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Top 100 Best Potion Tattoos For Women – Bottle Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Potion Tattoos For Women – Bottle Design Ideas

Potions appeal to our mystical side. They are the stuff of evil wives, witches, and apothecaries.

You can suddenly find yourself endowed with love, luck, or superhuman strength after taking one small drink or sip. Or you’ll consume poison and pass away. Nothing major.

There are two ways that potions can emerge. They may have bobbly forms, be flamboyantly colored, be effervescent, or be bubbly. They can also be disgusting, chunky purees that resemble newt, weed, and bug soup and contain things like eyes and dead insects.

Based on these ideas of Potion, tattoo artists use a variety of tattoo techniques to create tattoos of potion bottles.

People get these tattoos to represent the same on their bodies. The main motivation for getting this tattoo on one’s body is to represent quenching one’s thirst. When living things are thirsty, they consume liquid, such as water, stored in bottles.
Since the word “poison” originally meant “potion” and later “magic potion,” many tattoo designs that feature poison bottles combine magic powers as a symbol of many things, including death.

A popular Friday the 13th design is the poison bottle tattoo.

Many people only get tattoos for their visual appeal because so many different bottle designs can be made to fit any person.

This type of portion bottle is very accurate to the real bottles dating back to the 19th century when it was crucial to differentiate dangerous substances from other containers; these portions were utilized as medicines, cleaners, and pest control. Portion bottle tattoos are distinctive, often branded with crossbones, skulls, and cork head in a uniquely shaped bottle; this may seem like exaggerated imagery.


Bottled potion tattoo design idea inspiration:

The most common potions can be broken down into a few categories including: Love, Restorative, Immorality and Hallucinogenic.

Popular potions from books, movies, and other works:

– Draught of Living Death
– Wolfsbane potion
– Polyjuice Potion
– Draught of Peace
– Amortentia
– Veritaserum
– Elixir of Life
– Felix Felicis
– Skele-Gro
– Dr. Jekyll’s Serums
– Black Witches’ Blood
– Blinkmoth Serum
– Confectio Alchermes

Popular ingredients found in magical potions:

– Spanish fly
– Opium and cannabis
– Cochineal
– Solanaceous plants
– Dried Frog Pills
– Extract of Phoenix Feathers
– The Spice Melange
– Sanjeevani Booti
– Absinthe
– Henbane
– Rosemary
– The peony

General design considerations:

– The bottle: You can change up your design by choosing a unique glass container ranging from heart shaped to cylindrical and so on.

– The topper: Some women opt for rounded cork toppers while others go with sparkling natural crystals.

– The liquid: Color is your friend here. You can mix colors to make the potion look more mysterious or add a glitter effect for a magical vibe.

– The contents: Your potion bottle doesn’t need to be limited to just liquid inside. You can include other elements such as black cats, marbles, crystals and so on to fill up the empty glass container.

– The tag: You can inscribe whatever phrases, words or quotes you want on the bottle’s label or tag.
– The background: Here’s a good opportunity to include ingredients in the background. Most women tend to include flowers on both sides of the potion bottle.


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