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Top 60 Best Orchid Nails for Women – Floral Design Ideas

Top 60 Best Orchid Nails for Women – Floral Design Ideas

If you’re into feminine floral designs, orchid is about as cheerfully feminine-looking as it gets. It is not simply about the pink flower design.

The orchid flower makes a perfect centerpiece to help you give off a most traditional, classy and chic vibe.

Aside from being just a flower, orchid has its own tints of pink and lavender. It works well with white, silver sparkles and some brighter red colors.

I have included some of my favorite color combinations in my list below.

The simplest daisy design is the flower decoration on one nail with the traditional French manicure on the other four nails. I don’t recommend that because it looks practically invisible and very washed out.

Instead, I recommend something more balanced like flower stems on all or at least a couple of your nails. Or doing a solid color, like red violet, on four of your nails with the flower decoration on at least one nail.

You can also do the simple large flower on one or two nails. The orchid design definitely gives off the garden tea party vibe. It’s colors alone seem to scream the traditional feminine trait of caring and nurturing.

Even in the harshest of environments, they give the eyes a good place to rest. However, orchid with a wine red or brown color gives more of a prestigious classy bar, than a botanical garden, vibe. There are also some darker night-like versions of the orchid. They’re no less feminine and they look very cool. A whitish swirl on one nail on top of dark blue is one of the simplest ones.

As with any other designs, when it comes to orchid, the sky is basically the limit. If you want some good garden variety recommendations, please check out these top 60 best orchid nails for women below.


Beautiful Orchids Nail Design

Pretty in pink! If you’re looking for short, simple, and easy nail style for the summer you’ve found it. These hand drawn orchid flower nails have a less than perfect flower detail, yet they are still stunning. Purple petals against the pink nail base offer a subtle touch of creativity and natural beauty.

Bejewelled Nail Art With Orchids

Who doesn’t love contrast? With only one fingernail painted white and the rest coated in a vibrant purple, this look offers plenty of visual charm. The orchid flower is wonderfully accented on the white background and white rhinestones add another layer of refined luxury.

Black And White Nail Design With Orchid

Not a fan of having to hand paint flower details or other visual elements? No problem, go with a stamped look instead. These orchid flowers feature a crisp, clean detail and when paired with the contrasting dark purple, it’s a wonderful visual combination.

Black Matte Nails With Pink Orchid

Dark, mysterious and oh so dreamy. These fingernails are wonderful for those special date nights where you need a clean, sharp look. Personally, I love the dark black color with the contrasted pinkish nude on a single finger. The flower placement on the end of the nail offers a nice touch too.

Bold Pink Orchid Nails

Hot pink and orchid flowers are a dream combination. Add in some green stems and a solid white nail base background and everything pops. Short and girly, this is one of my favorites for sure.

Bright Rosy Pink Orchid Nails

Candy Orange Orchid Nail Art

Classic Pink Orchid Nails

Crystals On Purple Orchid Nails

Delicate Pink And Black Orchid Nails

Dotted White And Pink Orchids Nail Art

Fuschia Pink Orchid Nail Paint

Glowing Red And Orchid Nails

Grape Colored Orchid Nail Design

Grey And Pink Orchids Stunning Nails

Jewelled Butterfly Purple Orchid Nail Paint

Light Lavendar Orchids Nails

Light Purple Orchid Nails

Long Orchid Pattern Nail Design

Lovely French Orchid Nails

Neon Orchids On White Nail Design

Night And Day Orchids Nail Design

Nude Pink And Violet Orchid Nails


Orchid Nail Art With Crystals

Orchid Painted Orange Nails

Orchids And French Tip Nails

Orchid Spa Nail Art

Painted Purple Orchids On White Nails

Pink Matte Orchid Nails

Pink Orchid Blossoms Nail Design

Pistachio Green Orchid Nails

Pleasing Orchids Nail Design

Pretty Purple Orchid Nail Art

Purple Orchid Nail Design

Purple Orchid On Japanese Green Nail Block Art

Purple Orchids On White Polished Nail Tips

Purple Orchid With Bling Nails

Rare Purple Painted Orchid Nails

Sharp Orchid Design On Transparent Nails

Shiny Purple Orchids Nail Art

Silver Glitter And Yellow Orchid Nails

Spa French Manicure With Lavendar Orchid

Stenciled Orchids Nail Design

Stone And Orchids Nail Art

Sweet Orchids Nail Art

Three Petalled Orchids On Blue Gray Nails

Violet Tip And White Orchids Nail Art

White And Light Purple Orchids Nails

White Orchids And Stones Nail

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