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Top 100 Best Leg Calf Tattoos For Women – Female Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Leg Calf Tattoos For Women – Female Design Ideas

Women who want large tattoos, but don’t want to cover their arms and other exposed areas should consider calf tattoos. Calf tattoos offer a great landscape for partial leg sleeves, themed tattoos, and are easy to cover-up with clothing when desired.

The calf is the area between your knee and ankle on the back and sides.

Tattoos can cover the entire back and front of the lower leg, only the back of the lower leg, or the side of the lower leg.

The side of the calf is a great area for women to ink themselves with long, thin tattoos, or silhouettes. Many calf tattoos can extend to the upper thigh or as low as the forefoot while covering all of the skin around and near the ankle.

Tattoos on the lower leg can be feminine, symbolic, or weird and quirky. It’s also a great place to have multiple tattoos. The tattoos don’t have to be related and can be completely independent from each other.

Great calf tattoo ideas for ladies include butterflies and flowers, intricately decorated skulls, mandala designs and large feathers.

Another unique calf tattoo idea for women is to ink matching tattoos on each calf, or tattoos that go together on each leg. Ideas include matching flowers or animals on opposite legs. Pairs that go together on each leg include the moon and sun, birds flying or even leaves blowing off a tree.

If you want a large tattoo that can be covered whenever you’d like, or you’ve already covered your arms and want to move on to your legs, calf tattoos are the way to go. Check out women’s calf tattoos inspiration here.


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