full Bodied Grey Haired Manicured Layered Fashioned Hairstyle

Layered Soft Long Semi Grey Woman Young Girls Hairstyle Looks

Light Semi Grey Soft And Long Hairstyles For The Semi Shy Woman

Long Lustrous Curls With Stunning Purple And Grey Colors For Womens Hairstyles

Messy Attractive Womans Short Pixie Cut Grey Gorgeous Hair Designs

Oriental Woman With Stunning Black Ending In Grey Hairstyle Idea

Shiny Grey To White Old Fashioned Hairstyle For The Modern Woman

Short And Sassy Pixie Cut Grey Hairstyle For Young Women

Short Shaved And Sensuous Grey Womens Ideas For Cooler Hairstyles

Slight Beautiful Multi Color Grey Hairstyle For Young Ladies Hair

The Forties Sexy Sheer Wave Slight Grey Look For Women

The Grey Braided Tough But Loving Long Hair Design Look

The Modern Woman Straight Mid Length Cut With A Twixt Grey Look

The Young Turn Of The Century Woman Full Length Grey Half Pulled Back Look

Woman With Criss Cross Action Hair Grey Highlighted Fun Hairstyle

Woman With Grey And Shades Of Pale Beautiful Purple Bluish Color In Hair

Woman With Half Length Black Hair To Darker Grey Tipped Color Hairstyle

Woman With Multi Grey Colored Vibrant Sexy Long Wavy Hairstyle

Young Asian Woman With Grey With Multi Facet Grey Shades Hair Ideas

Young Black Woman Classy Straight Grey Highlighted Hairstyle Fashion Ideas

Young Female Child Grey Highlight Variation Straight Light And Simple Style

Young Females Full Bodied Grey Bold Smartenergetic Insightful Hairstyle

Young Girls Long Wavy Fairy Tale Grey Whimsicalbeautiful Hairstyles

Young Lady Lioness With Intrigue Full Bodied Grey Awakening Hairstyle

Young Mature Woman Grey Adventurous Long Pony Tail Hair Design

Young Teen Womens Down To Earth Grey Simple Flowing Long Hairstyle

Young Woman With Beautiful Stunning Grey Mid Length Hairstyle Ideas

Young Woman With Short Bobbed Cut Grey Hair Cut Design

Young Woman With Straight Ending Wavy Grey Highlighted Hair Color

Young Womens Beautiful Wavy Long Flowing Grey Visionary Hairstyle Ideas

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