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Top 100 Best Lotus Flower Tattoos For Women – Floral Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Lotus Flower Tattoos For Women – Floral Design Ideas

Lotus flowers are extraordinarily beautiful. This alone makes them the perfect choice for a tattoo in just about any location on your body. However, a lotus flower is so much more.

A lotus flower grows in water. This makes it especially great for any water sign. However, it’s the type of water it grows in that makes it special. It grows in dirty water. Despite growing in murky water, the flower turns into something absolutely gorgeous.

This helps make it an important spiritual tattoo. It can represent how an ugly sinner transformed into something beautiful with the help of God and religion. Every single person is a sinner. However, we can all become better through hard work and self-reflection. The flower is also strong, just like a reformed person’s faith.

Color can mean a lot when it comes to a lotus tattoo design. A white flower represents purity. This can represent a person’s baptism. However, the flower tends to be more common in people who practice Eastern religions. There are a number of different colors you can get, too.

A multi-colored lotus flower can represent beauty. It can represent the beauty of nature, the world we live in, humanity, and the person who is sporting the tattoo.

A black lotus can add a second level to the meaning of the tattoo. It can show that the person is a little bit different than the original meaning of spiritual cleansing. These people may want to express a certain amount of darkness within them in the midst of the light and beauty.

A lotus tattoo is a great option for just about anyone since it’s meaning is so universal. Discover ideas and get the design that speaks to you the most and put it somewhere where you can see it to remember to see the beauty in the murkiness no matter what.


3D Lotus Tattoo For Women

Amethyst Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Back

Black And White Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Arms

Black Lotus Flower Tattoo Women

Black Petals Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Arms

Black Shaded Lotus Artistic Tattoo Womens Hands

Black Thin Leaves Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Back

Blooming Lotus Flower Tattoo Women

Blue Lotus Tattoo Womens Calves

Bright Pink Lotus On Black Background Womens Arms

Brilliant Buddha And Lotus Tattoo Womens Arms

Buddha And Yin Yang Lotus Tattoo For Women

Chained Black Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Thighs

Chained Lotus Art Tattoo Womens Wrists

Chains And Lotus Womens Upper Arms Tattoo

Dark Grey Womens Forearms Tattoo Lotus Flower

Decorative Black Lotus Tattoo Womens Back

Divine Black Lotus Tattoo For Women

Divine Black Tattoo Womens Back

Divine Hand Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Back

Dotted Black Grey Lotus Tattoo Womens Feet

Dotted Dark Lotus Flower Women Tattoo

Double Lotus Flower Womens Wrists

Exclusive Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Back

Expansive Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Chest

Flaming Colored Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Back

Flaming Pink Lotus Tattoo For Women

Flaming Rainbow Lotus Flower Tattoo Women

Geometric Lotus Tattoo Womens Back

Glowing Pink Lotus Tattoo Womens Back

Gorgeous Grey Shaded Lotus Tattoo Womens Arms

Grand Black Lotus Tattoo Womens Calf

Holy Divine Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Back

Huge Pink Lotus Womens Shoulder Tattoo

Humming Bird And Pink Flower Tattoo Womens Thighs

Lady And Lotus Tattoo Womens Hands

Large Red Petalled Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Hands

Lotus And Two Snakes Tattoo Womens Stomach

Lovely Delicate Lotus Tattoo Womens Back

Majestic Red Lotus Womens Shoulders

Mehendi Tattoo Lotus Flower Womens Arms

Modern Art Lotus Tattoo Women

New Moon And Lotus Tattoo Womens Legs

Petals And Lotus Tattoo Womens Back

Pink Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Art

Pink Lotus With Yellow Flower Tattoo Womens Wrists

Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Arms

Realistic Lotus Tattoo For Women

Sacred Black Lotus Women Tattoo

Simple Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Arms

Simple Lotus Outline Tattoo Women

Snake Black And Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Arm

Square Framed Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Torso

Three Lotus Tattoos Womens Back

Tiger And Lotus Tattoo Womens Arms

Tiny Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Arms

Uncomplicated Lotus Flower Tattoo Womens Arms

Water Color Pink Lotus Tattoo Womens Arms

Water Lotus Tattoo Women

Womens Ankles Purple Tattoo Art

Womens Arms Amazing Lotus Tattoo

Womens Arms Black Shaded Lotus Tattoo

Womens Arms Lotus Tattoo

Womens Arms Lovely Lotus Tattoo

Womens Artistic Black Lotus Tattoo On Arms

Womens Back Beautiful Black Lotus Tattoo

Womens Back Long Stemmed Lotus Tattoo

Womens Back Lotus Flower Balance Tattoo

Womens Back Lotus Flower Tattoo

Womens Back Lotus Tattoo For Women

Womens Back Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoo

Womens Black Shaded Lotus Tattoo Torso

Womens Blooming Black Lotus Tattoo Hands

Womens Buddha With Lotus Tattoo Womens Wrists

Womens Calm Buddha And Lotus Tattoo On Wrist

Womens Calves Pretty Lotus Tattoo

Womens Colorful Lotus Tattoo On Forearms

Womens Dark Shaded Lotus Flower Tattoo

Womens Dotted Black Lotus Art On Wrists

Womens Dotted Black Lotus Tattoo On Back

Womens Fresh Lotus Tattoo On Back

Womens Hands Lotus Flower Tattoo

Womens Heart At Center Lotus Tattoo

Womens Large Petals Lotus Tattoo On Arms

Womens Lotus Tattoo Thighs

Womens Rainbow Flamed Lotus Tattoo

Womens Sliced Lotus Tattoo Womens Arms

Womens Spiral Art And Lotus Tattoo On Calves

Womens Thick Petalled Lotus Tattoo On Thighs

Womens Thighs Deisgn And Lotus Tattoo

Womens Thighs Lotus And Spiral Art Tattoo Ideas

Womens Tiny Black Lotus Tattoo On Feet

Womens Torso Chained And Beaded Lotus Tattoo

Womens Torso Little Lotus Flower Tattoo

Womens Wonderful Lotus Tattoo Arms

Womens Wrists Lotus Flower Black Tattoo

Womens Wrists Lotus Flower Tattoo

Womens Wrists Small Lotus Flower And Moon Tattoo

Wonderful Budhha Tattoo With Lotus Women

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