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Top 30 Best Tapered Hairstyles For Women – Faded Short Haircuts

Top 30 Best Tapered Hairstyles For Women – Faded Short Haircuts

Tapered haircuts are not for just men. Get a sexy look with shorter hair that can cool you in the summer or just look stylish all year.

Many women may not know what a tapered hairstyle is, and many others may think of a men’s haircut. Let me tell you that tapered hairstyles are in for modern women who want to look sharp.

So what is a tapered hairstyle? It’s where the hair around the nape, and even up to the crown in some instances, is shaved and shorter than the hair on top of the head.

Now, to achieve this look, you don’t have to have a super short tapered look, and for added style longer hair on top looks great. Highlight or add some color on the top too for a fun and stylish touch to your locks.

Whether you have straight or curly hair, a tapered haircut will look great and keep you cool in the hot summer months. If you’re not dedicated to a super short pixie look, starting with a tapered hairstyle will help you decide if you like the shorter hair or want to keep more in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to try the tapered haircut, it’s trendy and sharp for an easy, put together look with little effort.


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