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Top 50 Best Leopard Nail Ideas For Women – Spotted Cat Manicure Designs

Top 50 Best Leopard Nail Ideas For Women – Spotted Cat Manicure Designs

Animal prints are loved by women the world over. Wearing an animal print makes you feel wild and carefree.

It also makes you feel powerful. Leopard print has been the print of choice for decades. The nail designs incorporating leopard print are not limited to black dots, either.

For example, a popular option is to paint a light to medium pink as the base coat of your nails.

Then the leopard’s spots are painted over the top of that. You get the leopard effect with a very feminine backdrop.

A similar approach is to paint the leopard skin pattern first, and then decorate each nail with a tropical pink flower in a corner of each nail.

Leopard faces are another popular nail design. Each nail receives a base color that won’t clash with the leopard print. Then the actual faces of leopards are painted over the tops of the base color.

Using a black nail polish pen to give the faces outlines and details really brings the faces of the leopards forward. Giving the leopards bright emerald green eyes makes this nail design very striking.

Another popular design is to paint nails with the leopard print all over, and then use a stencil that creates a black cat shadow on each nail.

The result is the appearance of hinting at the black shadow cat as a leopard because of the leopard print behind it on your nails. Pre-printed press and seal nails may also carry a similar design if you do not want to sit for an hour or more to have your nails painted this way.

For cat lovers and admirers of large cats, this is one design that is pursued intensely.

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Grey Nails Women Leopard Print

Leopard Accent Black Nails Women

Leopard French Manicure Nails Women

Long Pink And Leopard Nails Women

Lovely Leopard Nails For Women

Matte Wine Red And Pink Leopard Nails

Metallic Black And Gold Leopard Nails

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Royal Blue Leopard Nails Women

Ruby Red Leopard Print Nails Women

Stunning Leopard Nails For Women

Velvet Black Nails And White Leopard Women

Witch Nails Cactus Women

Womens Almond Nails Leopard Art Light Toned

Womens Black And Pink Leopard Nails

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Womens Claw Nails Leopard Print

Womens Coral Nails With Leopard Print Art

Womens Cute Leopard Nails Short Art

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Womens Irradiant Pink Leopard Nails

Womens Leopard Tips Pink Nails Women

Womens Light Brown Leopard Nails

Womens Lovely Leopard Nails Pink

Womens Matte Green Tinted Leopard Nails

Womens Milk Chocolate Nails Leopard Print

Womens Mind Blowing Pink Leopard Nails

Womens Nude Nails With Leopard Tips Art

Womens Pink Leopard Nails

Womens Short Leopard Nails

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Womens Sliced Design Leopard Nails Art

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