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Top 130 Best Leg Tattoos For Women – Leggy Design Ideas

Top 130 Best Leg Tattoos For Women – Leggy Design Ideas

Leg tattoos are playful, sexy and are often big and bold. This placement provides enough space for some truly creative designs.

Whether you are getting a tattoo on your thigh and upper leg where it’s more concealed or on your calf and lower leg where you can show it off more easily, the design should be something that has a personal meaning to you.

Because you have plenty of canvas space for your art, consider a large and bold design on your leg. You are not constrained by lack of space as you are in other areas of your body. It is here where you can really get creative and make a bold visual statement.

Explore your inner creativity and brain storm about symbols that are meaningful and design styles you are attracted to when planning a tat of this size.

Consider a large snake as a possible idea. It is a popular motif for this area because the design can be wrapped around your entire leg, just as a real snake might.

Dragons have the same type of appeal. This design can include a creature with a long tail that can curl and wrap around your leg.

Tribal bands and abstract art designs can also make great leg tattoos. Geometric shapes and repeating patterns are bold and can be expanded upon quite easily if you decide to add to your design or reference the design in another part of your body.

Maybe a full leg tattoo is too big of a commitment for you. It this is the case, you can go with a smaller and more dainty design. Smaller designs can be anything that appeals to you and placement is entirely a personal preference.

Some possible design ideas include a drawn garter on your thigh, a scene from your favorite book or a quote that goes up the length of your leg from hip to ankle. The skies…I mean, skin is the limit with a leg tattoo for women.


3D Rose Tattoo Womens Leg

Adorable Cartoon Tattoo Black Art Women Legs

Amazing Womens Leg Tattoo

Astronaut With Planet Balloons Tattoo Womens Thighs

Black And White Leg Tattoo Women

Black Blossoms Tattoo Womens Legs

Black Crow Tattoo Womens Legs

Black Roses Womens Leg Tattoo Aart

Black Rose Tattoo Legs Women

Black Tattoo Leg Women

Brilliant Rose Tattoo Womens Legs

Charming Flowers Tattoo Womens Legs

Cloned Tattoo Womens Leg

Cloudy Ship Tattoo Womens Legs

Cobra Tattoo Womens Legs

Dark Black Design Tattoo Womens Legs

Dark Ink Lotus Tattoo Womens Calves

Disney World Tattoo Womens Legs

Elephant Tattoo Womens Leg

Enchanting Tattoo Womens Legs

Evil Snake And Florals Tattoo Womens Leg

Geometric Art Tattoo Womens Leg

Gorgeous Leg Tattoo Women

Gorgeous Womens Tattoo Legs

Grey Clock And Rose Tattoo Womens Leg

Horrific Beast Tattoo Womens Legs

Intricate Henna Art Tattoo Womens Legs

Lovely Grey Flowers Tattoo Womens Legs

Mandala Tattoo Women Leg

Mandala With Roses Tattoo Womens Legs

Mehendi Art Womens Legs

Metal Beast With Horns Leg Tattoo

Monochrome And Multicolored Leg Tattoo Women

Pink Art Tattoo Womens Legs

Pink Floral Tattoo Women Legs

Pink Rose Tattoo Womens Leg

Ravishing Leg Tattoo For Women

Reddish Flower Tattoo Womens Legs

Red Hibiscus Tattoo Womens Legs

Red Rose Womens Tattoo Legs

Rose Pair Tattoo Womens Legs

Sea Side Tattoo Womens Legs

Serpent And Flower Leg Tattoo Women

Snake Flower And Bird Tattoo Womens Legs

Tattoo Womens Legs

Unique Designs Womens Full Leg Tattoo

Watercolor And Grey Tattoo Womens Legs

Water Color Tattoo Womens Leg

Womens Amazing Leg Tattoo

Womens Black And White Clone Tattoo Legs

Womens Black Art Tattoo Leg

Womens Black Blooms Tattoo Legs

Womens Black Design Tattoo On Legs

Womens Cock Tattoo Legs

Womens Colored Florals Tattoo Legs

Womens Curved Stalk Tattoo Legs

Womens Dark Forest With Animals Tattoo Legs

Womens Dark Henna Tattoo Legs

Womens Dark Ink With Red Tattoo Legs

Womens Delicate Purple Tattoo Legs

Womens Designer Tattoo Legs

Womens Dotted Design Tattoo Legs

Womens Elegant Tattoo Leg

Womens Florals Tattoo On The Legs

Womens Flower Tattoo On Leg

Womens Full Leg Tiger Tattoo

Womens Furry Cat Tattoo Legs

Womens Gemmed Same Tattoo Legs

Womens Glam Leg Tattoo

Womens Glam Tattoo On Legs

Womens Grand Leg Tattoo

Womens Haunted Tree Leg Tattoo

Womens Lace Art Tattoo Legs

Womens Leaf Stalk Tattoo Leg

Womens Leg Anchor Tattoo

Womens Leg Lion Face Tattoo

Womens Leg Multi Floral Tattoo

Womens Leg Octopus Tattoo

Womens Legs Beguiling Tattoo

Womens Legs Black Tattoos

Womens Legs Chain Tattoo

Womens Legs Clone Tattoo

Womens Legs Dark Grey Tattoo

Womens Legs Egyptian Tattoo

Womens Legs Hypnotic Tattoo

Womens Legs Knife Tattoo

Womens Legs Lady Face Tattoo

Womens Legs Masks Tattoo

Womens Legs Mirror Image Tattoo

Womens Legs Perfect Tattoo

Womens Legs Pine Tree Tattoo

Womens Legs Red Flowers Black Tattoo

Womens Legs Skull And Rose Tattoo

Womens Leg Tattoo

Womens Leg Tattoo Hive

Womens Leg Traditional Tattoos

Womens Light Blooms Tattoo Leg

Womens Lily Tattoo Legs

Womens Lovely Grey Blooms Tattoo Leg

Womens Mehendi Design Tattoo Leg

Womens Middle Eastern Tattoo Leg

Womens Mirror Tattoo Leg

Womens Moonlight And Palace Tattoo Legs

Womens Moth And Butterfly Tattoo Legs

Womens Mystical Tattoo On Legs

Womens Netted Dark Tattoo Legs

Womens Painted Horse Tattoo Leg

Womens Pirated Sea Tattoo Leg

Womens Pretty Butterfly And Chain Tattoo Legs

Womens Rare Tattoo On Legs

Womens Red Rose Leg Tattoos

Womens Sea Horse Tattoo Legs

Womens Silky Hair Beast Tattoo Legs

Womens Similar Tattoo Legs

Womens Snake And Flower Tattoo On Leg

Womens Spider Man Tattoo Legs

Womens Straight Line Leg Tattoo

Womens Tribal Arrow Tattoo Legs

Womens Tribal Tattoo Legs

Womens Unique Tattoo On Legs

Womens White Rose And Black Tattoo Legs

Womens Wonderful Design Leg Tattoo

Womens Wonderful Tattoo Leg

Womens Words Tattoo Legs

Womes Monochrome Tattoo Legs

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