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Top 100 Best Libra Tattoos For Women – Balanced Scale Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Libra Tattoos For Women – Balanced Scale Design Ideas

Strong, mysterious and wise, the Titan goddess of law and order was one of the first to give instruction to mankind on how to behave morally and fairly.

Themis is her name, and balance is her game – but not in terms of staying upright or landing somersaults. She’s believed to be responsible for keeping things harmonious and smooth-sailing, from mankind’s beginning to the present. Themis is thought to be a universal symbol and partner of the Libras.

Libras, like Gemini and Aquarius, are air signs. This means that they are inherently cool, calculated, and charming. However, Libras possess defining traits that link them specifically to the fair goddess Themis.

Libras are often known to their friends and family as the mediators or enforcers of peace and goodness. They’re prone to bending over backward for others, and for the sake of civility.

If you feel that you identify with this sweetly symmetric goddess or your Libra identity is extra important to you, many variations of Libra tattoos are available to you.

The most common zodiac tattoo is simply your sign, either alone or with any kind of embellishment you can imagine. Lots of people might do their sign’s linked animal or goddess.

A great way to design a dynamic and interesting libra tattoo could be by including Themis herself or the balance (or both). These are both incredible opportunities to add personal detail with different colors, border types, and sizes.

The good news is that no matter how you choose to display your Libra tattoo design, it will be a beautiful description of your coolness, ability to maintain balance, and your authority – how cool is that? With your regal and valiant guardian Themis by your side, regardless of the tattoo idea you choose, it’ll be impossible not to recognize your cool Libra spirit.


Adorable Tattoo Inspiration Libra For Women Upper Arm Tiny Constellation Of Stars

Aesthetic Libra Tattoo On Woman Arm

Alluring Ladies Libra Tattoo Ideas Leg

Amazing Libra Tattoo Ideas For Women Sternum Chest

Appealing Womens Libra Tattoos Constellation Flowers On Shoulder Blade

Artistic Libra Tattoo On Woman Thigh Tiny Small

Astonishing Libra Tattoo For Girls Small Constellation Shoulder Front

Astrology Awesome Libra Tattoos For Women Forearm

Attractive Girls Tattoo Libra Forearm

Awesome Libra Tattoos For Women Wrist Forearm Floral Themed

Beauteous Girls Libra Tattoos Finger Thumb Geometric

Beautiful Libra Tattoo Design Ideas For Women Chest

Breathtaking Libra Tattoo On Girl Zodiac

Charming Tattoos For Women Libra Tricep

Colorful Womens Libra Tattoo Design Ideas Tiny Stars Zodiac Sign

Coolest Womens Libra Tattoos Scale Sword

Cool Female Libra Tattoo Designs Shoulder Stars

Cool Libra Tattoos For Women

Creative Libra Tattoo Designs For Women Inner Forearm

Cute Libra Tattoo Designs For Women Chest Giant Flower With Scales

Decorative Libra Tattoo On Female Outer Space Themed

Decorative Looks For Womens Libra Tattoo Sketeched Thigh

Delightful Tattoo For Women Libra Designs Leg Mandala

Distinctive Female Libra Tattoo Designs Flower Feminine

Divine Females Libra Tattoo Arms Matching

Elaborate Styles For Womens Libra Tattoo Card

Enchanting Libra Tattoo Ideas For Women 3d Scale

Excellent Girls Libra Tattoo Design Ideas

Exceptional Womens Libra Tattoo Ideas Black Ink Symbol

Exquisite Libra Tattoos On Girl Back

Fantastic Libra Tattoo For Women Watercolor

Female Cool Libra Tattoo Design Stomach

Female Cool Libra Tattoo Ideas Leaf Branch

Female Libra Tattoos

Females Libra Tattoos

Feminine Girls Libra Tattoo Designs

Feminine Libra Tattoo Designs For Women

Feminine Tattoos For Women Libra

Feminine Womens Libra Tattoo

Georgeous Libra Tattoo On Girl

Girls Designs Libra Tattoo

Girls Glamorous Libra Tattoo Inspiration

Girls Libra Tattoo Designs

Girls Libra Tattoo Ideas Old School Traditional

Girls Tattoos With Libra Wolf Back

Girl With Darling Libra Tattoo Design Thigh Retro Traditional Colorfulk

Girl With Feminine Libra Tattoo Thigh Skeleton Holding Balanced Scales

Girl With Graceful Libra Tattoos

Girl With Stupendous Libra Tattoos

Girly Libra Tattoo Ideas

Good Libra Tattoos For Women

Great Libra Tattoos For Women

Impressive Ladies Libra Tattoo

Incredible Libra Tattoo For Ladies

Ladies Libra Tattoo Design Inspiration

Lady With Elegant Libra Tattoo Body Art

Leg Scales Portrait Libra Tattoo Designs For Women

Libra Astrology Girls Tattoo Ideas

Libra Female Tattoo Designs

Libra Girls Tattoo Ideas

Libra Tattoo Design Inspiration For Women

Libra Tattoo Feminine Designs

Libra Tattoo For Ladies

Libra Tattoos Feminine Ideas

Libra Tattoos For Girls

Libra Womens Tattoo Designs

Libra Womens Tattoo Ideas

Luscious Designs Womens Libra Tattoo Ideas

Magnificent Libra Tattoo For Girls

Marvelous Womens Tattoos Libra

Minimalistic Womens Libra Tattoo Designs

Minimal Libra Tattoo For Women

Neat Libra Tattoo On Female

Nice Libra Tattoos For Women

Ornate Tattoos For Females Libra

Pretty Libra Tattoos Women

Ravishing Libra Tattoo On Female

Remarkable Womens Libra Tattoo Ideas

Sexy Libra Tattoo Designs For Women

Simple Libra Tattoo For Women

Simplistic Libra Tattoo For Girls

Stellar Body Art Tattoo For Girls Libra

Stunning Girls Libra Tattoos

Stunning Libra Tattoo On Lady

Stylish Womens Libra Tattoo

Sweet Libra Tattoo Designs For Girls

Tattoo Ideas Libra Design For Girls

Tattoo Ideas Womens Libra Design

Terrific Design Ideas For Womens Libra Tattoo

Woman With Fabulous Libra Tattoo Design

Womens Cool Libra Tattoo Ideas

Womens Divine Libra Tattoo

Womens Libra Girly Tattoo Designs

Womens Libra Good Looking Tattoos

Womens Libra Super Tattoo Designs

Womens Libra Tattoo Design Ideas

Womens Libra Tattoos

Womens Lovely Libra Tattoo Ideas

Womens Tattoo Ideas Libra

Womens Tattoo Ideas With Libra Design

Wonderful Body Art Libra Tattoo For Women

Wondrous Ladies Libra Tattoos

Wondrous Libra Tattoo For Woman

Zodiac Libra Female Tattoo Designs

Zodiac Sign Libra Womens Tattoos

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