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Top 90 Best Lion Tattoo Designs For Women – Graceful Animal Ideas

Top 90 Best Lion Tattoo Designs For Women – Graceful Animal Ideas

The Lion, King of the Jungle, top of the food chain. Ruler of all. The lion tattoo carries a roar.

Not for the meek or passive, the lion symbolizes strength, bravery, power, respect and royalty.

The lion is the specimen of health, and the bearer of this symbol exudes youthfulness, vitality and a zest for life. Nothing about the lion is understated.

From his thick, lush mane to his mighty roar, the lion makes his presence known and is respected and feared by all.

The lion carries significant symbolism in a number of cultures. In Christian culture, the lion is often said to represent Christ himself.

People often opt for tattoos of both the lion and a lamb, representing Christ and his followers, the stark contrast between the power of the lion and his gentleness toward the small and weaker lamb.

Rastafarianism takes the image of the lion even further, promoting him to diety status. The Lion of Judah represents the second coming of the Messiah, and is sacred in their culture. Lions are guardians and protectors.

They’re often seen protecting important buildings. In New York City, lions, originally named Lady Astor and Lord Lenox are the keepers of knowledge as they guard the most famous library in the world.

The mayor later changed their names to Patience and Fortitude to reflect the indomitable spirit of New Yorkers.

A lion tattoo gracing the body is no small statement. The woman that wears this symbol of strength tells the world she is brave, courageous and has fought hard battles and come out victorious.

With the lion tattoo, people will defer to her authority, laying prostrate at her feet. They revere her for her nobility, protection and integrity. She is the Leo, the one who harnesses the sun.


3D Lion Tattoo For Women On Legs

Artful Black Lion Womens Arms Tattoo

Bejewelled Royal Lion Womens Tattoo

Black Rampant Lion With Leaves And Feather Tattoo Womens Arms

Bleeding Red Lion Tattoo For Women On Hands

Brilliant Lion Tattoo For Women With Crown

Brilliant Pink Lion Tattoo Womens Arms

Classy Lion Tattoo With Lovely Blossoms Womens Arms

Colored Lion Tattoo For Women

Courtly Lion Tattoo Womens Legs

Creative Lion Tattoo With Flowers Women Arms

Cute Baby Lion Cub Tattoo For Women On Hands

Cute Lion Caricature Tattoo Shoulders Women

Elegant Lion Tattoo For Women On Arms

Emerald Eyed Lion Tattoo Intense For Women

Exquisitive Lion Tattoo With Flowers For Women On Arms

Geometric Art Lion Tattoo For Women

Gigantic Fierce Lion Tattoo On Womens Back

Glorious Lion Tattoo For Women

Glorious Lion Tattoo For Women On Back

Gorgeous Lion And Roses Tattoo For Women

Gorgeous Lion With Flowers Tattoo Womens Arms

Gorgeous Red Lion Tattoo Womens Back

Graceful Peacock And Lion Tattoo Womens Legs

Grand Lion With Colored Rose Womens Tattoo Thighs

Hairy Lion Tattoo Womens Shoulder

Handsome Lion Tattoo For Women

Heroic Lion Tattoo Womens Arms

Imperial Lion Tattoo For Women On Torso

Intense Blue Lion Tattoo Womens Thighs

Intense Gaze Lion Womens Tattoo On Back

Intense Lion Tattoo For Women On Back

Kingly Lion And Flowers Tattoo Women

Kingly Lion With Jewelled Sapphire Womens Tattoo On Legs

Lion And Floral Tattoo For Women On Arms

Lion In A Race Womens Tattoo On Arms

Lion On A Cross Women Tattoo On Arms

Lion Tattoo On Both Legs Women

Majestic Lion Tattoo For Women On Arms

Mighty Lion Tattoo Womens Thighs

Modish Lion Tattoo For Women

Multi Faceted Lion Tattoo For Women

Noble Lion Tattoo Womens Thighs

Old And Wise Lion With Florals Womens Back Tattoo

Orange Eyed Lion Tattoo Womens Arms

Orntate Lion Tattoo For Women

Pencil Art Of Lion Womens Back Tattoo

Pleothora Of Colours And Black Lion Tattoo Womens Thighs

Princely Lion Tattoo On Arms Women

Proud Lion Tattoo For Women On Arms

Red Hibiscus And Lion Tattoo Replica On Arms And Legs Women

Refined Golden Lion Tattoo

Refined Lion Tattoo For Women Arms

Regal Purple Lion Tattoo Womens Back

Relaxing Kingly Lion Womens Neck Tattoo

Royal King Lion Tattoo Womens Chest

Royal Ruby Laden Lion Tattoo For Women On Thigh

Seductive Lion And Arrow Womens Tattoo

Sleeping Lion And Rose Womens Tattoo On Arms

Small Lion Tattoo Womens Arms

Splendid Lion Tattoo For Women

Stunning Lion Tattoo On Back For Women

Stupendous Lion Tattoo For Women On Arms

Sultry Lion Tattoo For Women On Arms

Swanky Lion And Roses Women Back Tattoo

Thick Maned Lion Tattoo For Women

Tiny Lion Tattoo Womens Arms

Tribal Lion Tattoo Womens Legs

Two Sided Lion Tattoo Womens Back

Wild Lion Tattoo On Whole Back Women

Wild Lion Tattoo With Rhombus Art Womens Legs

Wild Lion Tattoo Womens Thighs

Womens Arms Stately Lion Tattoo

Womens Back Lion Tattoo

Womens Burning Lion Tattoo On Arms

Womens Crayon Colored Lion Tattoo

Womens Emperor Lion Tattoo On Arms

Womens Flamboyant Lion Tattoo On Arms

Womens Grandiose Lion Tattoo On Arms

Womens Leg Black Lion And Creeper Tattoo

Womens Lion Symbol Tattoo On Shoulder

Womens Lovely Lion Tattoo On Torso

Womens Monumental Lion Tattoo

Womens Savage Lion Tattoo On Back

Womens Shoulder Gallant Lion Tattoo

Womens Torso Elegant Black Lion Tattoo

Womens Torso Water Color Lion Tattoo

Womens Wrist Modern Art Lion Tattoo Colorful

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