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Top 150 Best Snake Tattoos For Women – Cute Slithering Designs

Top 150 Best Snake Tattoos For Women – Cute Slithering Designs

Often misunderstood, snakes are symbols of strength and sexy indulgence. They can also have a somewhat edgy element to them that may signal to others that you are not to be messed with!

A snake tattoo on a woman can look both impressive and intriguing, and people who see it will only want to know more about you.

Due to its sinuous shape and myriad designs, a snake tattoo can go virtually anywhere on your body. Curl it around your arm or leg. However, a snake tattoo can also look beautiful on the back or neck.

Not all snakes are giant or threatening. Some can be delicate with fantastic colors and back markings. A diamond-head rattler, for example, has such a visually remarkable design on its back that it deserves to be immortalized on the skin.

The type of snake you have tattooed can also make a statement. A small garter snake that is harmless and a pretty green color can be combined with images of flora and fauna for a softer, more feminine look.

The black mamba, on the other hand, is the most venomous snake in the world and can convey power and mystery while maintaining a sleek black image.

If having a snake tattoo is a little intimidating, you can always incorporate it into other tattoo designs. A snake wrapped around a heart, for example, can make the heart the focus instead of the snake.

Japanese snake tattoos take the artistic side up a notch and allow you to have amazing color options and a stylized tattoo that can be really attractive.

A snake theme can project a wild and crazy image, or put a little sexiness into other designs. Don’t be afraid to use this amazing animal that has long been misunderstood. It can truly be a thing of beauty and a gorgeous tattoo design.


Snake design idea inspiration:

Most popular and common species:

– Western Hognose
– Kenyan Sand Boa
– Children’s Python
– California Kingsnake
– Green Tree Python
– Ball pythons
– King snakes
– Corn snakes
– Milk snakes
– Boa constrictors
– Rosy Boa
– Carpet Python
– Smooth Green
– Rat Snakes
– Garter Snake
– Ringneck
– Cape House
– Rainbow Boa
– Western Hognose
– Gopher Snake
– African Egg-Eating
– Dekay’s Brown

Popular poisonous species for a bolder look:

– King cobra
– Black mamba
– Boomslang
– Central Ranges taipan
– Yellow bellied sea
– Black tiger
– Inland Taipan
– Western tiger
– Black-banded sea krait
– Many-banded krait
– Eastern brown
– Prairie rattlesnake
– Western and Eastern Diamondback
– Sidewinder
– Saw-scaled viper


Amazing Blue Snake Tattoo Womens Art

This woman’s simple, blue, winding serpent arm tattoo design is so beautiful! I love all the subtle changes in the blue color gradient. The little snake has a small pointed face, with white eyes, and a lovely flow to its curvy body. The tattoo idea is wonderfully placed on the wearer’s upper arm.

Amethyst Snake And Orange Tattoo Womens Legs

This huge, magnificent snake thigh side tattoo design idea for women flows really well with the shape of the wearer’s body. The snake looks like a large constrictor. Its bright purple and pink, with blue underbelly and blue scales around its mouth. Its eyes are narrow and red, and its thick body curves through luscious orange flowers in full bloom.

Animal Skull And Snake Tattoo Women Leg

This stunning black and grey snake leg tattoo winds beautifully up this woman’s hip. The snake’s curving body flows through an elaborately detailed bear skull that holds a crescent moon staff in its mouth. Each scale on the snake’s body is detailed and perfect. The snake looks down at the skull with its long forked tongue out.

Baby Snake Tattoo Behind The Ear Women

This tiny, dainty little behind the ear snake tattoo couldn’t be any cuter! I love the way the body of the snake goes from negative space to fully fill in with black. The teeny forked tongue is a great detail. The tattoo looks so beautiful with this woman’s silver earrings.

Beast Like Snake Womens Upper Arms Tattoo

There is so much action in this dynamic girl’s black and white arm flower and snake tattoo. The sketchy, black and grey tattoo depicts a two headed serpent locked in an epic battle with itself. The harshness of this image is contrasted by beautiful blooming white flowers, creating balance in the piece.

Black And White Flower Skinned Snake Tattoo Womens Thighs

I adore the cute and simple, perfect beauty of this black stylized snake tattoo design idea for women. The deeply saturated black ink contrasts perfectly the negative space of the roses that adorn the snake’s back and the broad scales of its underbelly. The intricate line work on the snake’s head and the intricate, uniform flowers make this a very clean and well thought out design.

Black Snake And Transparent Flowers Tattoo For Women Art

This gorgeous, Japanese style black snake women’s sleeve tattoo is really well done. The deeply saturated black ink seen in the body of the snakes contrasts the sparse line work and negative space seen in the flowers that the snake winds through. All that space allows the serpent to really pop. I love the snake’s sinister expression.

Blue And Pink Snake Tattoo Womens Back Art

This intricately detailed, colorful little back snake tattoo design for women is so unique and special. There are no harsh black lines, just solid, saturated color coming together to form flowers and leaves along the snake’s body. The placement on the wearer’s ribcage is just perfect.

Chinese Tattoo Angry Snake And Blossoms Womens Thigh

This black, red, and peach snake tattoo contrasts danger and beauty, hard and soft, masculine and feminine. The venomous snake bares its fangs to strike, while its curving, black and red body winds around peach cherry blossoms. The serpent’s eye is white as its fangs.

Coiled Black And White Snake Tattoo Womens Arms

I love the tangled, serpentine knot that these contrasting snakes form in this gorgeous tattoo. A coiled black snake and a white snake are intricately intertwined. The black serpent has a white stripe down its side, and both snakes are meticulously detailed, and have abundant negative space.

Coiled Snake Womens Chest

The placement of this girly snake tattoo is really pretty. I love the asymmetry of the serpent’s winding body. Each little scale is detailed, and there’s lots of negative space in the belly scales. The head of the little snake is pointed up, as it crawls up the wearer’s chest.

Cold Grey Snake And Blossoms Tattoo Womens Thigh

This elaborate snake tattoo fits perfectly on this woman’s hip. A huge sunflower and magnolia are the centerpiece of this design, surrounded by smaller flowers. A glimpse can be seen of the serpent’s body, and its head is poking up above the arrangement of flowers.

Colorful Snake Tattoo For Women

This colorful female snake tattoo lacks any harsh lines, and resembles a beautiful painting. A bright, pastel snake winds through the open mouth of a skull, who wears a flower crown. Both the snake and the skull bear bright geometric shapes and colors. The body of the snake is decorated with flowers and leaves.

Colorful Snake Tattoo Womens Thighs

This photorealistic tattoo is surreal and psychedelic. A black and orange snake winds around glowing lotus flowers and the face of an ocelot with its mouth wide open in a snarl or a yawn. Electric rainbow water patterns the background, along with decorative snake scales.

Common Grey Snake And Flowers Tattoo Womens Chest

I love the simplicity and clean line work seen in this sweet snake tattoo. The placement below this woman’s collarbone is so elegant. All the details, including the soft petals, and each individual scale make this tattoo really well thought out and special.

Crescent And Snake Tattoo Womens Hands

This subtle girl’s wrist snake themed tattoo is very sweet. A black and grey snake winds its body down towards a crescent moon and the wearer’s hand. I love the black shading, sometimes sparse, sometimes absent, and sometimes a rich saturated black. A couple little twinkling stars complete the design.

Curved Snake Tattoo Womens Back

What a cool take on an ouroboros tattoo! The small, black and grey design depicts a tiny snake, winding its body into a circle to bite its own tail. The tiny teeth and intricate scales are all nice details. The tattoo is placed on this woman’s upper back below her neck.

Curved Snake Tattoo Womens Upper Arm

This girl’s snake tattoo design is simple and perfect. The small black serpent curves its body up the back of the wearer’s upper arm. A thin line of negative space defines its back and adds dimension. This design is understated and very cool.

Dark Grey Snake Tattoo Womens Chest

This over the top bold woman’s chest tattoo design idea is absolutely stunning! A thick, black serpent winds its way around this woman’s chest. Thorny branches crisscross the background, and a delicately shaded blooming flower adorns the woman’s neck above the snake. I love the circular coil above her right breast, and all the details in the scales.

Delicate Grey Flowers And Snake Tattoo Womens Back

The shape of this woman’s back tattoo is so elegant, and it flows perfectly with the shape of her body. A luscious, blooming flower is the centerpiece of this design. Two snakes, one black and one white, wind around and intertwine with the leaves and branches extending from the flower.

Delicate Orange Plant And Snake Tattoo For Women Art

This adorable, creative, tiny snake tattoo couldn’t be any cuter! The black line work in the snake’s body contrasts beautifully with the perfect red line work in the flower in which the serpent rests. The snake is wound through the flower and around the stem, peering curiously with its sweet, pointed face.

Designer Art And Snake Tattoo For Women

This lovely, black and grey tattoo depicts two snakes interwoven around each other’s bodies, below an elaborate mandala design. I like the details on the snakes’ heads, and on the scales along their underbellies. Both snakes wear friendly expressions.

Tattoo Snake And Flowers Womens Hands

This winding cobra tattoo contrasts danger and beauty. This elegant, feminine serpent winds her coils around sweet little flowers. The tattoo is all black and grey, with detailed clean line work. Her eyes are calm, and her expression serene, although her hood is inflated. She tastes the air with her forked tongue.

Double Shaded Grey Black Snake Tattoo For Women

This black and grey snake tattoo, winds its graceful coils down this woman’s leg. Half of the snake’s body is jet black, while the other half is ornately detailed with reflective scales. The underbelly scales are airy with negative space. The snake’s eye is empty and its forked tongue tastes the air.

Double Shaded Snake Tattoo Womens Hands

This simple black snake tattoo is so graceful. The tiny tattoo is dynamic and clean. Negative space defines the snake’s backbone, and the bright white underbelly scales create an intricate contrasting pattern. The eye is big and soft, and rather human.

Eagle And Snake Tattoo Womens Thigh

Life and death, danger and beauty, feathers and scales are contrasted in this gorgeous tattoo. In this dynamic scene, a snake is coiled around a sparrow in an epic battle. The sparrow’s mouth is open in a surprised expression, as the snake tastes the bird’s beak with its tongue. The animals are both perched upon a flowering and fruiting pear tree.

Entwined Red And Black Snake Tattoo Women Hands

The back of this woman’s forearm is adorned with two snakes, one black, the other red, their bodies intertwined. The red snake is sparse, with only red lines and negative space. The black snake is shaded with black and grey. One snake is pointed up towards her elbow, while the other snake is crawling down towards her hand.

Evil Lady With Snake Tattoo Womens Torso

This gorgeous Medusa head tattoo is situated on this woman’s stomach above her navel. Medusa’s beautiful face stares outward with blank, white eyes. Venomous snakes coil around her face instead of hair, and one cobra stares straight out above Medusa’s third eye. Blood drips from her severed neck.

Fantastic Lotus And Snake Grey Tattoo Women

This massive female back tattoo design idea is stunning. A giant lotus flower floats between this woman’s shoulders, with a long thin stem extending down to her hips. A gorgeous serpent winds around the flower and down the stem, curling the end of its tail around the base of the stem.

Floral Art On Snake Skin Tattoo For Women

This thick, saturated and colorful snake tattoo is really cute! The snake’s curvy body is embellished with pink cherry blossoms with little green leaves over a black background. The underbelly scales are cream and gold. The snake has round eyes, and wears a friendly expression. She tastes the air with her forked tongue.

Full Sleeves Snake Tattoo Women

This woman’s sketchy tattoo sleeve is elaborately detailed with lots of different elements. A cat sits on a stack of books, pawing at a star that dangles from an embellished crescent moon. A great snake, baring its fangs winds through the scene in front of an interwoven floral pattern.

Garden Of Flowers Bird And Snake Tattoo Womens Back

I love the dynamic nature scene portrayed in this woman’s back tattoo. An arrangement of luscious peony flowers is home to diverse fauna. Two sparrows perch on the flowers, oblivious of a black snake, weaving through the peonys. Two little bees buzz around the flowers, in search of pollen.

Geometric Black Piece And Snake Tattoo Women

This creative snake tattoo looks beautiful on this woman’s upper arm. The snake is sparse and spacious, contrasting two black squares around which the serpent coils. Within the squares are four white flowers full of negative space.

Gorgeous Grey Flowers And Snake Tattoo Womens Upper Arms

This awesome woman’s upper arm tattoo depicts a snake winding through an arrangement of flowers. A diverse collection of flowers are represented. The snake’s eyes are narrowed and menacing. Each scale is elaborately drawn and shaded.

Grand Snake And Rose Tattoo Womens Torso Art

I love the unique colors in this rainbow boa tattoo! The snake is orange and yellow, with a black pattern running down its back and sky blue scales along its underbelly. The serpent is wound around a branch of roses, full of pink flowers. She tastes the sky with her long, flowing forked tongue.

Grey Lotus And Snake Tattoo Womens Neck

The placement of this grey woman’s lotus flower snake tattoo is really pretty. The tattoo is placed on the back of this woman’s neck. It could be easily covered with her long hair. The tiny little snake is wound around a blooming white lotus. It peers curiously out with its sweet face.

Grey Snake On Knife Tattoo Womens Arms

This woman’s upper arm tattoo idea is really powerful. A venomous snake winds its body up a slender dagger. Above the hilt of the knife, the snake bares its fangs and long tongue. The tattoo is black and grey, with expert shading. The serpent almost appears to be grinning.

Grey Tattoo Snake On Lotus Womens Hands

This beautiful hand tattoo is feminine and dainty. A slender little snake curves its thin body around a gorgeous white lotus flower. The snake’s tail is wound tightly around the base of the stem, and its sweet face peers curiously upward. The tiny details in the petals of the flower and scales of the snake create lovely textures.

Harmless Rough Skinned Snake Tattoo Women

This cool female winding snake tattoo design is elaborately detailed. The black line work is clean and uniform. Each little scale is represented. The body of the snake is curvy as it crawls down this woman’s arm towards her hand. The eyes are narrow and focused, and the scales on its head are broad and rounded.

Hooded Snake Tattoo With Blooms Womens Calves

Hungry Snake Tattoo Womens Upper Arms

Lady With Coiled Snake On Head Tattoo Womens Legs

Lady With Head Gear And Snake Tattoo Womens Hands

Long Grey Snake Flower Tattoo Womens Full Sleeves

Looped Snake Tattoo Womens Upper Arms

Lovely Black Rose And Snake Tattoo With Moon Phases Women

Lovely Florals And Snake Tattoo Womens Thighs

Lovely Roses And Snake Tattoo Womens Thighs

Noodle Like Blue And Pink Snake Tattoo Womens Torso

Orange Flower And Grey Snake Tattoo Womens Hands

Orange Flowers And Snake Tattoo Women

Orange Toned Snake Tattoo Womens Arms

Pair Of Red Roses And Black Snake Tattoo Womens Uppar Arms

Patterened Grey Snake Tattoo For Women

Pink Flower And Snake Tattoo Womens Hands

Pink Flowers And Golden Snake Womens Full Sleeves

Rainbow Snake Tattoo Womens Arms

Ready To Strike Snake Tattoo Womens Hands

Realistic Rose And Snake Tattoo Womens Thighs

Realistic Snake And Floral Grey Tattoo Womens Upper Arms

Red Snake Tattoo Framed Tattoo Womens Arms

Red Snake Unique Tattoo Womens Torso

Shiny Red Flowers And Grey Snake Tattoo On Arms Women

Sly Snake Womens Hands Tattoo

Small Black Tattoo Womens Fingers

Snake And Flower Bunch Tattoo Grey For Women

Snake And Leaves Tattoo Womens Arms

Snake Band Tattoo Womens Hands

Snake Entwined With Flowers Tattoo Womens Art

Snake Pet Tattoo Womens Hands

Starry Skinned Black Grey Snake Tattoo Womens Hands

Sword And Snake Tattoo Women Thigh

Tiny Tattoo Snake Fingers Women

Twisted Snake Tattoo Womens Fingers

Venom Snake Angry Tattoo Womens Shoulder

Wavy Blue Snake Tattoo Womens Arms

Womens Ankles Black Snake And Flower Tattoo

Womens Arms Black Snake Tattoo

Womens Arms Crinkly Snake Tattoo

Womens Arms Dark Snake Tattoo

Womens Arms Snake Tattoo Art

Womens Back Great Tattoo Snake

Womens Beaded Florals And Snake Tattoo Legs

Womens Black Amazing Art Snake Tattoo

Womens Buttocks Grey Snake Tattoo

Womens Calves Zig Zag Snake Tattoo

Womens Chest Angry Black Hooded Snake Tattoo

Womens Chest Coiled And Twisted Snake Tattoo Art

Womens Chest Single Eyed Snake Tattoo

Womens Chest Snake With Floral Skin Tattoo

Womens Dark Inked Snake Tattoo

Womens Entwined Snake Tattoo

Womens Feet Black Snake Tattoo

Womens Feet Loopy Snake Tattoo

Womens Feet Snake Tattoo

Womens Full Body Tattoo Snake

Womens Full Sleeves Both Hands Snake Tattoo

Womens Grand Floral Tattoo With Snake On Thighs

Womens Hand Grey Snake Tattoo

Womens Hand Lady With Snake On Head Tattoo

Womens Hands Black Band And Snake Tattoo

Womens Hands Coiled Maroon And Blue Snake Tattoo

Womens Hands Green Themed Snake Tattoo

Womens Hands Grey Blooms And Snake Art Tattoo

Womens Hands Greyish Snake And Flower Tattoo

Womens Hands Grey Snake Tattoo

Womens Hand Snake Tattoo Art

Womens Hands Simple Grey Snake Tattoo

Womens Mangled Snake Grey Tattoo Hands

Womens Raging Snake And Smoky Tattoo On Legs

Womens Sleeves Art Tattoo Snake

Womens Sleeves Florals And Snake Tattoo

Womens Sleeves Grey Snake Tattoo

Womens Slithering Snake Tattoo On Arms

Womens Snake And 3D Rose Tattoo On Thighs

Womens Snake On Full Sleeves Tattoo

Womens Thighs Blossoms And Snake Grey Tattoo

Womens Thighs Florals And Snake Tattoo

Womens Thighs Magnificient Grey Snake Tattoo

Womens Thighs Mangled Snake And Flower Tattoo Thighs

Womens Thighs Thin Sly Snake Tattoo

Womens Thigh Stunning Snake Tattoo

Womens Torso Slimy Snake Tattoo

Womens Torso Slithering Snake Tattoo

Womens Torso Snake Tattoo

Womens Upper Arms Red Rose And Snake Tattoo

Womens Upper Arms Snake Tattoo

Womens Wrists Tiny Snake Tattoo

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