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Top 100 Best Viking Tattoos For Women – Nordic Warrior Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Viking Tattoos For Women – Nordic Warrior Design Ideas

We know that Vikings are cool. They are like objectively cool. Every kid wanted to be a Viking for Halloween at some point.

There is no surprise that Viking tattoos are popular. What may be surprising to some is the fact that they are popular among women.

Women have shown their appreciation for Vikings and Norse mythology in so many ways through their body art. Here are some of the most popular ways.

If you love Norse mythology you definitely know what Valkyries are, but let’s do a quick refresher. Valkyries are described in Norse mythology to be women or female creature who served the god Odin.

Odin sends them down during battle to select those who were slain on the battlefield and worthy of passage to Valhalla. There are many depictions of Valkyries, but some things remain constant.

They are beautiful women with bird-like qualities. Experiment with your depiction of the Valkyrie. What kind of bird-like qualities do you see them possessing?

A fun design idea for smaller Nordic tattoos is using runic symbols that mean something special to you. The symbols themselves are letters, but they all have different meanings like prosperity, health, vitality, and good luck. Research the symbols and find one that resonates with you.

Use nature to your advantage. The Vikings were known for being extremely tough and ready to fight at any time.

What animal resonates more with that sentiment than the wolf? Everyone knows that wolves are fierce. They are especially fearsome because of the way they roam in packs, similarly to the way Vikings did.

Use the runic symbols or any other symbol present in Norse mythology to bring out the wolf’s significance to our understanding of Vikings.


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