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Top 100 Best Nails For Purple Dress – Women’s Fingernail Design Ideas

Top 100 Best Nails For Purple Dress – Women’s Fingernail Design Ideas

Purple nails are the latest nail art trend and are quickly taking the world by storm. Purple promises to be the new black with these nails that combine luxe, romantic, mysterious, and voguish.

If you want to step up your nail game this season and make it hard for fashion followers not to notice them, wear purple nails for a purple dress for women.

You can achieve this by using either gel or acrylic nails or just a simple DIY at home with your regular nail polish. Get ready to flaunt these latest nails!

The possibility of using purple nails for a purple dress for women is endless. You can wear them long or short, with a French tip or square, and as accent colors on your thumb. It’s not only about pairing it with the right outfit but also about how you choose to display them. For example, you can opt for the French tip style and use a nude polish on top to create an illusion of a longer nail. It will also play well with a more formal look.

Another option is to wear the square accent look by sandwiching them between the tips of your other nails. The result is a manicure that demands attention without much work. For this look, you can use a shimmery purple polish that you can layer over another color to achieve an all-over effect or apply a sheer purple stain all over your nails.

Some people don’t have the time to make their nails look good. With this nail design, you don’t have to worry about it because it isn’t hard. All you need is a wet sponge or a nail file to achieve the effect of purple nails for a purple dress for women.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for how you can use these purple nails in an outfit.


Adorable Nail Inspiration Purple Dress For Women

Purples come in many beautiful and feminine shades. These nails are a lovely light shade of purple with a hint of blue. This light color will work well with a varied wardrobe and the solid color is easily maintained for long-term wear.

Adorable Purple Dress Nail Designs For Women

Using lights and darks as shown here will give you many shade of purple to coordinate with from your closet or dress selection. Select one nail to highlight for a unique look and use your artistic side to add a little black detail of florals.

Aesthetic Purple Dress Nail On Woman

I can’t help but see crescent moons in this pretty nail set. Using a nice skin tone that works well with your own colors completes this design. Add a curving accentuation on the cuticle and the tip, and you have a lovely set of nails to flaunt.

Alluring Ladies Purple Dress Nail Ideas

If you start with a sheer that brings out your own skin tones, you can do anything to make an unusual look. Squared tips finished with an ombre of lavender to white hues is a really sweet look. These will look fabulous with any purple dress.

Amazing Purple Dress Nail Ideas For Women

Black coordinates well with all colors. Adding a half nail of a sheer skin tone will accentuate your pretty nails. Sliver flecks of metal look flashy and wear well next to a purple dress of any shade or hue.

Appealing Womens Purple Dress Nails

A lively shade of bright purple works well with a changing wardrobe. Select one nail and highlight the design with flecks of silver, gold and tiny details in the same purple. These will work well with a nice flirty purple dress.

Artistic Purple Dress Nail On Woman

A deep shade of charcoal is a great color to coordinate with a purple dress. Finish off with a single nail of dark glittery silver to add a little sparkle to your manicure. These nails will look great for weeks to come.

Astonishing Purple Dress Nail For Girls

Mixing sheer nails in with solid colors is an ever-growing trend. Here we see light lavender/periwinkle mixed with a sheer. Add a little extra marbling of glitter to make the style all your own.

Attractive Girls Nail Purple Dress

Ombres are popular in nail design and work wonderful with virtually any woman’s dress color or style. This alluring set of nails are sheers finished off with ombre tips. The angled gold edging gives a very sexy touch to these tips. You will want to bring out that purple dress and show these babies off!

Awesome Purple Dress Fingernails For Women

If you want a more subtle but still sweet look, try something in the sheer to pastel shade. An ombre of sheer to a light and sweet shade of lilac is a really great look. Add a nice topcoat and glitter across the surface and your nails will sparkle next to a pretty purple dress.

Beauteous Girls Purple Dress Nails

These nails are really flashy with their ombre of bright blue purple tips. These are sure to please your eyes and look great with a nice purple dress. Wear them long for extra drama, though the color combination will look fancy on short nails as well.

Beautiful Purple Dress Nail Design Ideas For Women

Purple is an increasingly popular nail color because everyone loves purple. Mix in a little fuchsia and glitter in the topcoat and you have a very cute set of nails. These will look great with anything you want to wear including a purple dress if that is what you are wearing out.

Breathtaking Purple Dress Nail On Girl

Going out for the holidays? How about sugary violet nails adorned with embossed with snowflakes! Add some gold leaf under the snow and highlight a single nail with a copper glitter and you have a spectacular set of nails to show off at the party.

Charming Nails For Women Purple Dress

Lilac and daisies always make for a sweet girly look. These nails are a nice casual length. The squared tips with lilac and the daisy daisies give a finish you will want to go back to again and again. These are a sweet choice if you plan to wear purple.

Colorful Womens Purple Dress Nail Design Ideas

Want a galactic look? Use a deep, deep dark violet and a smattering of purple glitter to achieve this alluring look. These nails will look fabulous paired with anything you want to wear out. Purple is the new black.

Coolest Females Purple Dress Nail

Achieve this playful look mixing up your color palette with pastels. This gives an almost plaid look to the two highlighted nails in the center. These nails will look great if you need a nice look to wear that purple dress out on the town.

Coolest Womens Purple Dress Nails

Here is another set of nails displaying another twist on ombre, a popular nail style. Using a sheer that balances with the models own skin tones, the angled ombre of dark to light purple creates a unique look across the fingernails. Wear these out with something purple from your closet.

Cool Female Purple Dress Nail Designs

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to wear purple nails with the color purple. A palette of black, pink and gold can be just as useful when wearing purple. These colors combine well with many other colors.

Cool Purple Dress Nails For Women

Add some cute little pearls to your nail fashion statement. Here we see a sheer balanced with an ombre of subtle light purple to white. The sweet curve on the edge has a girly quality to it.

Creative Purple Dress Nail Designs For Women

These will look gorgeous next to a purple dress. The striping effect gives more dimensionality to the tips. Add a sweet little heart at the ends of your nails. A girl can never wrong with hearts on her fingernails.

Cute Purple Dress Nail Designs For Women

If you don’t want to go too far with your nail design, keep it more subtle. Pale purple combines sweetly with a sheer with additional glitter. This is a great nail look to complete your outfit and wear out with your favorite purple dress.

Decorative Looks For Womens Purple Dress Nail

Purple tips with sheer bases are a really popular option. Throw in a sheer with tips set with dainty flowers and these will keep you smiling on your dullest days. Adding additional colors to your nail palette increases your closet options beyond your purple dress wearing days.

Decorative Purple Dress Nail On Female

I really love this nail design. One side is mirrored by the other in the middle fingernail. Almost like a yin and yang balance at the center, the silver glitter nails combine marvelously alongside the light beige. Add a white line to define the center curves and a few jewels to make them stand out.

Delightful Nail For Women Purple Dress Designs

This sheer base matches the models skin so well, she seems to be only wearing gorgeous tips. This is a lovely design to wear out with purple wardrobe options. Keep your palette subtle and add some geometric lines with white to make the nail look pop.

Distinctive Female Purple Dress Nail Designs

You can really let your artistic side show in your nail designs. Here is an inspiring look to borrow. These would stand out well next to that purple dress you’ve been wanting to wear. Pink, purple, and sheer work well together and each nail can have a totally different design than the last.

Elaborate Styles For Womens Purple Dress Nail

A light pink base looks great with a light purple tip. If rounded tips are your favorite, highlight them with a sexy curve of silver. Adding tiny white hearts at the cuticles completes these for a real sweetheart of a look.

Enchanting Purple Dress Nail Ideas For Women

A pale lavender looks beautiful next to anyone’s skin. Combined with the sheer window into your own skin and adding some swirling shapes is always appealing. You can’t go wrong borrowing a few nail design options here and there. Lots of great options to choose from.

Excellent Girls Purple Dress Nail Design Ideas

Silver and purple combine really well in nail designs. Add a light pink or a sheer and you will have lots of options to pick from. Playing with highlighting tips versus cuticles adds to the unique beauty every time you redo your nails or get them done professionally.

Exceptional Womens Purple Dress Nail Ideas

Purples are the new black. Ombres are increasing in popularity. You cannot go wrong with this look. Move the ombre to the tips, paint them at an angle and add a line of gold for a really pretty and unique look. These will pair well with your purple dress.

Exquisite Purple Dress Nails On Girl

Curving lines create really sexy appeal in nail designs. Use a sheer so that your purple lines and tips take the center stage. If you swirl the lines any which way you like, you have the effect of moving water and motion. Wear these nails out with a favorite purple dress.

Fantastic Purple Dress Nail For Women

Basing the nails with purple and adding silver glitter gives them an extra sweet look. Here we see this paired with a very pale pink, always a sweet and girl combination. These nails will look great with anything you are wearing.

Female Cool Purple Dress Nail Design

Add a sugared nail effect to your light purples for a different texture. These nails look like candy with their ribbons of white that suggest icing lines on a desert. This look will wear sweetly combined with white or purple, just about anything really!

Female Cool Purple Dress Nail Ideas

This nail design uses a solid base of pale purple on one hand. The other hand is a pale pink that seems to pull colors from the first purple hand. This is a really playful design that is seen well once an onlooker sees both of your hands together. Add a white curving line for extra style.

Female Purple Dress Nails

Why wear boring nails when you can mix and match colors with ease? Wearing a single white and a single silver glitter really makes your design show your fun personality off. These will look great with a purple dress once you are ready to wear that out as well.

Females Purple Dress Nails

If you love to wear long nails, wear them with graceful style. Here we see opalescent pink nails combined with confetti nails. This a gorgeous and useful look that lends itself to many uses or times of day. They will pair beautifully wherever you go.

Feminine Girls Purple Dress Nail Designs

When paired with pale pink, light purple finished with glitter keeps itself in a grey tone palette. This can be useful with closet color changes. Add some dainty white lines to the highlighted curve of the sexy tips for a fun style.

Feminine Nails For Women Purple Dress

Nails don’t have to be really long to show off their length. Using a pale purple on the tips and enhancing the curve of the nail is a great way to frame off your design. It really shows your attention to detail when you see nails with such subtle design elements.

Feminine Purple Dress Nail Designs For Women

Wow! The tips of these beauties almost look like they were formed with resin. Using a contrasting light mauve next to the pale lavender is a fun choice of color. Squaring off the tips and finishing the cuticles with flecks of metal in varying shades makes a modern design that will pair well with a purple dress.

Feminine Womens Purple Dress Nail

I love the combination of a light beige with these seashell cuties! Embossing and sugaring the finish really gives a sandy seashore feel to this design. Wear these out with an adorable purple sundress to finish your fashion look.

Fingernail Art Purple Dress Nail Designs For Girls

Pale purple and lemon yellow always look like springtime together. Playing with placement of color and sheers as well creates a really sweet look. The addition of sweet girly flowers makes for a playful design to wear with your favorite purple springtime dress.

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