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Top 70 Best Nail Color Ideas for Women – Brilliant Colorful Ideas

Top 70 Best Nail Color Ideas for Women – Brilliant Colorful Ideas

Choosing the right nail color should involve your favorite colors, the season, the clothes you like to wear, any events you have coming up, and what your partner likes.

You could use nail art to turn your nails into a canvas that is fun for your stylist to use, or you could choose unique colors for each part of the year.

A lot of women will simply wear their favorite color. If you like red, there is nothing wrong with wearing red nails.

Some women will think red nails look too sexy or flirtatious, but the people that know you understand that red is your favorite color.

You can use any color you like just because it is your favorite, and your nails will exude your personality all day every day.

You could choose a color that matches the season, but you will need to make changes throughout the year as the weather changes. You can wear white in the dead of winter when it is snowing outside, and you can shift to plum colors as the weather changes.

You can shift into light blues and pinks when you get to spring, and you might even wear a lilac color for Easter. You can wear pinks, bright oranges, and yellows in the summer.

Those colors will start to change in the fall when you need darker oranges and browns.

You can wear dark purples or reds as it gets colder, and you can switch to red or green when you get to Christmas.

Finally, you might wear a color that makes you feel cute. If you are the Charlotte type from “Sex and the City”, you should wear light pink all year because it is cute. This is something to think about as you select your nail colors for the year.


Ablaze Yellow Colored Nails For Women

Summer and spring are ideal times for yellow nail polish. It instantly gives your nails a faux glow. Invest in a yellow nail polish you love, because you’ll wear it often.

Baby Pink Colored Nails For Women

Many women like pink nail polish. It’s popular in spring and for Easter and is also a great natural color. This woman added a few white dots for more visual appeal.

Beautiful Blue Ombre Nail Color Ideas For Women

Use dark blue nail polish underneath, and a lighter blue shade on top for a relaxed look. This is a great look for cooler weather. The combination even looks cool.

Beautiful Nude Pink Nail Color

For a neutral look, use a tan shade of nail polish. This color is perfect for those who don’t follow every trend. Tan is an excellent option because it’s versatile.

Black And White Colored Heart Design Matte Finished Nails

To change things up, paint a few nails black, and paint black hearts on a few bare nails. People who wear black nail polish are supposedly creative, so don’t be intimidated.

Black Matte Nails With Smoky Effect

For a different look, paint a few nails solid black, and give a few of them a smoky look. This gives your look a bit of an edge.

Black Snake And Crystals Nail Art

For an even more different look, put clear nail polish with black stripes on some of them, and little jewels on others. This gives your fingers a bit of sparkle.

Black Starred Nails Wih Blue Green Patterns

You could also try painting one hand black with white stars and dots, and the other hand multi-colored. This could take some time to do, though, so have patience.

Bleached Grey Nails With Black Animal Print

If you like animal prints, paint your nails grey, and use black nail polish to paint leopard spots on the sides of some of them. Your nails will look perfect.

Blue Grey Smooth Nail Colors

If you like cooler colors, try painting one nail dark blue, the next nail a lighter blue shade, the next nail an even lighter blue shade, and the last one gray.

Blue Shaded Nails Color Ideas For Girls

If you like aqua blue, try alternating between light and dark aqua blue colors as this person did. It may be great for beach vacations; I think of the beach.

Bold Purple Colored Nail Art Color Ideas

To mix some lavender in with a darker blue color, check out this person’s manicure. The one lavender nail helps break up the dark blue and provides a nice contrast.

Bold Red Colored Stiletto Nails Color Designs

For a more vibrant look, alternate red and pink nail polish. If you’d like, you can go red on one finger and pink on the next, or combine the two.

Bright Orange Blue Striped Nail Design For Women

One hand’s fingers were orange, the other hand’s fingers were blue, and the middle and ring fingers were painted with stripes. The different colors and patterns create a fun look.

Bright White And Purple Shaded Nails For Women

She painted her pinky white, then went to lavender on her ring finger, dark purple on her middle finger, and even darker purple shades on her index finger and thumb.

Brilliant Blue Colored Nails For Women

Add some sparkle polish to one finger on each hand to give blue nail polish a different look. This is a great look for an evening out.

Brinjal Colored Nail Art

To give purple nail polish some sparkle, add gems to one finger on each hand. This is a great way to dress up your hands for prom night.

Clean Dark Cherry Red Colored Nails

Check out these dark red gel nails for darker nails. Dark red nail polish looks best on short nails – some fashion experts think dark polish on long nails looks tacky.

Dark And Deep Grey Toned Blue Nails

This cyan polish gives nails a different look. Blue nail polish can show a person is unavailable, or they’re daring. It’s a good choice if either statement is true.

Dark Lavendar Colored Nails

To give purple nail polish a different look, paint one nail lighter purple and add glitter to it. Purple is a great spring shade, and glitter makes it dressy.

Dark Pink Toned Nails Design

To give red nails a different look, add glitter and swirl patterns. Swirl patterns are another way to dress up nails for special occasions. This could look great for holiday parties.

Dark Purple Colored Almond Nails

For another red look, try dark red nail polish with stars and dots. It’s a great way to add some pizzazz to red nail polish, especially for special holiday parties.

Delicate Tones Light Grey And White Colored Nails

For a neutral look, try alternating gray and white nail polish. This simple look is elegant, yet understated. Using monochromatic colors that complement any skin tone helps you achieve a monochromatic look.

Dots And Scribbles Light Orange And Pistachio Colored Nails

For a more exciting look, paint one hand mostly green with one orange nail, and the other hand primarily orange with one green nail. Then paint black nail polish designs on top.

Dotted Maroon Red Nail Colour

For another attractive red nail polish look, paint one nail solid red, another red with glitter, and another light pink with a red and blue dot pattern.

Electric Blue Colored Glossy Nails

For a simple yet elegant look, paint your nails light green, with glitter on one nail. This is a great way to add some sparkle to light green nail polish.

Fall Purple Nails 1

For another option, paint three of your nails dark purple, one of them light purple with stripes of glitter, and give the last one an all glitter coat.

Fall Purple Nails 16

For another exciting look, paint two of your nails solid purple, the third one purple with glitter, and the last one all glitter. This gives purple nail polish some sparkle.

Fast Red Nail Color

For a different look with red nail polish, paint your index, middle and pinky fingers solid red, and leave your ring finger completely bare except for three red dots.


For yet another exciting look with purple polish, paint your index, middle, and pinky fingers dark purple, and your ring finger with a glittery purple polish.

Festive Orange Colored Almond Nails

File your fingernails to a point, then paint your index, middle, and pinky fingers orange. Use white nail polish and a red, green, and orange stripe from left to right on the ring finger.

Flamboyant Red White Nails

For a different look for red and pink nails, paint the index finger red, the middle finger pink, the ring finger pink with a flower on it, and the pinky finger red.

Flaming Yellow Nail Color

For a different look, paint the thumb, index, and middle fingers yellow, the ring finger blue, and the side yellow. Leave the pinky clear.

Gel Nails And Infection Control

If you like earth-toned nail polish, try painting your nails dark green – paint the index, middle and pinky fingers solid green, and paint a palm frond on your index finger.

Gleaming Black Nail Color

For another green nail polish idea, try painting your index and middle fingers dark green, your ring finger dark green with a glitter dot, and your pinky finger with all glitter.

Golden Circle Art On Dark Red Nails

If you want a different look for red nail polish, paint your nails red, then place a red jewel in each fingernail, as this woman did on her ring finger.

Gold Foil Yellow Blue White Colored Nails

You can combine white, gray, and yellow by painting your thumb, pinky, and middle fingers dark gray, your index finger mustard yellow, and your ring finger white with a gold diagonal stripe.

Gradient Orange And Gold Foil Nail Colors

For a different orange look, paint your nails a light orange color, then paint a gold hexagon pattern on your index fingers, like this woman has done.

Gray White Matte Nails Colors

Paint your index and pinky fingers with matte gray polish, then paint white horizontal stripes on your ring finger and mostly white on your middle finger.

Green Colored Gel Painted Nails

For another botanical look, paint your pinky and ring fingers light green, and your middle and index fingers white with an ivy pattern on them.

Green Color Nails With Jewellery Design

For a jeweled look, paint your nails green and add jewels to them. This woman has added what looks like a little chain with beads and feathers, and gold triangles on some of the nails.

Green Nail 36

For yet another botanical look, paint your nails lime green, except for your ring finger which you’ll paint white, then paint a picture of a tree on it.

Long Light Green Polished Nails

For a simple look with light green nail polish, file your nails to a point, then paint them with this light green nail polish. You’ll be a hit on St. Patrick’s day, or at Christmas.

Long Nude Nails

For a simple nail polish look, go with clear nail polish. It’s a great way to protect your nails. No one will know you’re wearing it unless you tell them.

Matte Light Green Colored Nails With Black Lines

Try painting black lines on this green matte nail polish for another green nail polish look. Black lines create interesting shapes in the nails, and the muted color doesn’t look overstated.

Metallic Purple Colored Nails With Crystals At Base

Try this brownish nail polish. Make your nails sparkly by lining them with green gemstones. It’s a great way to dress up your nails for a night out.

Muted Lime Yellow Colored Nails

For a less brilliant yellow look, try this muted yellow nail polish. It’s yellow, but not overpowering, which is great if you’re just trying yellow polish for the first time.

Nails Colored In Dusty Grey Tones

To give your nails a different look, file them to a point, then polish them with different shades of gray polish. Make your index finger stand out with black nail polish and glitter overcoat.

Navy Blue Nails

To give your nails a different look with blue nail polish, file them more square, then polish them and put glitter on some of them, and white lines on the others.

Neon Yellow And Black Colored Nails

To be more daring, paint the thumb, index, and pinky black, and the middle and ring fingers with matte green polish. Breaking up black polish with brighter colors will brighten up your hands.

Orange Nude Stripes And Stars Nail Art

This orange theme alternates between solid polish, stars, stripes, and spots to create an exciting look. Light orange polish is an excellent choice during summer.

Pretty Pink Colored Nails With A Hint Of Sparkles

To add an interesting look to pink nail polish, paint most of the nails solid pink, but paint one just partially and put colored spots on it to add more color to it.

Red Black Leopard Print Nail Colors

To create more of an animal print look, alternate solid red nails with red and black stripes and cheetah spots. This look takes some time but is fun if you like that look.

Shiny Grey Nail Colors

If you’re looking for something more basic, just stick with basic gray. Gray is a great choice for a more neutral-looking nail. It also goes great with any outfit.

Purple Nail Designs Awesome 24 Purple Nail Art Designs Ideas 201

Or basic purple, with some glitter thrown in occasionally. The glitter adds a little sparkle. This is a great way to dress up nails for a special occasion or holiday.

Silver Foil On Pink Nails With Black Leaf Art

Or basic pink with a little nail art on some of the nails. This person has put silver leaves on her ring finger to give a little extra decoration.

Silvery Glitters On Light Green Nail

To liven up basic green, add some glitter at the base of the nail, and make one nail all glitter. I like this idea for holidays like Christmas because it’s a great way to liven up your hands.

Stunning Dark Black Colored Nails

To go back to basics, there’s nothing more basic than basic black. Black can symbolize death, nonconformity, or strength. How you wear it depends on what you want to show.

Tinted Pink Colored Nail Design

If love is in the air, paint some of your nails solid pink, and paint pink hearts on a few of them to symbolize love. Pink is a very “girly” color, and great for holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Vibrant Orange Colored Sharp Nails

Nothing like a little orange. This is a great color for summer outfits. Orange is warm, bright and reflects happiness, so people who wear orange nail polish are said to have these traits.

White And Blue Colored Nails

Feeling a little blue? Paint your index finger and pinky solid blue, and paint your middle finger white with blue polka dots, and your ring finger white with blue stripes.

White Blossoms On Blue Nail Art

If you feel like trying something a little more intricate, try this blue pattern on your nails. This blue polish with blue flowers pairs nicely with a matching outfit.

Wine Red Colored Nails

Looking for something more basic? You can’t go wrong with basic dark red polish. It’s an excellent choice for any season, but especially fall and winter.

Womens Coral Pink Colored Nails

Check out this bright pink polish if you want a brighter pink color. It’s an excellent choice for spring and summer. Pair it with a coordinating outfit to complete the look.

Yellow Winter Flowers Nail Color

And finally, one last idea for yellow polish. This woman painted her thumb, index, and middle finger solid yellow, and a lighter yellow with a pattern on the ring and pinky finger.

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