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Top 100 Best Pill Tattoos For Women – Medicine Capsule Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Pill Tattoos For Women – Medicine Capsule Design Ideas

Isn’t it fascinating how humans have managed to compress such powerful mind-altering and body healing properties into such tiny capsules and pressed tablets?

When it comes to pills, virtually every girl out there has taken one at some point in their life. From medical reasons to purely pleasure inducing activities, pills are modern miracle in a tiny package.

Speaking of their usage, did you know that 1 in 10 Americans take an antidepressants these days? It may seem like a lot but these pills treat such a wide spectrum of mental issues from anxiety to depression, PTSD and beyond. For some women, SSRIs can be so life changing that a tattoo of these pills only makes sense. I’ve heard stories from countless women who have taken things like Zoloft, only to wonder why they had waited so long. To some, they are simply lifesavers.

Though, that’s not to say that everyone should take pills of course, but it’s a good explanation as to why to these tools can be so important. Can you imagine having to go through every single day of your life, panic attack after panic attack?

Imagine dealing with a gloom from depression that you can’t seem to shake off. Even things that once made you happy fail to make you crack a smile. And there’s nothing you can even do about it. If you’ve tried therapy, nutritional changes, exercise, and all the other traditional routes, then sometimes pills are the last resort. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with giving these tools a try when you’re up against a wall.

Beyond mental health, there are so many different pill varieties out there from birth control to pain, blood pressure, antibiotics, etc. Given the insane number of treatments, it makes sense as to why pill tattoos are getting more and more popular these days.

But let’s not forget the classic, instant superhero powers that come from ingesting a tiny pill or capsule. Who wouldn’t love to take a pill and gain more time in life, godly brainpower, super strength, etc.? While these pills are more or less fantasy and reserved for the movies, it still fun to dream about the possibilities.

Another meaning behind pill tattoos that some tend to forget is that of addiction. If you could vanish all of your worries, pain, anxiety, etc. while flooding your brain with dopamine, the feel good drug, what in the world would make you want to stop? For some breaking the habit or cycle of addiction can be a long, difficult process.

The struggle can be an incredibly significant part of a life which makes for the perfect tattoo. For some women, pill tattoos are a reminder of their success beating addiction, and for others, a reminder of the dangerous of restarting their past.


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Pill tattoo meanings and symbolism:

What do pills mean and symbolize?:

Pills can be seen as a symbol of strength and resilience.The design can used to represent the struggles that a woman has gone through in life and how she has managed to overcome them. They can also be used to show that a woman is strong enough to face their problems and come out on top. This type of tattoo design can be seen as a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, it is possible to come out on the other side girlfriend!

The pill design also be used to symbolize addiction or mental health issues. Some view use the pill design as a way of showing how meaningful their battle was when overcoming their addiction or mental health issues. In essence, hope is a wonderful symbol found from the pill as it can prove that it is possible to overcome these issues and live a better life. I personally like the idea of using the pill as a symbol of taking control of your life. Making positive changes and moving forward on a better path. Sometimes you need a little help and a pill can be that lifesaver for some women.

Some some see the pill as a symbol of transformation and growth too. From sadness to happiness.


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