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Top 60 Best Mint Nails For Women – Cool Green Design Ideas

Top 60 Best Mint Nails For Women – Cool Green Design Ideas

Yummy yummy! Mint ice cream on a summer day sounds like a nostalgic summer dream.

Mint nails are a go to in these warmer seasons like summer and spring. You can’t chat mint without chatting mint ice cream and that might be the first way you create your mint nail art design.

With summer approaching, using the beautiful color of mint for hot days are also very on trend. These nails are fashionable and we can’t imagine going an entire summer without giving this trendy nail design a shot!

There are many different ways you can go about creating a mint nail. One way is to do a classic ombre. To do this, you’ll need a sponge and two shades of mint green to create the ombre itself.

Another way to create a fun mint nail design is to create hearts on top of the mint nail as your design. You can use a marker or a very thin and delicate nail brush of a different color to carve out a heart. Then there is the mint french design that can outshine a classic white french tip. French tips in the summer are always chic and classy, so why not step it up a notch with a mint hue instead?

You’re probably wondering what idea we have coming up next and the answer is polka dot mint nails! Mint polka dots are a classic print and if you’re looking to have fun with your nails but also keep them graceful and elegant, polka dot nails are an excellent way to accomplish this. Plus, who doesn’t love polka dots? They are so cute and can be done up in so many unique ways, from small polka dots to big polka dots!

Last but not least we’re thinking a fun snowflake ornament – one you can even bedazzle! The options are endless when it comes to a mint nail.


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